FerbBumps Horrorland is a P&F/ Goosebumps Crossover.


The Flynn’s, as well as the Stommelings, are invited to Horrorland, as very special guests. They also invite Stacy to come along with them. They run into many other guests who were invited to Horrorland, who had previously gone through scary experiences. Candace gets bored, and sneaks off, and over hears a horror talking about how the special guests are in for a very scary surprise. She tells this to everyone else, but they don’t believe her , expect for the other special guests, who know what it’s like to have people not believe them about weird stuff. . After going on some very scary rides, among other things, they try to unravel the mystery of Horrorland, and why they were invited there. And it may have to do with this place called Panic Park…

Meanwhile, Doof gets a job at Horrorland as one of the horrors, and Perry follows him around to figure out why he’s there. And when Doof is slowly turned into a monster, and is wrapped up into the mystery, Perry must rescue him.


You’re In For a Scare

Running Gags

Ferb’s Line


Too young line

Horror: Aren’t you a little human to be a Horrorland Horror?

Doof: Yes. Yes I am.


Evan: But aren’t you a kids a little young to be doing this stuff?

Candace: Aren’t you a little whiny to be alive?

Whatcha Doing?


Background Information

This takes place in an alternate Continuity then the Actual Goosebumps Horrorland Books

This is not an Episode of The Adventures Of Irving and Friends, but it takes place in the same continuity, hence the Stacy/Albert stuff.

The guests they run into are characters from various Goosebumps Books

  • Josh and Amanda=Welcome To Dead House
  • Evan and Andy=Monster blood

• CarlyBeth=The Haunted Mask

• Lizzy/Luke=One Day At Horrorland

• Billy=Welcome To Camp Nightmare


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