Butterscotch Milkwey, or Scotchee for short, is a butter base dog that Miyako adopts with her mother Chiko. She is a Pomeranian with butter yellow color. She did not die yet, Miyako did give care to her, and has her own pet bed next to Miyako's bed in FCR. Scotchee is also voiced by Tara Strong.

Early Life

An egg cracked to a baby Scotchee, and it has to be adopted. Miyako found Scotchee. As she named her Butterscotch Milkwey, she wants to give her nicknames: Butterscotch, Milk, Scotchee, Milkscotch, Butty, Butterscotches and lots of more. Everybody called Scotchee as Smoochy Scotches and Stupascotch.


  • Advance to a big future, Scotchee is still alive, with a new owner named Kari Rumaya, Miyako's daughter.
  • Scotchee can advance to Petz IT ALL! contest. She won many prizes and has the same amount of prizes as Starly and Perry.
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