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Members of Troop 46231


Troop 46321









Outside Troop 46231


  • Fifi
  • unnamed other Canadian Fireside Girls


  • The Girls from the Shimmy Jimmy Commercial

England (known as Guide Girls, troop 92742)

  • Sunny RisewoodJapan

France (Troop 21212)

Summer B. Lonns
French Little Sparks



They are described in the series as an attentive, hardworking group of people. Generally seen to be caring, helpful, and always ready to join in whatever plan Phineas and Ferb are doing.

Candace and the Busted Squad

They become Phineas' evil assistants and guards.

Relationship(s) with Isabella, Gordon, Jc, & Thomas

Isabella holds the position of Troop Leader. As a result, all the Fireside Girls treat her with respect.

Gordon became best friends with the Fireside Girls ever since they came to Sodor for a vacation and since Gordon came to Daville with Thomas they all became friends with the Fireside Girls.

Jc became the only Fireside Girls fan when he first met Eliza M. Feyersied who told him that the girls didn't have a fan of them so Jc decided to be the first Fireside Girls fan.

Thomas would always call the Fireside Girls really useful Fireside Girls and that makes them happy.



Patch Appearance
Aquatic Safety Patch Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror
Sewing Patch Run Away Runway
Milking Patch The Magnificent Few
Braveing a Tonsillectomy Patch I Scream, You Scream
Tent Pitching Patch
Marshmallow Patch
Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!
Aeronautic Patch De Plane! De Plane!
Broadcasting Patch Let's Take a Quiz
Shrimp Net Repair Patch That Sinking Feeling
Passing Through A Semi-Permeable Membrane Patch
Bubble Boys
Saying A Word No One Else In The Room Knows Patch
Help Thy Neighbour Patch
Sap Collecting Patch
I Just Saw A Cute Boy Patch
Reckless Disregard for Life and Limb Patch
Isabella and the Temple of Sap
Expert Makeover Patch Cheer Up, Candace
Honesty Patch
Enthusiasm Patch
Senior Service Patch
Totem Carving Patch
Ice Cream Juggling Patch
Mountain Climbing Patch
Running with the Bulls Patch
Running with the Bullies Patch
Discovering Something That Doesn't Exist Patch
Wrestling an Alligator In A Sewer Patch
Cupcake Delivery Patch
Bug Collecting Patch
Motion Sickness Patch
All Time Record Break for Most Badges Earned in a Day Patch
Good Listener Patch
Fireside Girl Jamboree
Underwater Equestrian Patch Atlantis
Santa's Helper Patch Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!
Mountain Moving Patch
Bumper Kart Patch
Phineas and Ferb-Busters!
Rodeo Clown Patch Robot Rodeo
Intrepid Reporter Patch
Uh-Durr Patch
The Beak


Patch Appearance

Orphaned Member Patch (Florence)
Bear Wrestling Patch (All)
Hitchhiking Patch (All)
Going to the Bathroom 20x Patch (All)
Falling off a Cliff Patch (Florence)
Going to the Emergency Room during a Field Trip Patch (Florence)
Saving kittens from a burning building patch (all)
Crazy patch (almost Patricia)
Lockpicking patch (Patrica)
Going on Strike Patch (All in North and South Dakota)
Selling Cupcakes around the World in 5 Weeks Patch (almost Candace)
If You Don't Stop Doing That, We'll Call the Cops and You'll Go to Jail Patch (sarcastic comment by Patrica)
Doing the Right Thing Patch (Isabella)

A Fireside story
The Juvenile Delinquent Patch (almost earned by Isabella, Patricia, and Florence) Who Framed Phineas and Ferb?
Helping a Nerd Patch My boyfriend, the nerd
Do a Crossover Patch Phineas and Bart
Hospital Drama Patch
Golden Patch of Victory
Something Something Something Fireside
Acting patches (all)
Little Miss and Little Miss Broadway
Sharing a Pillow and Blanket Patch,
Owning Pink Teddy Bears Patch,
Staying Soft Patch and 26 more Slumber Party patches (Monique)
Slumber No No
Last Patch patch (Katie and other deceased/senior Fireside girls) Phineas and Ferbs' Chirstmas Wish
Selling cupcakes in front of a supermarket for everyone you know can see patch
Makeover patch
Gossip patch
Totaly embaresed in front of public patch (Monty)
Kicked off the Squad patch (Monty)
Fireside Girl Boy for a day
Mining Patch (All) Fired Fanboy

Quick Shooting Patch (Gretchen)

Magic Patch (Milly)

Transform to Giant (Milly)

Transform to Wolf (Adyson)

Blow Fire Out of Her Mouth with Tabasco Patch (Adyson)

Kung Fu Patch (Ginger)

Medicine Patch (Ginger)

Matador Patch (Holly)

Soccer Skills Patch (Katie)

Meets The Doraemons
Do a super-duper-awesome-musical-extrazaganze-patch (Jane, Isabella) Django Jane Jamboree
  • The Every Patch Patch (All)
  • The Every Patch Patch Patch (All)
  • The Every Patch Patch Patch Patch (All) etc.
  • Have your life flash before your eyes patch (Candace)
  • Break the Fourth Wall Patch (Isabella)
  • Do the Impossible Patch (Isabella)
  • Meaning of Life Patch (Ginger)
  • Got Kissed by a boy with green-hair and a british accent. (Katie)
  • Betrayal/Muttering Something/Not Having a Favorite Moment Patch (Gretchen)
  • yelling-at-a-blond-8-year-old-patch (Gretchen)
  • vandilism patch (JeNiFFerEvILgIrl)
  • Jail-Patch (JeNiFFerEvILgIrl)
  • getting-mind-controled-by-Dr-Doofenshmirtz's-control-Holly-the-Fireside-Girl-Patch (Holly)
Adopt a Pet patch A New Platypus on Maple Street
Hakuna Matata patch How to earn Hakuna Matata Patch
Disneyland Resort patch

Wild About Safety patch

Fire Safety patch

Water Safety patch

Jedi Training patch

Phineas and Ferb Disneyland Vacation

Fireside Girls, Coming to an End

Braveing a kidnapping patch

Happy Camping days

Revoltion From Unreachable Heights Patch Payback

Amish Llama Patch (All)

I'm Obsessed With A Cartoon Character Of Which I Will Never Be Able To Marry Or Even So Much As Meet Patch (All)

I Ate Chocolate-Covered Ants Patch (All)

I Liked The Chocolate Covered Ants Patch (Ali)

Uber Scout Patch (All)

The Quest For Uber-Scoutage
Discovering a Substance Patch Last Treasure of the Man
Gender Bent Patch (Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet, Buford, Cameron, Jeremy & Adam) Gender Mess



[by the way the names are just to keep organize]

  • Joining the Fireside Girls: When a girl wants to join the Fireside Girls, the troop leader nominates the girl and having the rest of the members to have a second motion to accept her. After that, she then must fill up an application, read the entire training manual, and sign some insurance waivers. She then returns one week to be sworn into the group. ("Fireside Girl Jamboree"). In "A Fireside Story", the insurance waivers were left out in the aftermath of their violation of Troop Safety Rules.
  • Article 9, Section Charlie, Footnote 6: "A Troop Leader may award full Fireside Girl status to any girl who has earned 50 patches." ("Fireside Girl Jamboree, allowing Candace into the troop.)

Fanon added

  • Age: Any Fireside girl ages 5–17 are allowed in the troop. However any girl ages 2–5 are allowed to join The Fireside club. (Little Phineas and Ferb). If they were babies, they were required to join The Fireside Babies and will have to babysit by an nanny.
  • Last patch rule: When ever a Fireside girl is 1 patch a way from being a senior Fireside girl or is dying she is rewarded with the last patch patch (Phineas and Ferb's Christmas Wish)
  • Article 12 Section Nick Footnote 9: Any Fireside who has passed away is held a memorial service (Phineas and Ferb's Christmas Wish)
  • Gender: This is a girls' only organization so boys are forbidden to join. (What do you mean by troop? The rule keeps being mentioned to other boys in other episodes) So boys have to join the G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S.' Fireside Boys.


Tiberius64's Story Series

Fireside Girls Engineering/Medical Team (all ranked Ensign)

The USS Phineas PF-01

The Fireside Girls are mentioned in Celestial Feelings as the engineering crew of the USS Phineas under Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Baljeet Rai. They appear in If Summer Only Lasted One Day as mentioned characters. They then resume their role as the engineering crew (but this time, also as the medical crew) aboard the USS Phineas in The Terran Empire and A New Star is Born (where Holly and Ginger take Isabella down to sickbay after she recieves burn wounds). They are all ranked at Ensign when aboard the Phineas. In Love's Full Blossom, they

The USS Phineas PF-01-A (Liberty Class)

are flower girls at Phineas and Isabella's wedding (except Adyson, who carries Isabella's wedding dress from the back). They are featured throughout the Ad Astra Series, with the exception of the 3rd installment (Ad Astra 3: In The City Of Love). In the Ad Astra Series prequel Phineas and Ferb: Fresh Out of College, they are mentioned as part of the foundation of the overhaul of the Flynn-Fletcher Academy in 2021 and the future crewmembers of TerraFleet vessels by 2022.

Phineas and Ferb: The 1st Return

The Firestorm girls are still members of the Resistance.

Reconstructing the Last Treasure of the Man

Every Fireside Girl across the US gathered at the Danville Park to hold a Welcoming Party for the new Fireside Girls.

Relief 46321

Isabella unites the Fireside Girls with Sgt. Garcia-Shapiro's O.W.C.A. Military Division No. 46321 in efforts to help citizens recover from a hurricane.

Footside Girls

Inspired by Bun in the Oven from the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

The Footside Girls - The Fireside Girls doing doing a little barefoot 'n grind.

The Footside Girls 2 The Hot Foot - The Fireside Girls are back!

Background Information

  • Their names are revealed in one of the creator's correspondence.
  • Every time Milly is seen, she appears to have an eye twitch, possibly a sign of infection.
  • Gretchen is the first Fireside Girl to have her name revealed and to talk after Isabella. Later she's was also the 1st Fireside Girl besides Isabella to have her parents shown.
  • Every Fireside Girl has had a speaking and singing role, except for Ivana and Melissa.
  • Florence, Thalia, and Namashi are orphan in Troop 43612.
  • This is an international organization.