Dirk the Dodo Theme Song is sung in the end credits of the fanfiction episode Dodo Nono. It is about Dirk the Dodo (If you didn't realise that yet)


Dobedobe dodo Dobedobe dodo

Dirk the Dodo Theme Song


Secret spy theme song


+/- 0:47

Song Writer(s)


Agent D!

He's a non-flying, extincted bird of action! He's a feathery little flatfoot, who'll never flinch from a fray-ee-ay-ee-ay! He's got more than just mad skills; He can't fly, but has a bill, and the women flee, whenever they hear him say:

Dodo: Bakow!!!

He's Dirk! Dirk the dodo!

MM: You can call him agent D.


MM: I said, you can call him agent D.


Heinz Doofenschmitz: And now I've got THIS song stuck in my head!!...

Background Information

  • Dirk the Dodo Theme is sung under the same tune as the real song, Perry the Platypus Theme.
  • Dodo Nono can't be read on the Fanon wiki and can only be read on the message board or on
  • Doofenshmirtz gets yet another agent song stuck in his head. (Perry the Teenage Girl)
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