Dennis the Platypus is Perry's Father But Never seen only in a (Flashback) in the episode Phineas and Ferb Down Under

  • Not much is known about Dennis the Platypus *Dennis was Born 1963
  • Dennis had a Step Father
  • His Mother Died When he was only 3 (1966)
  • After Dennis's Mother Died he was raised by his Step-Father
  • His Step -Father was very mean
  • Dennis got Married
  • Dennis Married Kala in (1978)
  • Kala had a child named Perry the Platypus in (2005)
  • Dennis died 1999
  • Dennis never got to see Perry
  • Dennis got eaten by a Rattlesnake
  • Kala died (2009)
  • Perry got taken away from Kala by a Animal Green Team and put into Australian Animal Shelter in (2006)
  • The Animal Green Team did't know Perry had a Mother (Kala)

Role of Perry (Shyla TV Show)

Dennis "Danny" Back Platypus is 2rd Main Chararter of the Shyla TV Show, 'Perry'.

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