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In a parallel universe, earth is the center for the Terran Empire, an earth-based
Candace (Anti-Terran Empire)

Candace (Anti-Terran Empire Resistance)

empire that seek the conquest of all other worlds possible. However, Candace was able to escape the brutality of Doofenshmirtz's regime by leaving home and joining organized resistance groups against the empire's control and evil indoctrination, which she leads due to her physical aptitude. She is a minor character in A New Star is Born and is mentioned in Balance of Terror.

Creator's Comments

  • "As with Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, I had Candace as the leader of a resistance movement against the rule of a parallel universe version of Doofenshmirtz that ruled the land with an iron fist. As with that Candace, she was also forced to grow up very early for the sake of survival and the success of taking on Doofenshmirtz's regime. She even had to leave home and try to make her own way in the world since she had run away from indoctrination centers for kids, so I figured I should show her beaten down by her environment, but not shaped by it (hence the eye scars and tattered appearance despite a strong-looking resolve shown on her face). Her finally seeing her brothers in A New Star is Born gets her to release her softer side full of love for them."
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