Gender: Female
Age: 10 moons
Hometown: Danville
Born: May 18, 1998
Friends and Family
Dewdawn (deceased)
Hareleap (deceased)
Willow Garcia-Shapiro
Oakbranch (deceaced)
Pouncefire (deceaced)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Willow's Song


Cinderkit is born in ThunderClan to Dewdawn and Hareleap. Her only sibling was her sister Willowkit. When they were two moons (months) old, Hareleap was killed by a ShadowClan ambush. At three moons, Dewdawn died of greencough, leaving the two sisters alone. Lucky for them, Echocinder was nursing Wildfire's three kits, Kinkkit (Kinkfire), Foxkit (Foxcatcher) and Fallowkit (Fallowblaze). They are soon made into apprentices, with her mentor being Gorsefire. Soon, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Candace, Jeremy, Suzy, Doofenshmirtz and Vanessa were found as cats on the territory. Willowpaw and Cinderpaw lead them to camp, where the leader Specklestar makes them warriors. Phineas becomes Redfire, Ferb becomes Grasswind, Isabella becomes Ravenpetal, Buford becomes Sparrowclaw, Baljeet becomes Shadewhisker, Candace becomes Petalblaze, Jeremy becomes Sunmask, Suzy becomes Berrypaw with the mentor Ashflame, Doofenshmirtz becomes Hawktalon and Vanessa becomes Birchrain. Willowpaw and Cinderpaw then receive their warrior names, becoming Willowsong and Cinderstorm. Berrypaw quickly completes her training and becomes Berrywisp. Cinderstorm falls in love with Foxcatcher and bears his two kits, Brindlekit and Graykit. She and Foxcatcher, along with their kits, notice that Willowsong, Redfire, Grasswind, Ravenpetal, Sparrowclaw, Shadewhisker, Petalblaze, Sunmask, Berrywisp, Hawktalon and Birchrain were gone. They follow the scent trail to a closing portal. They manage to jump through it before it closes and gain the ability to talk to people, but remain cats. They become Willow's pets.


Cinderstorm is a fluffy, long-legged (but not as long as her sister) dark gray she-cat with big, bright blue eyes.


  • As a person, her name would be Cinder van Dutcher because she would be Dutch-Amecican


  • Cinderstorm's kit pic
  • Cinderstorm's apprentice pic
  • Cinderstorm's warrior pic
  • Cincerstorm's warrior pic
  • Foxcatcher x Cinderstorm
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