They're at it again!

Teasing will get you nowhere, Phin Runner.

Ferb E. Coyote and Phin Runner

Ferb E. Coyote Chases Phin Runner across the Danville Canyon (I drew this)

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-Ferb Fletcher

Phineas and Ferb made some drink that made Phineas run really fast and Ferb have an even higher IQ. Phineas could sound like the Road Runner and Ferb could act exactly like Wile E. Coyote. He suddenly felt like he wanted to catch and eat Phineas. Ferb had developed the smart mind of Wile E. Coyote while Phineas had the quick mind of the Road Runner. When Ferb was a toddler, Lawrence saw him watching cartoons and said, "Ferb, you're so smart, why don't YOU try to catch a roadrunner?". It sunk in his mind and now that he's 14, he now knows what to do. Now our story begins!

The sun shone high over the Danville Canyon as Ferb E. Coyote was busy building an ingenious trap to catch Phin Runner. Ferb was instructed by his father at a young age to catch this fast-running teen and have the best day ever. As he hammered in the last nail and screwed in the last screw, Ferb E. heard an extremely familiar sound: "Beep Beep!" the Phin Runner. Ferb E. grinned widely as he jumped behind a rock; ready to bring heck on Phin. Ferb had built a Rube Goldberg machine that would drop several anvils on Phin Runner as he stopped to enjoy a cold cup of frozen yogurt. The frozen yogurt was placed on the "X" and Ferb E. turned on the machine. It whirred to life as the speeding triangle sped towards the treat. He stopped abruptly, vibrating slightly, while he stared cross-eyed at it. He licked his lips then started to wolf down every morsel in the large bowl. Ferb E. rubbed his hands together then slicked back his green hair. He pushed the huge red button marked"DANGER" and a whistling sound was heard. "Beep Beep!" Ferb jumped. Phin Runner held the "X" above Ferb's head as the four anvils came falling down. CA-RASH! "Beep Beep!" the Phin Runner cried as he waved his conversed feet while flicking his tongue. Zip-pow! He was gone in a flash--literally. Ferb E. let out a sad whine as he got back up.

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