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Buford is the weapons console operator aboard the ISS Phineas, the flagship
Buford (Terran Empire)

Major Buford Van Stomm (Weapons Console Controller aboard the ISS Phineas)

of the Terran Empire, an earth-based empire that seeks the conquest of all other worlds possible. Buford holds the rank of Major, but wears a red engineering/security/operations/services uniform because of his control of the weapons console on the bridge. He has one eye due to a failed escape attempt where a guard robot slashed at his face with skin-searing claws, thus rendering that eye dead and infected. He wears the forementioned uniform similar to that of one shown in the Star Trek (Original Series) episode Mirror, Mirror that is red, has a gold belt, a dagger, the Terran Empire insignia, and various accomplishment medals and badges. His sleeve markings are those of the rank Commodore from the Star Trek (Original Series) episode The Menagerie (worn on Commodore Mendez), although his rank is Major. He also carries a disruptor pistol on his belt.

Creator's Comments (Tiberius64)

  • "Although he was only mentioned in The Terran Empire, he can obviously be seen as someone who has an outlet for his aggressive impulses (and uses them in battle). While the Buford of the Prime Universe has a degree of control, this one has had times and places to use his aggression for the sake of warfare and conflict."
  • "The missing eye is an implication that service to such an empire as the Terran Empire is deadly, brutal, and seldom not dangerous. Since this Buford holds the rank of Major, it can be implied that he has often led armies into battle and been physically part of them, too. Given that he has a place to vent his aggressive nature, Buford has most likely been in many near-death situations, one of which cost him an eye in whatever level of brutality was present."
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