Phineas and Ferb Fanon

This is a trilogy comprised of stories by author/contributor Tiberius64. The stories are listed below:

General Premise

In one parallel universe, Emperor Heinz Doofenshmirtz has taken over the whole world by 2009 by means of nuclear bombing major cities and sending legions of robots to invade all parts of the world. Earth is temporarily known as the United Earth Empire, which gives way to the Terran Empire (from Latin terra, or "earth") when first contact is made with Meap and Species 1 on April 5th, 2010 (earth becomes "the Terran Empire" the following day with signing of the Terran Empire Charter). The third story, Balance of Terror, gives the beginnings and development of the empire and is a prequel to the first story, The Terran Empire, which chronicles the contact and combat between Phineas Prime and Terran Empire Phineas, as well as Terran Empire Phineas' redemption. A New Star is Born tells how Terran Empire Universe Phineas is beginning to have his human goodness revived as he and Phineas Prime go and end Doofenshmirtz's reign over the world by attacking him personally. Eventually, the Terran Empire, whether slowly or immediately, began its end in 2015.

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