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This fanon is through the actual episodes of Phineas and Ferb, in Candace's point of view. Why does she feel like

Candace's Story
Candace's Story
Season: 1-3
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Broadcast number: TBA
Written by:
IsabellaLover and Cupcakey
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International Debut:
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busting her brothers? What does she feel like every time she fails? What's her real feelings about Stacy, or maybe even Jeremy? All of that will be answered, in my way, in this fanon.


Candace Flynn: She is a 14/15-year-old girl with orange-ish colored hair and blue eyes. She is the main character in this fanon.

Jeremy Johnson: (will be posted later)

(more coming soon)


1. My Past

2. Rollercoaster (not made yet)

3. Candace Loses Her Head (not made yet)


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