The Elite 19 is a sub-group in the S.A.F. It is made up of, as its name implies, the most skilled, dangerous, and most effective members of the S.A.F. This group is extremely dangerous and powerful, their skills only being surpassed by the S.A.F. leaders. Also, all of the second-in-commands of the organization currently belong or used to be a part of this group.


The Elite 19 consists of nineteen of the S.A.F.'s most skilled and dangerous agents. There is no hierarchy among the agents that make up the group however, and there is no ranking system, though agents are noted to have stronger skills than others, with the strongest agent being the leader of the group.

Agents commonly come and go in this group, with stronger ones replacing others, or some leaving for higher positions in the S.A.F. (or just come here for a brief increased paycheck). Nevertheless, the agents that are, or were in this group are feared as the most powerful and skilled members of the S.A.F...


Current Members

Previous Agents


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