Irving and Albert: I know it's so embaressing,

Ferb says all of these amazing things,

But only once it was in front of me,

It's so so annoying!

Say something Ferb,

Something logical,

Just please don't say anything grossly bioligical,

I don't wanna look like a big butted fool.

It's a weird request,


(music changes to hip hop)

Ferb: Platypeople are the only mammals to lay eggs,

We did not make that giant loaf of bread,

Gladiators were roman, not greek,

Baljeet and Irving are equally geeks,

Today has a chance of scattered lawn gnomes,

My favorite snack is mint-chocolate ice cream cones,

Hey, you got busted, now we're both PONED!

I have three small ear bones

Phineas: WORD!


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