Meap (PnF)

Meap (Prime Universe)

In Tiberius64's story series, beginning with the story Balance of Terror, Meap and his species are referred to as "Species 1", being the first non-Terran Solar System species encountered
Mitch (PnF)


by Phineas and Ferb (and humanity in general). Balance of Terror takes place in a parallel universe where earth is The Terran Empire; they refer to Meap and his species as "Species 1" because they are the first extraterrestrial species to make contact with Terrans. Meap represents Species 1 when signing the TerraFleet charter in 2022 (Phineas and Ferb: Fresh Out of College). In Love's Full Blossom (2025), Phineas of our Prime Universe, to make reference to his parallel universe self, refers to them by that name, as they are the first non-Terran Solar System species encountered on a large scale (Martians actually coming before them, although they are aliens of our neighboring planet Mars). They are allies in the Planetary Federation, founded in 2040, and are also major players in the conflict with the Karons. Members of this species include Meap and Mitch.

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