Chris: Last time on Total Drama WorldWide, Mexico visited our contestants. We learned that water striders are powerful creatures. Sandra and Wendy got mixed up. And Candace was nearly eaten down. This is the second to last episode will Candace leave and can I possibly get hotter? Find out tonight on Total Drama WorldWide

(theme song)

(screen switches to first class)

Lisa: Thanks for taking us here Wendy

Sandra: Yeah Candace is all alone in loser class

Wendy: We ll I was gonna take just Lisa but then I remember if you and Candace are left alone one of you would be mutilated and considering Candace's height

Sandra; Are you insulting my height?

Wendy: No I didn't mean it like that

Sandra; I was joking I get your point

Lisa; Man I cant believe how far we made it

Sandra: Yeah but we look like trash

Wendy: Our hair is messed up the dark circles under our eyes

Lisa: I know I'm surprised Chris hasn't killed us yet

Sandra: Well it'll all be better soon

Wendy: Yeah but I miss Ferb

Sandra: I miss Soul

Lisa: So do I

Candace COnfessional: Those girls are leaving me in misery they will pay

Lisa: SO where do you think we'll land

Chris PA: Attention passenger we are now landing in Paris

Wendy: I'm gonna guess France

(screen switches to everyone outside the plane)

Chris: Bonjour, welcome to Pari city of love and the Tower of Eiffel

Lisa: Oh wow

Chris: For today's challenge you need to climb to the top of the Tower of Eiffel on your designated sides

Candace: So

Chris: While stuff is pelting you

Sandra: What stuff?

Chris: It's a surprise

(screen switches to everyone in their designated spot

CHris: Now you wont know who wins Invincibility until tonight and

(Chef blows a slide whistle)

Sandra: Oh my gosh this is annoying

(mud starts shooting)

Lisa: Mud this is disgusting. Piano

(Lisa goes inside the Eiffel TOwer avoiding the piano)

Lisa: Luck that didn't run over me

(screen switches to CHris, CHef, and, an intern)

CHris: So listen we need you to test out the next challenge

(intern gets crushed by piano)

Wendy: I swear this is so painful

Candace: I can't believe they shot a motorcycle at me what if I was killed

Lisa: Snow? It's freezing

Sandra: Good thing I'm wearing a sweatshirt

Candace: This is so intense how am I gonna win this

(intern is shot at her but she ducks)

Candace; Next thing you know they will hit me with a goat

(goat flies at her)

Sandra; Why do I always get the donkey I mean like this thing could trample me

Lisa: I get a deer? They have never had these on the show before, from what I know

Wendy: I don't get why I get a kangaroo what are kangaroos doing in France well I guess it is better than a dingo

Cnadace: This

Lisa: Animal

Wendy: Is

Sandra: Insane

(screen switches to CHris and Chef)

Chris: What is a kangaroo doing in France

Chef: Attacking Wendy

Chris: Okay how did it get here

Chef: He got on the plane in Australia

Chris: Okay so what are we gonna do about the intern

Chef: Leave him in the plane

Chris: We are on TV

Lisa: I finished

Candace: Where did they get all this blood

Sandra: This is not fun

Wendy: I am almost there

Sandra: I swear I'm gonna vomit

Candace: I dont get why Chris having stuff pelting us

Wendy: Finished

Sandra: This is to get Candace out

Candace: I'm gonna be out if I don't lose

(Sandra vomits)

Sandra: Uh the vomit is tasting better than what's hitting me

Candace: I'm glad that goat is gone

Sandra: Uh if I dont finish soon I will lose conciousness

Candace: Finished

Sandra: I'm done (passes out)

(screen switches to CHris and Chef)

Chris: I wonder what their doing up there

Chef: They are done

(screen switches to loser class)

Lisa: Sandra wake up

Sandra groans

Lisa: Welll at least your alive

Sandra: I'm awake

Lisa: Are you okay?

Sandra: No I'm sick

Wendy: Well we know the plan

Sandra & Lisa: Yes

Candace Confessional: Uh those girls are plotting

(screen switches to elimination room)

CHris: Okay Candace receives 3 votes

Candace: Oh

Chris: But she won Invicibility so with one vote the person eliminated is


Everyone but Candace: No

Sandra: Bye guys

Candace: Make sure your leg doesn't weigh you down

(Sandra hits her with a rubberband)

Candace: Ow

Chris: Okay time to go

Sandra: Make sure Candace does not win (jumps out)

Chris: The Final 3 one will win the money and the others will go empty handed. Will Candace receive commupeance? Who will win? Find out next time on TOtal Drama WOrldWide


Candace: They will pay for their past

Lisa: Candace should not be here and I will try so hard to make sure that doesn't happen

Wendy: I know Candace won't win but to the other competitor

Candace: Bring

Lisa: It

Wendy: On

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