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The second episode of Season 37. After Buford listens to a song Lauren recorded the previous day, he wants to make his own song. But he ends up learning a lesson about copyright violation.

Episode Summary

Lauren is busy jamming out on her iPod. Buford is over at Phineas and Ferb's and wonders what she's doing. She tells Buford she's listening to the song she recorded yesterday. Buford wants to record a song now. Lauren tells him not to steal someone's work, but he doesn't hear her. Buford is busy mixing his songs. Baljeet sees he's using other songs. He just lets Buford learn the hard way. Eventually, he finishes. He tells Lauren, and she's eager to hear it. She listens, and she's mad at Buford. She calls for Phineas and Ferb. Phineas wonders what the matter is, and Lauren tells them Buford is a plagiarizer. Phineas then tells Buford about copyright. Buford then promises he'll never steal someone else's work ever again.


  • Lauren's Mix
  • Buford's Mix

Running Gags

The "Too Young" Line


Ferb's Line

"Yes, that's right. Or else you could get sued,"

Whatcha Doin


Perry's entrance to lair

None seen

Evil Jingle

None heard

Background Information

  • Perry nor Doofenshmirtz appear in this episode


  • Lauren recorded her song the previous day ("The Ice Cream Truck")
  • Buford uses two songs from the show: Elementary and Mother Nature Won ("Elementary, My Dear Stacy", "Perry Lays an Egg")


  • Buford uses the following songs in his mix:
    • Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
    • Gangnam Style by PSY
    • Temptation Song from VeggieTales
    • Santa Has His Eye On Me from SpongeBob Squarepants
    • The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
    • Pokemon Theme Song Revenge by Smosh
    • Flying Battery Zone from Sonic and Knuckles
    • I Wanna Be & I Wanna Go Famous from Total Drama Island
    • Theme Song from The Brady Bunch
    • Set Fire to the Rain by Adele
    • DK Pass from Mario Kart DS
    • My Shiny Teeth and Me from The Fairly Odd Parents
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