Fired Fanboy is the 7th Episode of The Adventures of Irving and Friends


When Irving's obsession with the boys goes a bit too far, Phineas and Ferb tell Irving to leave them alone forever. So Irving decides to obsess over someone else...Isabella. Meanwhile, Doof gets sick and asks Norm to take over for the day


My Fanboy

Running Gags

Too Young Line

Irving: ok. Well… Phineas and Ferb discovered that I watch them while they sleep

Albert: Wow. That's kinda creepy Irving.

Irving: Yes. Yes it is


Phineas: It makes so sense! Why don't you call me something original like "Triangle Face" or 'Dorito Head"?

Buford: Heh. Triangle Face. Mind if I use that one?

Phineas: Yes. Yes I do.


Irving: Hey Katie, is that your "I just saw a cute boy patch"?

Katie: Yes. Yes it is.


Ferb's Line

Ferb: And thus staus quo is restored

Whatcha Doing?

Irving: Hey

Isabella: Ohai Irving.

Irving: So… Whatcha do-

Isabella: Say it and you die.


Irving: Hey Isabella since we now have a better understand of each other…

Isabella: Yes?

Irving: Can I say your catchphrase?

Isabella: Well…ok

Irving: Yes! So… Whatcha doing?

Isabella: Nothing. Happy now?


Phineas mentions Irving getting in the car when his Mom stopped for gas ("Atlantis")

Irving mentions having hearts on her eyes when she sees Phineas ("Rollercoaster")

Irving also mentions the cute tracker overloading ("The Chronicles of Meap")

Crazy Old Coot makes another appearance ("She's the Mayor")

Gingger looks at the boy Katie considers cute, and rips off the patch in the same manner Milly and Katie do to Ginger ("Isabella and the Temple of Sap")

Background Information

It's shown that Norm is actually more competent then Doof. This later ended up in the show, in a case of the writer predicting the future.

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