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The twenty-seventh episode of Season 39. Phineas and Ferb have a totaly amazing clip show featuring them and their friends.


There are a few different segments:

  • The Amazing Introduction
  • Our Inventions (Classic)
  • Our Inventions (Recent)
  • Amazing Friends
  • Friends We Won't Forget
  • That's Gonna Leave a Mark!
  • Great Songs
  • Doofenshmirtz's Evil Message
  • Conclusion


  • Gitchee Gitchee Goo
  • Backyard Beach
  • Football X-7
  • Watching and Waiting
  • Isabella's Birthday Song
  • Little Brothers
  • Dancing In The Sunshine
  • Squirrels In My Pants
  • The Robot Forgiveness Song
  • Summer (Where Do We Begin?)
  • Summer All Over the World
  • Carpe Diem

Running Gags

The "Too Young" Line

  • Phineas: "You may be asking yourself, aren't we a little young to be hosting a clip show? The answer is yes, yes we are"

Ferb's Line

In clips

Whatcha Doin


Perry's entrance to lair


Evil Jingle




  • Total Drama Action: There's a segment based off the Total Drama Aftermath
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