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Cover Blown is the eighth episode of Season 39. On one day, Phineas sees Perry with his hat on and Perry must be relocated.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Perry entering his lair through the mysterious pipe behind the tree in Phineas and Ferb's backyard. Major Monogram asks Perry about having to blow up Doofenshmirtz's -inator completely before it turns the Tri-State Area into ice cream and melts it. Perry uses his jet to fly over Phineas and Ferb's backyard until Phineas and Ferb see the jet and Perry wearing his hat. Phineas walks in the house to tell Linda what he just saw. Linda says that only secret agents wear a hat like the one Phineas saw. Right when Perry reaches Doofenshmirtz's Evil Incorporated, Major Monogram interrupts Perry with a mission to find a new house. Once Perry finds his new home to be relocated, Doofenshmirtz walks by the street taking an hour to find Perry's house where he is living with a foster family. Doofenshmirtz tells Perry that his evil plan is to destroy the Tri-State area instead of taking over it. It started when Doofenshmirtz had his mother and father being mean to him and he decided to leave and enter this art show. Roger was already winning and Doofenshmirtz threw ice cream over the painting to make it look boring but Roger still won and now, Doofenshmirtz wants to get revenge over his mother and father and Roger who recently moved in to the Tri-State Area. That's why he made this melt-inator that makes whole countries turn into ice cream and melt them. Phineas and Ferb now know that Perry will be gone forever and then the song "I Wish We'll Meet Again" plays. Perry immediately breaks the melt-inator making it not work anymore but he still wants Phineas and Ferb back. O.W.C.A starts feeling sorry for making pets leave after their cover is blown so they make it so pets cannot be shown as secret agents in public so the only people able to know that Perry is a secret agent is Perry, Phineas, Ferb, Stacy (who already knows Perry is a secret agent), Linda, Candace, Lawrence, Doofenshmirtz, and the rest of O.W.C.A. Perry can only have twenty other people knowing he's a secret agent. Phineas and Ferb reunite with Perry.


  • I Wish We'll Meet Again


The last verse of "I Wish We'll Meet again" (standalone broadcast)

Running Gags

The Too Young Line

Paul: Aren't you a little too platypus-ish to move into a foster home?
Perry: (chatters)

Ferb's Line

Is this the weirdest thing that has happened today? It is a little sad.

Whatcha Doin


Perry's entrance to his lair

Behind Phineas and Ferb's tree, into a pipe.

Evil Jingle

Doofenshmirtz in Perry's foster home!


  • Perry's cover is blown for a third time (Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!, Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension)
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