Dr. Ronald Doofyblast is a doctor that is apparently a friend of Doofenshmirtz.

Carl dressed as Dr. Doofyblast, reused scene from Undercover Carl.


An image of the real Doofyblast (front center)


Doofyblast is easily upset and annoyed. When Doof can't tell whether Carl or Doofyblast are the real Doofyblast, Doofyblast grabs Carl's costume and rips it off angrily.

Relationships with Other Characters


Doofyblast and Doofenshmirtz have apparently known each other for awhile, based on how Doofenshmirtz greeted Carl dressed as Doofyblast. However, Doofyblast is easily annoyed by his friend and destroys his inators when Carl defeats them.


In Doofyblast's current only appearance, Carl disguises himself as Doofyblast and then attacks the real one. Doofyblast is frustrated by this, so is not on good terms with Carl. Carl was actually offered the role of Doofyblast's nemesis.


In Platy-Power!, Doofyblast and Perry hardly interact, but Perry does kick him as Carl and Perry leave.


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