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Basically, Phineas and Ferb are showing Candace their latest invention, The Toast-a-Tron 9000, when Linda comes into the backyard with a girl who she says is Candace's cousin Calido, and a boy who Calido says is her boyfriend. Candace spends the day giving them a tour of Danville, and Phineas and Ferb go test out their invention, which-as it turns out-makes anything that gets zapped by it burst into flames. Calido decided to stay in Danville instead of going back to Taiwan, and Emmanuel stayed with her.


So Nice to Meet You by Candace and Calido


  • Calido and her boyfriend had a cameo in True Love (song), a song written for a still-unnamed episode, therefore this is technically their second appearance.
  • Calido and Emmanuel had a cameo before their appearance, just like Chad from "Secret of Success" had a cameo in SBTY.
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