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Nester The Dirty Hobo




Unknown (Possibly 60's)







Fist Appearance

Bummed Out

Voiced by

Doug Walker

The Dirty Hobo is a character that appears in The Adventures of Irving and Friends


Little is known about his early life. He mentions having a friend who would do everything with him, but one day he disappeared and never returned. After that, his life went downhill and soon became a hobo.


Nester is a fairly wise man. He likes to give advice to stranger when they stumble across him. He has gone through alot in his life, and therefore has plenty of stories that he offers to tell people. He knows alot about arguments with Family, which may suggest that he had family problems.

He prefers that people call him by his real name, Nester. But people always call him "Dirty". He's gone to accept this nickname.

Background & Trivia Notes

He briefly mentions having a brother who works as an old Coot. Hinting that he may be the brother of The Crazy Old Coot

His full name is Nester B Hobo, which is reference to the That Guy With The Glasses character, Chester A Bum.

The Crazy Islander mentions having a friend who fits Nester's description pretty well, meaning that The Islander is his friend that disappeared

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