Amy and Isabella gets a case of the Nurple Sneeze, so they had to stay in bed. Phineas and Gunther fill in for them and they make the cappucino machine for their kitchen, and also lattes for them. Doofenshmirtz remembered Vanessa is working at Weekend Goth Ride, so he had to make a Kick-inator 3000 II to win the volleykickball tournament to replace her.


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Background Information

  • Phineas calls the cappucino machine "The Cappucino Dispenser 5000".
  • Gunther appears in this episode, but almost speaks a lot.
  • Stacy is the only person not to speak in this episode.
  • Amy is always seen drinking latte. This marks she sleeps in the bed above Isabella's in their own room.

Continous Moments

  • This marks the second episode Amy and Isabella were both seen sick. The first episodes are ("Brain Drain", Isabella)and ("Hot And Bothered", Amy)
  • There is a Kick-Inator 3000 again. But there are IIs marking the first was destroyed.
  • Phineas calls Amy "Latte Drinking Bigfoot" again. ("No Gardening, No Green Thumb")
  • Gunther does not like to have Amy kiss him because she is sick. There are 6 previous episodes that show him not making Amy kiss him.
  • Isabella was seen wearing different pajamas. She was wearing a purple nightress, again.("I Hate Sleeping Until Midnight")
  • Amy wore the same pajamas she is wearing in her spinoff series.
  • Bigfoot is mentioned again, but this time, it was also used in a nickname Phineas called her.
  • Amy mentioned she was a Fireside Girl again.


Total Drama Island-The title of this episode is a reference to Izzy's dare in the episode "I Triple Dog Dare You!".

Cars-There is a man whose name is Backy. It is a parody of the name of McQueen's truck friend Mack.


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