This is an educational series of shorts that helps educate children.


Perry the Platypus teaches us what to do when you or your friend has major or minor injuries.

Science Isn't Rocket Science

Perry teaches us Science and Math with the help of Perry Jr.


Perry teaches us about movie making! (Movie: Starlight Shines Bright [A movie about stars])

Fast or To Not

Perry teaches us not to eat too much fast food but not eat too little that you are actually fasting.


Perry teaches us about the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Wet, and Dry seasons.


Perry teaches us of traveling along with Perry Jr. and Larry the Platypus which they arrive at the Disneyland Resort and stay at the Disneyland Hotel.


Also known as Discoveryland, Sci-Fi City, and Science City.

Continuing from "Traveling", Perry, Perry Jr., and Larry teach us about our future using examples from Disneyland USA's Tomorrowland.

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