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Chapter 1

In a strange laboratory a silhouette wearing a giant black cloak with baby wolves in cages and one whimpers. The silhouette goes up and calmly says, "Don't worry everything will be okay." The silhouette goes back to his computer typing in data. He whispers "Okay the DNA must be extracted from the subjects." The man hits a button and pictures of Vanessa, Heinz, Phineas, Ferb, Connor, Celeste, Buford, Baljeet, Jeremy, Jenny, Stacy, Candace, Jenna, Isabella, Irving, Albert, Elisabeth, and Django cover the screen. The man types in something else and a graph appears. He says "Okay, I need to get a blood, eye fluid, and hair sample from the subjects."

The silhouette sneaks around with tweezers, a syringe, alcohol pads, tweezers, beakers, and a label maker. Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Stacy, Jenny, Django, Buford, Baljeet, Isabella, Jeremy, Elisabeth, and Irving are sleeping in tents. He carefuly unzips the tents and enters inconspicuously. The silhouette is seen poking a needle into their arms and plucking out one or two of their hairs. He is careful while doing this in order not to contaminate the samples but he is wearing rubber gloves. Quietly a voice sings "Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated." The silhouette is next to Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Still sleeping, Heinz screams "Curse you Perry the Platypus." The man is quick to puncture the needle then he does the same to Vanessa. Celeste is seen sleeping with her cat and the man gives Celeste the needle. He does the same to Jenna and Connor.

Back at the laboratory the man looks at the DNA and is at his computer typing in the data for his project. He is whispering to himself "Okay so I need a urine sample, okay skipping that."

He starts preparing the machinery and takes the beaker of Phineas's blood, eye fluid, and the 2 strands of his hair. He takes one of the wolves. He talks to the wolf "Okay don't worry this is only for experimental purposes you will only feel a little pinch." At his computer, he learns he needs some skin cells. Lucky for him the subjects dead skin cells rubbed of on the alcohol pads. It takes him about half an hour to separate them. He calibrates the machines and puts the DNA inside. His experiment is ready to go.

A wolf cub is hooked up to the machinery. He calibrates his computer and types in the info he needs to get his experiment ready.

When he is done he makes sure all the machinery he double checks the machinery. He flips a switch and a blue flash is seen and he checks the wolf and sees it. The man says, "It worked, now for the rest", and removes the machinery. The wolf growls and nearly attacks the man but luckily the man surrounded the area with an electric fence that knocks it unconcious he puts the wolf back in his cage. Multiple more blue flashes are seen as the screen zooms out and then goes black.

Chapter 2

The next morning Phineas and Ferb are seen with a giant maze near them. Candace comes out and Phineas says "Good morning." Candace replies "Good? My arm and eye has been hurting since I woke up." Phineas exclaims "Yeah I've been feeling the same thing too." Candace asks "Anyways what are you doing." Phineas "Well you know the old mouse through the maze thing." Candace interuots "Isn't that a little low quality for your past." Phineas continues "Well picture it on a much bigger scale" Phineas reveals the giant maze. Candace says "You two are ssssooooo busted I'm telling mom"

A few minutes later Isabella comes in shaking and with some cuts on her body. Phineas politely says "Hey Isabella." Isabella screams and begins hyperventilating. Phineas comes over and asks "What's wrong?" Isabella says "On my way here I was attacked by a wolf." Phineas confusedly replies "But there are no wolves in the Tri-State Area." Isabella continues "The freakiest part was it looked like you." Phineas is shocked. Ferb question her accusation. Isabella answers "The wolf had reddish orange hair like Phineas and his eyes looked exactly like Phineas's." Ferb asks "How do you know it was a he?" Isabella answers "I don't wanna talk about it." Phineas mouths "Oh." Phineas asks "How did it have my eyes?" Isabella answers "They were the same shape and color. It looked like someone removed your eyes and put them in the wolf's head." Phineas calmly says "Don't worry it'll be okay."

Jenna, Celeste, Connor, Buford, Baljeet, Irving, and the Fireside Girls are there. Jenna is wearing her hair down in one thick long braid and Elisabeth is wearing her hair in a ponytail. Elisabeth asks "Whatcha doin'?" Isabella glares at her. Phineas says "Anyways were doing the old rat in maze experiment." Phineas holds up the rat and Elisabeth screams and runs away. Connor says he'll check up on her. When Connor sees Elisabeth sitting behind the fence and she is crying hysterically. Connor goes to her and asks what's wrong. Elisabeth says while crying "I am horribly afraid of rats I have been from a young age." Connor tells "Calm down it'll be okay you don't have to partake in it if you don't want to do it, don't, I don't want to see you like this." Elisabeth says, "Okay", and hugs Connor and he hugs her.

Connor comes back in and says that Elisabeth isn't participating. Baljeet utters "Baby." Connor defensively says that she's afraid of rats. He sees Isabella's wounds and asks "What's wrong?" Isabella answers "I was attacked by a wolf." Connor says "But there are no wolves in the Tri-State Area." Isabella says "I'm not sure what's weirder the fact there is a wolf or the fact it looked like Phineas. Connor whispers "Uh oh." Baljeet replies "I'm going to say that it looked like Phineas but now that you say it I did see a giant gray-brown wolf a little while. Connor's eyes widen and says "I gotta go I'll be right back." Phineas says "I wonder what that was about."

Connor is running back to his house. He is wondering how this could be possible. He enters a place with empty cages and says "How is this possible?!" Connor is sprinting back when a small black wolf with a puffy tail attacks him. He is in hand to paw combat with a wolf. The wolf is tearing the skin on his hands. Connor's cast protects his left hand. Connor finally gets it away when he pushes it onto its back. A black wolf with amber eyes tackles him and starts mauling him.

Elisabeth is waiting by the fence when Connor comes back with multiple cuts on his body. Elisabeth screams "Oh my gosh, what happened?!" Connor says "I was attacked by two wolves one that looked like Baljeet and one looked like, like you." Elisabeth gasps. Connor says "It gets worse, those wolves were my creation." Elisabeth screams "What?!" Connor explains I extract DNA from you, and everyone else including me and injecting them into wolves to see if they would look like us." Elisabeth asks "You didn't lock them up?" Connor explains "I did but my electric fence in the experimenting area overloaded the electronic locks freeing them there are like 15 vicious wolves out on the loose." Elisabeth asks "Wait backtrack you extracted DNA from us." Connor responds with "I took a hair, blood, and eye fluid sample." Elisabeth exclaims "3 things 1. That would explain the pain in my eye and arm. 2. Did we give you permission? 3. Ew." Connor replies with "1. Sorry about that 2. Yes though you may have been on nitrous oxide. 3. I could've taken a urine sample." Elisabeth says "We have to warn them." Connor worries that they might be in the maze.

Candace is going to find her mom when 4 wolves surround her. She looks around and sees the wolf resembling her, Stacy, Phineas, and Isabella. Candace screams and the screen goes black

Chapter 3

Candace is at the convenience store pulling on her mom's sleeve. She says "Mom, mom Phineas and Ferb made a giant maze." She replies "Candace I have had enough of this, and what happened to you." Candace gasps while saying "Four wolves attacked me and they looked like me, Isabella, Stacy, and Phineas. She flatly replies "Candace, don't lie to me, there are no wolves in Danville." Candace screams "I know that's the confusing part just come home." Linda says "Fine after I'm done here."

Back at Phineas's house Elisabeth and Connor are outside the maze. Connor is freaking out "Elisabeth we need to tell them. Elisabeth replies "But we can't go in what if we get lost." Connor exclaims "We can call them." Elisabeth says "You're a genius." They try calling but they get no reception. Connor reads a sign that reads CELL PHONES WON'T WORK. After that Connor is praying and says "Please let the maze be destroyed." Perry and Doofenshmirtz are fighting and they hit the new inator and it fires. The maze is hit and it is vaporized.

Candace screams mom come see this. Linda comes in and says "What am I supposed to see?" Candace says "But thats not possible." After Linda goes inside Candace asks "Phineas did you make wolves of yourselves?" Isabella says "You saw that too." Connor tries to say something but Candace leaves Phineas says "Continue." Connor says nervously "The wolves I made them I extracted DNA from you, I had your permission but you may have been on nitrous oxide, I put them in wolves and they escaped." Isabella starts shaking him and screams "Are you insane?!" Jenna says "Yes, yes he is." Connor says "Look, I read about it in a book and I wanted to see if it could happen.

Candace screams "Come in quick." Everyone goes in and they see a news broadcast and Brad Baxter says "Multiple wolf sightings have been found in Danville and 2 people have been attacked for some reason they look like citizens of Danville people are required to stay in doors."

Connor says "I'm going after them." Phineas screams "Don't." Connor says "I have to." Connor is seen fighting Bufords wolf it tackles him and steals his shirt and rips his pants and removes them leaving him in only blue plaid boxers, socks, and shoes. He goes chasing after him and he tackles him but his clothes are torn up so he has to walk home in his boxers but lucky he was attacked close to his house but a few people still see him. Connor comes back and says "I do need your help those things are vicious. Celeste asks "How can we stop them?" Connor says I don't know but we can."

Stacy is walking in and is nearly attacked by her own wolf but she safely gets away.

Chapter 4

Phineas says: So what are we gonna do about these." Connor replies "These things are vicious they can tear a 30 year old into 6 pieces in 30 seconds." Isabella replies "You're exaggerating." Connor says "I guess but they are still extremely dangerous." Phineas says "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today."

The wolves jump out on the road nearly causing an accident. Elisabeth's eyes are noticed by the driver, her aunt. Buford wolf slashes down a light post which hits a fire hydrant and it start shooting water out hits the telephone pole. Phineas and Connor wolves aid each other in knocking it over. All the wires on the right side rip and fall onto the road. The wire nearly hits a person. Animal Control comes and Buford, Isabella, and Candace wolf pounce them and they run away scared.

Phineas and Ferb are putting the finishing touches on their project and Phineas say "Okay if the wolves get anywher near this they will be harmlessly tie in a rope where we can release it elsewhere." Connor asks "What if that gets caught on someone?" Phineas replies "Don't worry it doesn't hurt people." Phineas touches the invention and it smashes into his hand and Phineas screams in pain. Isabella screams "Are you okay?!" Phineas mentions that he's okay. Connor asks "Elisabeth yours was like extremely vicious why?" Elisabeth is nervous and says "Well I'm not who you think I am." Isabella asks "Who are you then?" Elisabeth says "Well Elisabeth Taylor is my name but I have ADD and OCD and have anger problems I'm trying to control the but it is so hard." Connor says "I have ADHD and Asperger's I know how you feel."

Stacy is up in Candace's room Stacy asks "What happened?" Candace replies "I was attacked by 4 wolves." Stacy exclaims "I was attack to."

Everyone split up to go hunting for the wolves. Connor with Celeste and Jenna, Phineas with Isabella and Ferb, The Fireside Girls, and Buford goes with Irving and Baljeet. Celeste wonders what the wolves did to Connor. Connor replies "I don't wanna talk about it." Jenna says "I think I know what it did." Isabella asks "How will we even know where these things are?" Irving and Albert wolves come out and Ferb says "That's how." Isabella says "At least it can't get worse." Connor and Celeste wolves jump in

Chapter 5

Isabella, Phineas, and Ferb are surrounded by 4 wolves. Isabella says "I guess this is it." Then a man searching for arrowheads sees them and says "I picked a good day to bring wolf repellent." He comes in spray it at the wolves but they are resisting and Phineas starts sneezing. Isabella asks "Phineas, are you okay?" Phineas replies while sneezing "Yeah but I *sneeze* think I might be *sneeze* having an allergic *sneeze* reaction." Phineas questions the ingredients asking if there's basil. The man answers "Yes a lot in fact." Phineas says "I'm allergic to basil." The man says "Oh well. Arrowhead guy out, peace."

Back at Phineas's house, Phineas is standing waiting for everyone. His eyes are red and puffy and he has dark circles under them and is still sneezing. Connor, Celeste, and Jenna walk in and Connor says "Hey we didn't, okay what's with his eyes?" Isabella repies with "Allergy to basil."

Everyone is in the backyard thinking of what to do with the wolves. Adyson says "We can knock them unconscious." Connor replies "They'll wake up before we can even do something." Isabella says "I can't believe I'm saying this but maybe we have to end them." Connor says "One problem if we kill even one the rest will gash our throats, puncture our hearts, tear out our lungs, skewer our stomachs, and that's just the beginning." Everyone is shocked. Phineas says "We could use the trap." Connor says "We can't." Phineas asks "Why not?" and Connor says "It's on fire." Phineas turns around and gets a garden hose to extinguish the flames.

Connor asks "How did that happen?" Isabella say "I think overheated." Connor responds with "It wasn't even on."

Phineas continues "So how do we stop them?" Connor says "We are NOT KILLING them." They all say "Understood." Connor suggests trying different methods.

Chapter 6

Connor and Celeste are on the curb between a wooded area and the road. Connor is attaching the cable to a metal net. Celeste says "This is genius the net will catch them and they'll be knocked out." Connor sets up a holographic projector and sets leaves around it to make it look like Baljeet is lying down under a pile of leaves. Connor says "Okay now all we have to do is", that trap springs and he says, "That was faster than I thought." A guy screams and Connor sees the man in a net being repeatedly zapped. Connor say "I thought it could only zap once." Celeste says "You connected it to the wrong part of the fuse box." Connor says "How did that happen? I was sure i connected to the right part." Celeste says "Disconnect it." Connor replies "I can't I'll be electrocuted." Jenna comes in and asks "What's up?" Connor asks "Jenna, do you have your axe?" Jenna confirms that. Connor exclaims "Finally something good happens cut the jumper cable." Jenna cuts it and it stops shocking the man. Jenna uses the axe handle to remove the net still zapping the man. Connor calls 911 and an ambulance comes Connor says "I'm sure everyone else is having it easier than us."

Fireside Girls (except Isabella, are all together hunting for wolves with a rope, meat cleever, and bucket of glue.) Buford wolf comes in a nd claws a car all the way across breaking the gas tank and setting it on a crash course with another car. Elisabeth screams "This could not be more insane." The two cars collide causing an explosion creating a huge fire. Luckily someone save the 2 drivers from harm. Elisabeth flatly says "I stand correct it."

Buford is in hand to paw contact with Jenna wolf. Jenna jumps and spins sending its claw through Buford's hand. Jenna then tackles Buford, turns around, whips him with her, and runs away. Baljeet comes and says "Uh you just got beat by a girl." Buford gives Baljeet a wedgie and starts carrying him.

Candace and Stacy are walking out of the house when Jeremy wolf jumps to them. Candace screams Jeremy comes and Candace asks for help. Jeremy calmly goes up to the wolf, pats it on the head and says "Calm down little guy i know you dont wanna attack her." It walks away and Candace says "2nd time today I was attacked by a wolf that looks like someone I know."

Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella are in the backyard talking. Isabella says "How are we gonna stop them they are vicious." Phineas says "We could put a quicksand pit no that won't work." Isabella says "We have to stop before they breed and more wolves are running around town." Phineas says "Isabella your a genius I have an idea." and hugs her. Ferb is smiling in the background.

Connor is running away when he approaches the Fireside Girls and he sees his own wolf but what he sees next surprises even him.

Chapter 7

Much to Connor's surprise after he sees his own wolf a wolf with blonde hair and hazel eyes jumps in. Connor says "I didn't make that." The Fireseide Girls look at him and Connor says "I didn't." Connor wolf and the unknown start fight. The unknown is very cowardly while Connor is fighting back viciously. Connor wolf somehow throws the unknown wolf into the giant fire where the hair and skin burn off and instead of a skeleton a robot is seen on the shape of a wolf.

Back at Phineas's house Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella are waiting. Connor comes in saying "Phineas you gotta see this." Phineas asks "What?" Connor says "You missed the coolest thing ever a blonde wolf with hazel eyes attacked my wolf and my wolf tossed it into the fire and its hair and skin burned off and it was a robot and my wolf tore it limb from limb." Isabella says "Where is this?" Connor says "Downtown let's go." Phineas, Ferb, Connor, and Isabella arrive at the fire. Connor asks the fire department "Why aren't you putting it out?" One guy says "We're afraid and why are you questioning us you had your clothes torn off? Connor says "So." Connor wolf is seen fighting a red wolf with chestnut eyes and Phineas says "Those are our wolves."

Connor screams "What are you talking about?" Phineas says "Ferb and I made some wolves to scare yours so we can trap them." Connor asks "How many did you make?" Phineas says "About 20." Connor exclaims "Are you insane?" Connor wolf and the red wolf start brawling. Connor wolf bites the red wolf's abdomen and it get's zapped. Infuriated, Connor wolf headbutts the red wolf into the fire and the hair and skin burn off revealing the robot skeleton. Phineas is shocked. When it is approachinng it explodes and the remains melt before it they can escape the fire and Connor says "How did that happen?" Phineas says "The battery must have exploded." Connor screams at Phineas "Why did you even make these you could seriously hurt someone." Phineas says "I'm sorry these things can't hurt anyone I made sure of that I just thought if they came towards us we would know what to do." Isabella says to Connor "Don't yell at Phineas this your fault." Tears start streaming down Connor's cheeks as he says "I didn't know this would happen give me a break I was just experimenting the least you could not yell at me, a little support would be nice but all you guys are doing is stressing me out. I want them to be stopped as well but I can't help when you guys are shooting your mouths off. You don't understand that I was just curious and I never intended for this to happen and it was an accident yet you guys are still acting like bullies. I am trying really hard to stop him yet you seem to not care in fact you are treating my worse for it I am going to stop these on my own without the help of you insane jerks."

After Connor storms off Phineas says "Okay I'm getting this weird feeling in my stomach." Isabella says "Me too." Celeste says "It's called guilt you shouldn't have yelled at him." Phineas says "She's right." Isabella says "We should go find him and apologize."

Connor is walking muttering to himself "They have no conscious the least they could do is be a little supportive." Isabella finds him and says "Connor." Connor says "Oh you haven't finished yelling at me." Isabella says "Look I'm sorry I yelled at you." Connor says "Why did you have to, I didn't try to cause this." Isabella says "You hate me." Connor "No, I hate you and Phineas." Isabella "No one hates Phineas."

Isabella and Connor see a brown wolf with purple eyes fighting Phineas wolf. Phineas comes in and Connor says "Leaving." Isabella grabs his arm and says "We're really sorry." The brown wolf is charging at Phineas wolf and Phineas wolf finds a rope. He throws it onto the fuse box with its teeth and unbeknownst to them the rope was burning in the fire and the fire races into the fuse box causing an electrical explosion charring a wolf. Connor says "Okay you have to admit this is kinda fun." The charred wolf is seen with Phineas wolf right next to it. Connor says "I'm leaving."

Chapter 8

Phineas and Isabella are out looking for Connor when Isabella wolf comes in. Isabella freaks out as the wolf pounces her pinging her to the ground. She looks into her own wolves eyes as she tries to get it off but it is too heavy. Then somehow she is able to throw her wolf into it's water but somehow it is swimming. Isabella can't find Phineas so she just assumes he ran away while she was under the wolf to get help so she looks for him.

Connor is walking and Pedro comes up to him and Connor asks "Pedro where have you been?" Isabella comes up to him and Connor screams "Go away." Isabella says "Listen I'm looking for Phineas have you seen him." Connor replies "No, no I haven't I thought he was with you." Isabella starts hypervenitlating while saying "Oh man where is Phineas?" Phineas comes in soaking wet and Connor asks "What happened did you shower with your clothes on?" Phineas answers calmly "No, your wolf of Isabella pounced on me and knock me into the lake and I had to spend 20 minutes avoiding it from eating me." Isabella screams "OMG I am so sorry I thought you got away please forgive me." Phineas replies "It's okay you didn't mean to." Connor says "Wait was your wolf swimming." Isabella says "Yeah." Connor says "Oh mierda this is what feared I think giving wolves human DNA must have given it human like abilities." Isabella "That's awful." Connor says "It gets worse I think it might have a human like lifespan in other words there is a possibility these things could rampage to up to 50 years."

The Fireside Girls are walking around Adyson says "Wow Connor got mad." Elisabeth says "He had every right to be Phineas and Isabella were being hard on him." Gretchen says "You like him don't you." Elisabeth repies "Okay fine I do he's really nice and understanding." Holly says "Is there something I've been missing." Elisabeth says "Look I know he may not seem very nice but inside he is really nice I think he's been going through a hard time in life give him a chance."

Connor is walking around and he finds a long rope with a metal ball and hook at the end. Connor says "Where's Pedro?" Baljeet wolf approaches him and Connor is ready to sink the hook into it when Pedro starts walking around and Baljeet wolf chases Pedro. Connor exclaims "Now he's gone too far." Connor tries to aim his rope knowing he only has one chance. He tosses it and the rope ties itself around Baljeet wolf's body, snout, and legs immobilizing it and Connor says "That couldn't have gone any better." A policeman comes and asks "you stopped a wolf?" Connor replies "Yes, can I please borrow your tazer?" The policeman confusedly answers "Sure." Connor stuns the Baljeet wolf knocking it unconscious.

Ferb is in the backyard and Connor comes in and asks "Why you in the backyard?" Ferb answers "I'm here in case a wolf is caught." Connor says "Good news." He brings in Baljeet wolf tied up and says "Okay let's look him up before he wakes up." Ferb and Connor lock Baljeet wolf in a dome like case and put the lid on and Connor says "What if he escapes?" Ferb answers "It is a cubic zirconia cage with titanium connection bars and screwed down with solid steel screws we don't have to worry."

Chapter 9

Phineas is looking for the Fireside Girls when Buford wolf tackles him to the ground crushing Phineas under its weight. It claws his face and he gets up but after that he can't move. Isabella goes to save Phineas but Buford wolf punces her slamming her into one of the trees. She trieshard as she can to move but she is in too much pain to move. Buford wolf jumps in about to claw Phineas in a way that'll surely kill him. Right before Buford wolf can kill him Connor pushes Phineas out of the way and he tries to get out to but Buford wolf punctures his shoulder giving him a quarter inch deep wound and Connor is on the ground in terrible pain. Phineas asks "Are you okay?" Connor says "Ow, punctured my shoulder." Isabella says "Aha so you do like Phineas." Connor says "Do not." Isabella says "Then why did you save him." Connor reluctantly answers "Okay fine maybe I do a little." Phineas asks "You didn't like me I thought everyone did. I don't mean to sound conceited I just don't know anyone who doesn't." Connor yells "Just help me."

The Fireside Girls are walking around and they see Isabella and Phineas supporting Connor walking. Milly asks "What happened?" Isabella replies "He jumped in front of a wolf to save Phineas." Adyson says "No really." Phineas says "He did." Elisabeth says "I believe him." Holly says "He would actually do that?" Connor says "I did." Isabella says "Turns out he truly likes Phineas." Connor says "Okay will you stop rubbing it in my face."

Connor, Phineas, Ferb, and Elisabeth are on a cliff and they see a wolf that Phineas is sure he didn't make. They see it destroy a navy blue wolf with midnight blue eyes, a light brown wolf with pure blue eyes, and a dirty blonde wolf with amber eyes. Connor says "Also I extracted some DNA from another person." Phineas asks "Who?" Connor says "He had a weird hairstyle, yelow shirt, flip flops, may have been wearing a bathing suit." Ferb says "Django?" Connor replies "I guess." Phineas says "His hair isn't weird." Connor says "It kinda is." Elisabeth interrupts and says "Okay we can talk about the latest hairstyles or we can save Baljeet." Connor says "OMG Baljeet's in trouble." Phineas says "Let's jump down." Connor denies it because it'll kill them. Phineas suggests climbing down. When they are halfway down Baljeet is cornered and Connor jumps onto the wolf's back and it bucks it off his back slamming im into the tree and Phineas, Ferb, and Elisabeth jump down a check on him. Baljeet runs away scared and Elisabeth says "Are you okay?" Connor answers "Yeah I think the tree sap saved me from breaking my back." Phineas says "Connor, I am so sorry I made you feel like this." Connor says "No you shouldn't be I should never have done this in the first place." Phineas says "Well you wer only testing you never wanted this to happen."

Gretchen, Adyson, Elisabeth, and Connor are where the fire was burning since it was safe to walk on now. Elisabeth asks about Connor's new plan. Connor says "Yes I have a blowgun with very powerful tranquilizers." Gretchen says "Don't you think it's a little big?" Connor says "No but" Connor notices his blowgun is gone and Elisabeth says "Ugh when will this day be over?" Connor replies "It's 3:45, but my blowgun is gone." Adyson says "Hey isn't that it." An elderly man is seen walking with a walking stick and then he collapses with a dart in his hand. Adyson calls 911 luckily he is still alive. Elisabeth is laughing a little and Connor says "You're laughing?" Elisabeth says "Oh come on you have to admit that was pretty funny." Connor says "Okay it was."

Chapter 10

Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet are walking in the woods where Django wolf escaped. Instead they find Jenna wolf. Isabella screams "I have had enough of these *car honks* wolves." Isabella tries to attack the wolf but Phineas says "Isabella, no." Isabella jumps up into a tree breaks a branch andf it falls on Jenna wolf knocking her unconcious. Isabella says "Two down." Phineas holds Isabella's hand and asks "Are you okay Isabella?" Isabella replies in an obviously affectionate tone "Yeah I'm fine."

The group is carrying Jenna wolf back and Baljeet wolf is trying to escape. Jenna wakes up and breaks out. She has blistering fury towards Isabella and tackles Isabella to the ground, looks at her and leaps away. Phineas asks "Are you okay?" Isabella replies "Yeah dislocated a rib, Connor is giving me such a headache I hate him." Phineas says "Isabella, don't you think you're going a little too far." Isabella says "Yeah but Connor is being ridiculous." Phineas reluctantly says "Yeah Connor has." Jenna comes up and says "So you think he's a ridiculous jerk." Isabella says "Basically."

Elisabeth is walking with Connor in the forest. Elisabeth says "So Connor i was thinking after this we could go to we could go out for dinner." Connor says "By we do you mean all of us." Elisabeth nervously says "Yeah." Connor replies "Sure where?" Elisabeth says "Alistony Hecbraker" Connor replies "Wasn't that place just legally allowed to serve dinner again." Elisabeth "Says yeah." Connor replies "Uh no thanks the last time I went their I got electrocuted." Elisabeth asks "How?" Connor replies "They gave a joy buzzer inside my cheeseburger, it was faulty and it went under my tongue, the bottom of my tongue is still burnt." Elisabeth obviously freaked out exclaims "Oh my gosh." Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and Baljeet are running and Connor asks "You run into another wolf?" Phineas says "No, Jenna, knife, chasing, upset, you." Connor says "So Jenna is chasing you with a knife after you insulted me because you were upset." Ferb says "Well technically Isabella said it." Connor replies "Yeah she chases people with knives who insult her or her friends" Baljeet says "That's crazy." Connor replies "Not really the weird thing is she keeps her knife taped to her thigh. Where's Buford Jenna didn't stab him right?" Phineas says "Buford decided to hold off Jenna saying he can take her." Jenna comes in and Connor says "Jenna, what did you do with Buford?" Jenna says "Kicked him and now he's paralyzed." Baljeet asks "Where did you kick him?' Jenna says "Places." Connor says "Ow." Elisabeth suggests "Wait I have an idea if we chase the wolves with knives we can lure them to Phineas and Ferb's backyard." Connor says "No, these things aren't afraid of much, wait these things may have your self concious so maybe if we appeal to them in a way that can attract them." Phineas exclaims "Connor, that's genius."

Buford is in pain on the ground Irving comes and questions Phineas and Ferb's location and Buford weakly replies "Dunno." Phineas wolf pounces on Irving so hard he is forced straight into the fence. Irving is knocked unconcious.

Connor says "Okay pair ups are Isabella, Elisabeth, and me, Phineas and Ferb, Baljeet and Buford if he ever comes here, and Celeste and Jenna and break." Isabella complains "Why am I with you Connor?" Connor replies "I'm aware of your little crush on Phineas and I think of using that on your wolf without making it aware to Phineas." Elisabeth replies "Intelligent." Jenna says "So wait what is avorite song again." Celeste replies "Pokerface." Jenna says "You have your ePod." Celeste replies "When don't I." Jenna says "Perfect that's how we get your wolf and I think I know how to get Phineas's." Celeste asks "How?" Jenna whispers something in Celeste's ear and Celeste says "You're an evil genius."

Chapter 11

Celeste and Jenna are walking and talking. Jenna says "So do you think we have a plan that will work."Cleste points to Phineas wolf and says "Let's test it out." Jenna and Celeste go up to Phineas wolf and hold up a picture of Ashley Karot to his face. At first Phineas wolf doesn't care but once Jenna starts reminding Phineas of what happened to her Phineas wolf is trying to bear the emotional trauma. And is in so much grief he passes out and they carry Phineas wolf away.

Elisabeth, Isabella, and Connor are chasing Jenna wolf and it goes into a blue spherical building with a ring surrounding the perimeter. Connor asks "What is this?" A random man says "This is the arena used for the Danville Games, it's called the Challenge Arena." Elisabeth says "Painful memories." Connor says "I thought the arena was outdoors." The man says "In the ring we have a center to change the habitat we lowered the ring and changed the habitat and the outside to a forcefield." Connor says "You created a biosphere, I'm impressed." Isabella says "Phineas built one with Ferb." Connor replies "Impressive." Elisabeth says "Okay listen, wolves have been rampaging Danville." The man interrupts "I know." Connor continues "Listen a wolf is in there and we need your help changing the habitat and we can capture it only 1 wolf was captured." Connor's phone vibrates he looks at it and says "Actually 2 wolves were." The man says "Fine I'll help."

Elisabeth, Isabella, and Connor are in a tropical forest chasing Jenna wolf. Connor is running and finds a large waterfall. Jenna wolf surprisngly goes down uninjured. Connor knows he can't go down without being killed. Lucky for him the habitat is changed to a giant mountain and Connor is at the top. When he least expects it the mountain gets covered in snow and ice causing him to slip and speed down the mountain. Elisabeth and Isabella are walking and they see Connor lying on the ground paralzed and bleeding a little. Elisabeth races over to Connor and asks if he's okay. Connor is barely conscious and says "Fell down mountain." Elisabeth asks "What happened?" Connor answers "I just said I fell down the mountain i also was nearly cut in half 30 times by rocks." Elisabeth says "You hit them." Connor says "No I scraped myself if I hit them I would've been sliced up." Elisabeth says "Okay just lay down." The control room is seen the man is controlling the center. Ferb wolf jumps in tackles the man. Scared, he scurries away. Ferb wolf claws the controls multiple times making them go all cuckoo. As Elisabeth is watching over Connor, the habitat changes to multiple rocks stacking up over a giant lava pit. Connor is lying on the edge and he falls off falling to his death. Tears start pouring down Elisabeth's face as she watches Connor plummiting into a pit of boiling lava and there is nothing she can do to save him. Right before he hits the bottom, Connor opens his eyes and sees what happens and the habitat changes to a desert, and the center of Connor's back hits the top of a cactus and falls to the ground. Elisabeth and Isabella fall onto the sand which breaks their fall. Elisabeth runs over to Connor and tells him that the thorns didn't go that deep and yanks his shirt which causes all the thorns to come out of his back. Jenna wolf runs into multiple cacti with large thorns stunning her.

Celeste and Jenna are in Phineas and Ferb's backyard locking Phineas wolf away in its cage. Connor, Elisabeth, and Isabella enter with Jenna wolf. Celeste asks Connor "What happened to you?" Connor says "Oh you see the wolf ran into a cactus garden." Celeste says "I meant you." Connor says "I fell down a mountain, nearly fell into lava, and hit a cactus luckily I got all the thorns out of my shirt." Celeste asks obviously concerned "Are you okay?" Connor answers "Fine, how did you capture Phineas wolf?" Celeste says "We tortured him with the memory of Ashley." Connor replies "I knew that would work on at least one of them, oh did you know that the arena was actually an indoor biosphere." Jenna asks "How did the beavers-" Connor answers "The beavers and rats were real."

Phineas and Ferb meet up with Elisabeth, Isabella, and Connor. Phineas asks "Where were you?" Isabella says "The arena of the Danville Games." Phineas says "Painful memories." Elisabeth says "Weird I said the exact same thing." Connor says "I think Ferb and I should switch teams." Isabella asks "Why?" Connor says "I dunno I just feel it would work out better." Isabella says "I think I should go with Phineas, to keep peace amongst everyone." Phineas says "Isabella that's a great idea." Elisabeth says "I agree." Connor says "Can we at least try?" Phineas gives in and says "Okay."

Chapter 12

Phineas and Connor are under Danville Dam seeing Heinz and Vanessa wolves. Phineas says "Hey that wolf looks like Vanessa who is that?" Connor puts on his glasses and says "I think it's her father." Phineas asks "You wear glasses?" Connor answers "Only for reading let's get to the top." Phineas and Connor unknowingly go in opposite directions. Phineas gets to the top gasping for air. Connor was waiting for him. Phineas says "How did you get up here so *gasp* fast?" Connor answers "I took the ladder." A high ladder is seen. Connor continues "I thought you knew about that." Phineas says "Oh." Connor says "Sorry." Phineas says "Not your *gasp* fault."

Elisabeth is with Isabella and Ferb. Isabella says "I hate Connor." Ferb says "To be fair with the combonation Phineas and Connor they are sure to get at least 2." Irving wolf jumps in front of the three an suddenly gets drawn to Ferb. He runs to him but charges him. Ferb pees his pants a little Elisabeth laughs but Isabella says "Hey if Irving was drawn to you think of where you could go." Ferb smiles but also is trying to hold back crying. Elisabeth says "You okay." Ferb says "Intestinal dislocation." Isabella helps him up and says "Let's go."

Phineas and Connor are up top Danville Dam. Connor says "Where are those wolves?" Heinz and Vanessa wolf run towards them Vanessa wolf runs over Connor and Heinz wolf nearly knocks Phineas into the water and Phineas is hyperventilating even harder. Phineas goes to Connor and asks "Are you okay?" Connor says "Potential concussion." Connor says "Why are gasping scared of the wolves?" Phineas says quietly "No of water." Connor says "What?" Phineas exclaims "I'm afraid of water, I have been ever since I was little." Connor says "Why you can't swim?" Phineas says "I can but very poorly I'm too afraid of drowning." Vanessa wolf knocks Phineas into the water and jumps in herself. Connor jumps in himself.

Phineas comes up from the water doggy paddling and realizes Connor is still underwarter. Concerned, he goes back underwater and he sees Connor fighting Vanessa wolf. Phineas says to Connor "Let go I don't want you being eaten." Connor puts his arms around Vanessa wolf's neck. He crosses his arms and presses against Vanessa wolf's neck. In only seconds Vanessa wolf is unconcious.

Connor and Phineas are out of the water and Heinz wolf charges them and they dodge him and he gets his snout caught in a log. He lifts the log and charges Phineas and he gets hit so hard he can't move. Connor removes the log and throws it over the dam. The dam checker comes in and a shadow casts over him and the log lands on him and he says "I'm okay." Heinz wolf charges Connor and he dodges it and Heinz wolf falls over Danville Dam. Connor looks over the dam and he sees the wolf clawing the dam trying to get back on. In time he jumps over, knocks over Connor, and gets on Phineas. Phineas is actually scared as the wolf gets ready to tear him limb from limb. Suddenly the wolf's pupils dialate and he falls over with his eyes closed. Connor is seen with a wooden tube in his mouth. Phineas says "What happened?" Connor answers "I remembered I had the tranquilizer darts and I found this wooden tube and I used to blow the dart into the wolf." Phineas, digusted, states "That's not sanitary." Connor says "Whatever." Phineas says "Wait how come the darts don't poke you in your pocket." Connor repsonds "Oh I put caps on the darts." Phineas articulates "Well we have two more wolves let's pack them away."

Chapter 13

Baljeet and Buford are up in a tree with Celeste, Connor, Ferb, Candace, and Isabella wolf surrounding them. Baljeet is sitting on a branch below Buford. A crack is heard, a branch snaps, and Baljeet falls onto the ground and is attacked by wolves. 20 seconds later Buford's branch snaps and he falls but all wolves except Isabella wolf run away while she gets hit and Buford says to a badly clawed Baljeet "I saved your life now your my servant according to the bully code." Baljeet weakly implies "It's the other way around." Buford writes something on a piece of paper and says "There now it's a rule." Baljeet replies "Don't you need that rule confirmed by some council." Buford wedgies him and drags Isabella wolf away.

The Fireside Girls except Isabella and Elisabeth are behind a bush and Gretchen says "Looks like we just earned our trap setting patch." Connor come sover and says "What's up?" He startles them and Adyson obviously ticked off says "We earned our trap setting patch." Connor chuckles and says "What isn't their a patch for?" Holly says "Just leave." The trap springs and Elisabeth wolf is caught in the trap and Albert wolf's snout is between the bars. The more it struggles, the deeper its head goes.

Isabella, Elisabeth, and Ferb are walking in the woods and they here a rustling in the trees and Isabella goes searching for the noise. As she get closer to the noise the more she believes that it is another wolf. Connor is see below playing with a rope then Isabella falls and she is hanging upside down on the tree. Connor says "Um I don't think you'll be able to find wolves like that." Isabella a little annoyed says "Can you please get me down the blood is rushing to my head?" Connor releases a rope and Isabella falls on her head.

Buford wolf pounces Jeremy wolf and claws him enough to paralyze him but not enough to kill him

Chapter 14

Only Django, Jeremy, Buford, Ferb, Stacy, Jenny, Candace, Connor, and Celeste wolves are left. Phineas and Ferb retrieve Jeremy wolf and lock him up. Connor, Celeste, and Jenna are at City Hall and Connor, Celste, Django, and Buford wolf enter. Connor says "Finally the wolves do good." Celeste grabs Connor's hand and says "Connor I know you hate him but think of all the other people in there." Connor says "You're right sorry, uh you can let go of my hands now." Celeste lets go, blushes, and says "Oh right." Connor goes in. Jenna and Celeste sit down and Jenna says to Celeste "You okay?" Celeste starts crying a little and says "No, I don't even feel like he notices me anymore I want him to be happy but I also want him to notice me." Connor says "Come on girls." He sees Celeste crying and asks if she's okay. Celeste asks "Do you still notice me?" Connor says "Oh I see, I'm sorry it's just, things have become a little stressful I still notice you." They hug and continue searching for the wolves. Jenna, Connor, and Celeste break into the mayor's office with an axe and Roger says "Guys I don't want any harm what's going on." Connor says "I thought the wolves were in here why aren't you doing anything?" Roger says I am but you blame me don't you." Connor says "Actually it's my fault." The 4 wolves break in. Connor and Celeste wolf escape when they see the axe. Jenna throws the axe at Buford wolf but he dodges it and it hits the door hinge which causes it to fall on Django wolf.

Candace and Stacy see Phineas locking away Django wolf and Candace says "Whatcha doin'." Isabella screams "Heard that." Phineas says "Locking up the wolves." Candace says "I need you to make projectors to attract some of the wolves. Phineas says "Okay but I don't know what to use as bait." Candace says "Well I know how to attract Stacy, Jenny, and me but you might wanna call the others to find out."

Jenny, Stacy, and Candace wolves are running and a mall with pigeons are seen. All three wolves run towards it, Stacy for shopping, Candace for busting, and Jenny for the pigeons. When they enter Stacy quickly gets tied up by thick roots. Candace wolf starts to get tied up but she quickly breaks out but her tail is still tied and she is stunned and tied up. Jenny wolf is going crazy and Candace says "This is going okay." Jenny starts coughing up feathers and Phineas said "Uh when you said Jenny loves pigeons this isn't what I had in mind." Candace says "Me too." Giant vines come up and pinge Jenny wolf to the ground. Candace says "It's impossible you'll be able to clean that mall up." Screen switches to Perry and Doofenshmirtz fiighting and Perry knocks Doofenshmirtz into a giant red inator with and X-shaped opening and it fires and Doofenshmirtz says "My Explodianator, wait when did I make an Explodinator." The pink ray hits the mall and it explodes.

Connor and Celeste are talking with Phineas about the wolf captures. Phineas asks "How did the door collapse?' Connor says "Oh Roger said the door hinges were weak already and he was going to have the door fixed." Celeste says "We found a robotic wolf circuitry." Phineas says "Oh that is well was the purple wolf we made." Celeste said "What made that happen?" Phineas nervously says "Well in the forest when Isabella left the purple wolf appeared and Buford, Ferb, yours, and his wolf came in and mauled and possibly ate it." Celeste says "O-kay."

Chapter 15

Buford wolf is seen rampaging a three story building. A woman tries to spray him with a fire extinguisher but Buford wolf bites it and foam is squirted out of the holes soaking the lady. One man pulls a fire alarm and sprinklers go off so Buford rams the man into the fuse box and it makes a huge hole in the wall. Buford wolf knocks a man out of the hole. Buford climbs down the building, leaving everyone in there paralyzed in fear or injured.

Everyone is looking for the final four wolves. Connor here's a rustling in the bushes and he goes towards it where he gets attacked by the four wolves. Everyone goes to save him but Elisabeth is way ahead. All the wolves except Ferb wolf runs away and Elisabeth is able to temporarily paralze him leaving only Connor, Celeste, and Buford wolf to be captured. Connor says "I know how to catch mine." Celeste asks "How?" Connor says "I have asthma mine can't run for much longer." Phineas and Ferb go out alone to catch Connor and Celeste wolf. Celeste wolf is running and she encounter Buford wolf. Buford wolf slashes Celeste wolf and she collapses. Connor wolf gets more and more exhausted and eventulaly it has to stop and it collapses. Phineas and Ferb are able to retrieve Connor and Celeste wolves and lock them away.

Everyone is in the backyard. Connor says "We are missing one." Phineas says "I thought we caught them all." Connor asks "How many did you catch?" Phineas says "3 of them." Connor says "There were 4 one's still missing." Isabella blurts out "Buford." Buford says "What?" Isabella says "No I mean your wolf was the only one that hasn't been captured yet." Connor says "Oh great the hardest for last." Jenna says "What do you mean?" Connor says "Buford's wolf is heavy, has large claws, vicious, and have you seen the damage it has done." Buford is glaring at Connor and Connor says "No offense." Phineas says "Uh Connor, sadly saying no offense doesn't make it unoffensive." Connor says "I know I just didn't mean it in an offensive way."

Buford wolf, the only remaining decides to cause as much damage as possible. He cuts his claws in the roads. Cars and motorcycles start crashing into each other, building and lampposts. In only minutes, the crash count has been lost and people are running and screaming. Buford wolf starts clawing it's way through the wreckage to cause more damage. It can't find anything and by time it get's out it is jet black. Buford wolf runs off to create more chaos.

Phineas and co are searching for Buford wolf when they finally find him Connor stops them and says "This is my battle just go back and prepare the cage. Everyone but Connor leaves. Connor tries to roundhouse kick the wolf but Buford wolf hits his other foot knocking him over. Buford wolf tries to claw him but Connor uses his cast to defend himself. He gets back up and punches the wolf in the head. Buford wolf is so angry it charges him and Connor tries to stop him by using his arms but he is still pushing him. Connor kicks Buford wolf in the neck and it starts gasping for air. Connor wheel kicks the wolf in the torso and goes under Buford wolf. Buford tries to turn around to bite Connor but Connor punches him repetitively. Buford wolf is getting exhausted he whips him with his tail and Connor rapidly punches him and Buford wolf gains sudden power to tackle Connor. Connor on the ground is able to get his left arm out and he punches Buford wolf in the neck and he passes out.

Connor pulls Buford wolf in and Elisabeth says "OMG, how did you do it." Connor said "I take karate." Celeste said "It paid off." Buford says "Wait what does OMG mean?" Connor mentions "It's text talk for oh my gosh." Buford says "That's revolutionary." Phineas asks "Are you okay?" Connor says "Yeah fine."Phineas locks him away. Connor says "What do we do now?" Candace screams and everyone comes in. Phineas concerningly says "What?" Candace says "I see the wolves in the backyard." Connor says "We don't know what to do with them." Doofenshmirtz falls into his Meltinator 6-5000 and Doofenshmirtz says I should put locks on these things." The wolves cages are hit and melted. They run around and fall into hidden enterances. Phineas and co come out and Isabella says "There gone." Connor says "How did that happen?" Elisabeth says "I'm scared." Connor replies "Don't worry I have a feeling they won't bother us ever again." Perry's liar is seen and Monogram says "Carl where are our new recruits." Carl says "They should be here any minute." The wolves come in and Monogram says "They are here." Albert wolf slashes the chair and Monogram says "Carl get the stun gun."


  • Like he said Doofenshmirtz never made an Explodinator
  • Danville Dam is white in this episode but it was purple in Oil on Candace
  • It is unknown what happened to the rest of Phineas and Ferb's wolves


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