Phineas wakes up from a nightmare and discovers Ferb gone. He finds a note that says Doofenschmirtz has kidnapped Ferb and turning in Perry is the only way to get him back. Phineas and Isabella( and a very strange girl with a pink octopus) to save Ferb.


Phineas woke up with a scream. He was sweaty and scared. He had just had an awful nightmare. Ferb was kidnapped and taken to a funny looking building. There Ferb was held against his will and Perry had to turn himslf in( he was a secret agent?) in order to save Ferb. He looked around and saw he was in his bedroom. He started to breathe a sigh of relief, but he suddenly stopped. Phineas s l o w l y turned around and sceamed in terror. Ferb ...... was not in his bed!

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