Dean in his backyard.

This page is for Dean Fletcher from ANYBODY'S viewpoint!

Dean Fletcher is one of Ferb Fletcher and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz's kids. He is a boy, and is like a mix between his uncle, his aunt, and his mother.


Dean Fletcher was born on March 5th, 2025, and was quite small compared to his parents. He was a very talented toddler, and loved to sing and dance.

6 years later, Dean went to the Tri-District School for Kindergarten. He was a staight A+ student, inheriting it from his uncle. He was also attracted by many girls, similar to his other uncle.

4 years after that, he started to act more like his parents and started building things. Though he isn't as skilled as Ferb, or Phineas, he is still very good. He seems to be as good as Thaddeus and Thor.

Also, he was very good at geogaly, and even once built a hole to China, witch Phineas and Ferb haven't attemted yet.


Dean is very upbeat and positive, whitch shows his similarities to his uncle. He is also somewhat sacrcastic sometimes (like Vanessa), and also has a short temper sometimes (like Candace). Also, he is similar to his dad for having a british accent. Plus, he is very sentimental and sensitive.


His first name, Dean, is similar to the latin word den, which translates to cave, possibly explaining his interest in mining. Plus, his last name is Fletcher, which translates into sad, crying, or sobbing. That possibly explains his sensitivity.


Emily Kinney

Dean seems to be very close to Emily, since she is Dean's godmother. He is often hanging out with her while his dad is off doing his presidental duties, and when her mother is at her father. He treats Emily much like a best friend.

Lavender Fletcher

Lavender Fletcher is Dean's sister, but is not to fond of her. One reason is because Dean is often upbeat and positive, and Lavender is often grumpy. Lavender is also very much like Vanessa and is goth, unlike Dean.

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