Chris: Last time on Total Drama WorldWide, rebellion against Candace reached new levels of shocking when her own step-brother turned on her. A statue challenge got the hardly irritable Lisa irritated which led to revenge, rabies, and attacks however it was Tracy who was the first to go now the rating are through the roof will Candace be out and Will me hair get any better find out on Total Drama WorldWide

(screen switches to first class)

Isabella: Phineas isn't this place just so romantic

Phineas: Oh yeah I guess. I'm really worried about Lisa.

Isabella Confessional: What does Phineas see in Lisa? She's rude, obnoxious, and thinks she knows everything.

Wendy: Ferb, how are we gonna have Candace be exposed

Ferb: I don't know but it needs to be soon.

Candace Confessional: I know Ferb and Wendy are plotting something against me. Everyone's against Wendy but more people have to be against Ferb.

(screen switches to loser class)

Sandra: Did you get the mud out of your hair?

Lisa: Most of it but some of it's dry now.

Thaddeus: Lisa, who'd you vote for?

Lisa: Tracy, you?

Thaddeus: Tracy, her attitude was so annoying

Chris PA: Attention passengers we are landing in our next destination

(Sandra looks out the window)

Sandra: It's Puerto Rico

Sandra Confessional: I lived in Puerto Rico for most of my life

(screen switches to Chris and the contestants outside the plane)

Phineas: This was our best landing yet

Wendy: This is our 3rd landing

Chris: Hola, welcome to Puerto Rico for today's challenge you'll be participating in a caza del tesoro

Sandra: That means scavenger hunt

Chris: First team to bring all the items on the list to me will earn first class, and the other team will send someone. Here are your materials

(Chris tosses materials which are a candle, paper, and a crayon)

Phineas: Chris there's no writing on this

Chris: Oh, there is if I gave you the list clearly it wouldn't be much of a challenge see ya later (flies off in a helicopter)

Thaddeus: Okay Lisa so how do we figure it out.

Lisa: How should I know?

Mandy: You watch the show.

Lisa: Okay, usually the answer is in something Chris said. I got it!

Lisa Confessional: I was thinking what Chris said and then it hit me. Chris said list clearly the writing was in invisible ink.

Lisa: It's in invisibleink.

Thor and the quickest way to reveal invisible ink is with heat.

Jan: Which is what the candle is for.

Candace is listening in and runs but not before Sandra sees her

Sandra: Candace was cheating

Phineas Confessional: Why are they trying to make Candace look bad?

Candace: It just occurred to me matbe the writing's invisible

Phineas: Candace, you're a genius

Lisa (in the distance): And a cheater

Sandra: Okay so we need a lighter.

Mandy: (to a local) Excuse me sir where's a lighter

Local: Que?

Sandra: Perdona que te moleste pero temenos que encontrar un encendedor

Local: Usted puede pedir prestado el mio

Sandra: Gracias

(They light the candle an color over the writing to see it)

Sandra: Aquí tienes

Local: Gracias, tene un buen dia

Sandra: Usted tambien

Lisa: Okay. Let's go

Phineas: (searching grounds) People often drop lighters so let's look for one.

Thaddeus: First, find an item that belongs to a Puerto Rican singer who wants to be a billionaire.

Thor: How are we supposed to know

Phineas: What did you guys find?

Baljeet: If found a dead plant.

Ferb: I found some sticks

Stacy: I found a hard small container

Phineas: (laughing slightly) That's a snake's shedded skin.

Stacy: Gross!

Candace: I found two rocks

Phineas: Those are flints we can use them to make a fire

(Danville Gatekeepers light a fire and color over the writing)

Phineas: We got it

Lisa: I got it!

Jan: What? An idea to resusitate me?

Lisa: No Bruno Mars is Puerto Rican and sung in the song Billionaire

Sandra: And here's some glasses.

George: I'll hold them

Candace: Thank you. (steals glasses and goes bacl to team)

Candace: Isn't Bruno Mars Puerto Rican

Phineas: And he sung in Billionaire.

Wendy Confessional: It seems

Ferb Confessional: Very suspicious that Candace

Wendy Confessional: Figured out the problems

Ferb Confessional: Right when we got it

Phineas: Okay number two is skin sample of native snake

Candace: (to local) Hola

Local: I speak English

Phineas: Oh good would you happen to know what a native snake of Puerto Rico is

Local: No but my friend does, why?

Phineas: We're in a huge race and we need to figure it out

Local: Okay, I'll call my friend.

Phineas: I think we're gonna win it

Local: Hola José, ¿qué es un nativo de serpiente a Puerto Rico? Gracias

Local: Jose said the Puerto Rican Boa

Phineas: Where's that?

Local: Around the northern west tip

Phineas: Where's that

Local: Here's a map of Puerto Rico it should take about 30 minutes to get there

Phineas: Thanks

Local: Good luck and watch out for...

(screen switches to Stanville Champions looking for another pair of glasses)

Lisa: I'm so stupid

Everyone else: What?

Lisa: Thaddeus, I need your glasses

Thadddeus: But I can't see without them

Mandy: I'll guide you

Jan: But, they don't look like Bruno Mars's

Lisa: Who said they have to look like them?

Thor: Okay, so the second clue is a skin sample of a native snake.

Sandra: That's the Puerto Rican Boa

Lisa: Isn't it an endangered species

Sandra: And attacks prey with it's jaws

Thor: Oh my gosh

(screen switches to Danville Gatekeepers near the snake)

Phineas: I don't feel right about doing this

Candace: Phineas, not to sound threatening but refusal to do it could be a mistake one bad enough to eliminate you

Phineas: Your right, let's see we can grind down rocks til its sharp enough

(Isabella screams and holds on to Phineas)

Phineas: What's wrong?

Isabella: That snake tried to bite me.

(snake attacks and screen switches to Stanville going to the boa)

George: Look the other team.

Lisa: A knife

Sandra: Be careful

(snake attacks Jan)

Jan: Help!

Thor: I'll help. Ow!

Lisa: What's wrong

Thor: I twisted my ankle

Jan: Strangulation

Sandra: I have

Soul: We don't need your help

Sandra: But

Soul: Quiet

Rufus: (throwing rocks) Get off

Sandra: Stop you'll

Soul: Shut up!

Lisa: Your making it angry.

Rufus: Uh oh.

Lidsa: Got some skin

Soul: What's your idea?

(Sandra puts 3 fingers on the snakes head and it passes out)

Mandy: Impressive

Lisa: Here George

(screen switches to Buford trying to attack the snake)

Phineas: I think that's an endangered species.

Isabella: They're already done.

Candace: And they have a knife

(screen switches to Stanville)

Lisa: George, got the skin

George: I was supposed to have it?

(screen switches to Phineas grinding stones)

Isabella: Phineas they left their knife on the ground, I'll get it

Phineas: Where's Isabella?

Isabella: I'm back and I have their kknife

Phineas: How'd you get it?

Isabella: They left it lying around.

Phineas: You rock (hugs Isabella)

Phineas: 3rd find a Gilded Chris.

Isabella: What is that?

Phineas: Let's ask

(screen switches to Stanville searching)

Thor: They left

Lisa: Found it

Mandy: That must be the thing I reburied 3 times.

Mandy Confessional: I probably shouldn't have said that

George: Whose team are you on?

Lisa: Let's continue, 3rd find a GIlded Chris

Thaddeus: Gilded

Thor: Chris

Lisa; It was season 2's immunity kinda like the barf bags this season let's go.

Phineas: Have you seen a GIlded Chris?

Local: No

Phineas: Gilded Chris

Local: Que?

(Danvile Gatekeepers find Sierra)

Phineas: Do you watch the Total Drama Series

Sierra: I am the biggest fan I have 26 blogs and even participated in a season

Wendy: What happened to you?

Sierra: I have a crush on Cody

Phineas: Who?

Sierra: How could you not know Cody he's the best competitor did you know he sleeps with a stuffed emu named Jerry?

Wendy: (creeped out) No, but we don't watch the show we're actually a team this season.

Sierra: OMG, I can't believe I'm talking to a team

Phineas: Look we need a Gilded Chris do you know where that is?

Sierra: No but my mom has a crush on Chris I found 2 on the streets you can have one.

Phineas: Thank you so much.

(screen switches to Stanville Champions running to the finish line)

Lisa: Good thing I have a Gilded Chris that my mom gave me.

(Stanville gets to CHris followed by Danville)

Chris: Stanville is here first

Phineas: Aw

Chris: But, Stanville doesn't have there whole team

Lisa: Thor

Thor: Over here

Phineas: Here's the 3 items

Chris: Danville wins first class and Stanville will lose a member tonight

Phineas: Chris why was Sierra in a wheelchair?

Chris: (angrily) She made a cake for Cody that blew up my plane

Phineas: I thought she loved Cody

Chris: She does but the sparkler candles fell in oil.

((screen switches to the elimination room)

Chris: You have all cast your voes Sandra you are the only person who didn't contribute to your teams loss which is why you get the firs barf bag with no votes cast against you. The rest however have at least one. Lisa, you not giving the skin to George made you fall behind. Soul the way you treated Sandra was messe up. Mandy, burrying your teams item makes you a prime canditate. Thor, if you were at the finish line your team wouldve won. Thaddeus, if you hadnt given up your glasses you may have found the skin. George, you lost 2 items. Jan, you need to watch your step to avoid strangulation. Rufus, throwing rocks at the snake didn't help you. The barf bags go to Thaddeus, Mandy, Lisa, Jan, Soul, Rufus, and the last bag goes to


George: NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Time for you to go

George: I'm not leaving until (Chef kicks him out)

(George screams)

Chris: Will Stanville Champions climb out of last? And can Danville keep it together? Find out next time on Total Drama WorldWide


  • The title is based off of "Sneak a peek of Puerto Rico"
  • Sierra appears in this episode
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