Cherry is a pink platypus that is Perry's and Patty's daughter. Her owners are the future Flynn family ; Phineas, Isabella, and their kids: Jacob, Angela, and Julia. She lives in the Flynn Mansion with her three siblings: Mary, Gary, and Larry.

She is the only platypus that is a secret agent. Her nemesis is Vanessa, who is evil, unknown to her husband, Johnny.


Cherry is a tomboy, who loves to use her gadgets to fight crime. When she is in her "Pet Mode" she is very sweet, and has an unusual habit of sitting on people's heads.


Cherry is smaller than Perry when he was younger, but just as cute, if not more. She is also a lighter shade of pink than her mother. She has long eyelashes and wears a light brown fedora with a bow when she is a secret agent.

Background information

  • Cherry's mother, Patty, is entirely made up by Maddyfae.
  • This character was based on an idea from Lotta. 

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