carl is to wear a girls underwear, girls hair wig, a binky, and to use a sippy cup. this was because carl has been using some potty words in school the other day. once carl was reported to the principal for wearing odd things, carl told the principal that major monogram got him to wear the odd stuff, so major monogram got arrested.


  • GoAnimate-this was based off of ¨carl´s hillarious embarrasment¨ youtube video.
  • Simpsons-the girl underwear part was picked up from a simpsons episode.
  • Spongebob Squarepants-the characters have been arrested multiple times, as it is used on major monogram for making carl wear odd stuff to school.
  • Veggietales-Larry gets upset when he was told to use a sippy cup as it is mostly used for little kids/toddlers probably, that was in a silly song named ¨sippy cup¨.
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