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name = Cameron Sweetwater color= Teen image= gender = Male age= 17 (18 as of "Road to Vegas") height= Unknown nationality= American hometown= Danville born = March 3, 1997 nemesis= Mark Brown Joshua profession = Student (On Vacation) Fireside Girl (Temporarily) band = Heavenboy pband = Bass


parents= Adrian Sweetwater (Father) Hannah Sweetwater (Mother, Deceased) stepparents= siblings= Adyson Sweetwater (Sister)

grandparents = Thelma Sweetwater (Grandmother) Francis Monogram (Grandfather) friends = Adam Williams (Best friend) More to be announced loveinterests=

Leni Loud (Future Wife) Gretchen (Fireside Girl)(Broke Up)

Adam Williams (Formerly) title1 = Other Relatives

other1 = Monty Monogram (Uncle)

title2 = Vehicles

other2 = Blue Asterope

first = Adam's gang | final = "Goodbye, Adam Williams" voice = Travis Willingham }}

Cameron Sweetwater is the brother of Adyson Sweetwater and best friend of Adam Williams.

Early Life


Enthusiastic, positive and adaptable, Cameron is extremely creative and goes with the flow. Cameron loves to joke around and pull pranks, especially with his friends. As Adyson's brother and a friend, Cameron is always openly playful and affectionate. While not very bright or book-smart, he can surprise others with his intuition, his keen sense of heart, and his quick graceful reflexes even in the absence of conscious thought. Cameron has the capacity to be scatter-brained, naïve and excitable, which sometimes causes trouble for his friends. However, his friends are protective of him on any occasion. Though they find his idiocy rather irritating, they often freak out when he shows intelligence.

Physical appearance

He looks a bit like the gender-bent hybrid of Isabella & Adyson. Also, much like his love interest, Gretchen, he wears glasses.


The New Adventures of Phineas & Ferb== ===Adam's gang=


===Adam Williams

=== Adam and Cameron are great friends and they don't fight, unless Cameron's slight dimwittedness irritates Adam, causing him to criticize Cameron's idiocy. He gets beaten up by Adam in a playful manner which is almost always punishment for Cameron's stupid or irrelevant comments. Adam sometimes likes to play jokes with Cameron and also often teases Phineas & Isabella's realationship. Whenever Adam goes through a plan, he occasionally questions Cameron to see if he's really listening. Adam also feels very protective of Cameron, saving him from danger several times.

Adyson Sweetwater

Phineas Flynn & Isabella Garcia Shapiro

Candace Flynn (The New Adventures of Phineas & Ferb)|Candace Flynn]]

Ferb Fletcher

Gretchen (The New Adventures of Phineas & Ferb)|Gretchen]]

Leni Loud

*In Grand Theft Phineas:Tri-State Area, he has a Cassette FM poster in his room, though he doesn't like the station because of what he calls "girls music". This means that he dislikes his sister's music taste, but doesn't like to tell her that as it will hurt her feelings.
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