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These are their names when they're in their instant message

Baljeet: IndianBoy

Juliette: ParisGirl

IluvBR: Ginger

Phineas (later): SummersGreat

Ferb (later): FerbGuy

Wendy Stinglehopper (later): ReallyBigHat (lol! I thought of that pen name for Wendy when my FF account was Midnightgaze. Ain't that ironic!)

Isabella (later): Love&Unicorns

Buford (later): Bulley (I know it's spelled wrong, but hey, it's Buford)

Candace: CandyRox

Gretchen: SmartFireside

Adyson: LittleRed

Holly: ButterflyGirl

Katie: CutiePie

Milly: YellowBowSupreme

Stacy: Staceroo

~Chapter 1~

~Baljeet's POV~

It was a normal day in Danville, or normal at least for me. Buford, Isabella, and I were at Phineas and Ferb's house finishing up the pulley system for an atomic tree house ride and I was holding my new really cool calculator that my Uncle Sabu had sent me for my birthday, even though it was still a couple days away. Buford walked up to me. Never a good sign.

"Hey loser," he said. "What'cha got there?"

I hesitated. "Just a new calculator my Uncle Sabu got me for-"

I was cut off by Buford ripping the device out of my small hands and dropped it on the ground, breaking it. I just starred at the broken remains of my new calculator, my jaws open. I cannot believe Buford did that!

"My Uncle gave me that!" I yelled at him. It was the first time I really stood for myself.

"So, what are you gonna do about it?" I looked down at my smashed calculator and I just picked up the bits without a word. My anger was bubbling up inside me, waiting for it to pour out of me. I felt like I could just scream my feelings to the world. All Buford does is torment me, and I'm quite sick of it! Oh someday I'm going to show him. Even though it may not be today, nor tomorrow, I will get him back.

"Hey Baljeet, what's wrong?" Isabella broke my thoughts. Buford was long and was helping Phineas and Ferb. I showed her my broken calculator, almost crying. Isabella looked down at the pieces in my hands.

"Buford broke my new calculator that my Uncle gave me for my birthday." I said to her.

Isabella's eyes widened. "Buford!" she yelled turning to the bully. "How could you destroy Baljeet's calculator!" she asked him with a very loud voice. Her arms were crossed against her chest, glaring at Buford.

Buford turned to Isabella and I. "Simple, he's a nerd, and I'm a bully. It's the laws of nature." he said and began laughing.

How could he just stand there and laugh at me? "It's not funny Buford!" yelled Isabella.

Then Phineas and Ferb walked over to us. "It's okay Baljeet, me and Ferb can get you a new one." said Phineas.

"It would not be the same. It would still not be the same calculator my Uncle Sabu had given me for my birthday." I said, not taking my eyes from the mechanical pieces. "It's better I just go." I said walking slowly to the door of the fence.

Then before I could touch the gate, Juliette opened it. "Oh hey Baljeet." she said. She had gotten better at her English, but she still had a thick French accent.

"Hey Juliette." I said sadly.

"What's wrong?" she asked me. She was the only person who actually bothered to listen to me. When I first met her, she personally introduced herself to me, usually, Phineas or someone else would say my name.

"Nothing." I said, trying to get through the gate, but she held out her arm, not letting me pass.

"Yes there is." she said in her French accent.

"It's a long story." I said, still trying to find a way out of the backyard.

"I got time." she said, smiling very faintly.

I sighed. "My Uncle Sabu go-" I was cut off. Great, she was bored of me already.

"Oh yea, happy early birthday Baljeet!" she said. "It is on the 30th right?" I was astonished, none of my friends had ever said happy birthday to me without me reminding them.

I smiled. "Thank you." I said, hoping she had forgotten the main subject.

"You're welcome! Now you were saying?" Ugh, she had not forgotten.

"Well, as I was saying that my Uncle Sabu had gotten me a new calculator for my birthday, and-" she cut me off again.

"A calculator, really? Where is it? Can I see it?" she asked excitedly. She was a big math fan too.

I sighed. "You can't, Buford broke it. On purpose." I said showing her the broken pieces.

Juliette's face fell. "What!" she exclaimed. "Why?"

I looked down. "Because he is a bully." I said dully.

"Well he's just a jerk. C'mon, let's go to my house and play a good game of soccer." she said to me, putting her hand down from the gate and to her side.

"I can't, I have to go home and try to fix this. Then if I can, you can be the second person to use it." I said to her,

"What? Second?" she laughed jokingly.

"Hey, it is my present!" I said defensively, but she knew I was just kidding.

"Fine selfish." she said turning her back to me. "You know I'm just kidding you." she said turning back to me, elbowing me a bit.

"I know, well I will see you later Juliette," I said walking home.

~Chapter 2~ Baljeet was in his room, mumbling to himself when he was placing the final screw in his new calculator, still furious of what Buford did. He reached over, feeling for the screwdriver when he slipped on the Can O'screws that he had left on the floor. He fell onto his old skate board and rolled down the stairs. It was a very bumpy ride as he screamed, looking down at the moving down the passing by steps. his life flashed before his eyes. One moment Baljeet was in his room, fixing his calculator and the next, he's at the bottom of the stairwell, his foot bent inward awkwardly. There was a crack when he landed onto the floor and the skate board was on top of him.

Mrs. Rai ran in the living room. "Baljeet! What happened, are you alright?" she asked franticly, trying to pick him up.

Baljeet screeched in pain. "Mother, that hurts!" he screamed at her.

Mrs. Rai's face was worried. "Hold on, let me call Lynette." she said. Lynette was Juliette's mother. Baljeet's mother picked up the phone and dialed Juliette's home phone number. There was a pause. "Yes Lynette, it is me." Another pause. "Baljeet fell down the stairs and I think he broke his foot."

Baljeet's face went white when he heard that. He could just imagine the taunts Buford would say when he found out that Baljeet had broke my foot while fixing his calculator.

"Alright, be here soon." Mrs. Rai said hanging up the phone.

She turned to Baljeet, still laying on the floor on the bottom of the stairwell. "Lynette and her daughter will be here soon to help me get you to the hospital. I cannot carry you by myself without hurting you." she said with still a worried look on her face.

Not to long after, there was a knock on the door. My mother walked to it, opening up the door. Behind it was Juliette and her mother. Juliette was high on her toes with a worried expression on her face. "Is Baljeet okay Mrs. Rai?" she asked. Her voice was fringed and worried.

"I am pretty sure, though I think he broke his foot."

Once Juliette heard this she barged in, running to Baljeet's side. "Baljeet are you alright?" she asked checking him for any wounds.

"Yea, I just- EEEEYYYYYIIIIEEEE!" he screamed as Juliette touched his foot.

She retracted her hand from his foot. "I'm sorry!" she said. "I did not mean to hurt you." she said sweetly.

Baljeet sighed. "It is alright, I know you were trying to help." he said.

Juliette smiled, picking him up gently, not hurting him. Mrs. Rai and Mrs. Bousquet were astonished of how Juliette could pick up Baljeet without hurting him, something even Mrs. Rai couldn't do herself. "C'mon mom, c'mon Mrs. Rai, let's get to the hospital." she said caring Baljeet out the door.

"Juliette, may you please call Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella." Baljeet said, leaving out Buford's name.

She smiled. "Of course Baljeet,"

Baljeet remembered something. "And when we get home, we can finally use that new calculator I got." he said smiling.

Juliette gasped. "You fixed it?" she asked, setting him in Mrs. Rai's car.

"Yes. I was working on the final screw when I fell down the stairs." he said as Mrs. Rai and Mrs. Bousquet got in the car and drove away.

When at the hospital, Baljeet was in the ER and Juliet, Mrs. Rai, Mrs. Bousquet were in the waiting room.

"Mère, puis-je s'il vous plaît allez voir Baljeet maintenant?" Juliette asked, half begging. (A/N: Mother, may I pleas go see Baljeet now?)

"Juliette, pour la dernière fois, le médecin a dit qu'aucune visiteurs jusqu'au Baljeet obtient son plâtre." Mrs. Bousquet said. (A/N: Juliette, for the last time, the doctor said no visitors until Baljeet gets his cast.)

Juliette frowned at her mother's words. Then Phineas, Ferb, Candace, and Mrs. Flynn walked in.

"Is Baljeet okay?" asked Phineas. Everyone looked worried except for Candace, who most likely didn't even want to be there. She had earphones in and her white ipod out.

Juliette looked over at Phineas. "Yea, he's getting his cast right now. It may be a while until he comes out. Where's Isabella?" she asked looking around for her raven haired friend.

"Oh, she'll be here very soon." He said.

As if on cue, Isabella came through the glass doors. "Where's Baljeet?" she asked running to Phineas' side. Juliette looked at her, telling Isabella the same thing she told Phineas. Isabella nodded in understanding.

The gang waited and waited for their friend to come out of the ER doors. Juliette sighed, wanting Baljeet to come out of the ER with his new cast. She wanted to be the first to sign it. She would be the first to sign it.

A few minutes passed before Baljeet came out of the door, on crutches. "Hey guys, how do you like my cast." he said referring to his dark blue cast that matched his overalls.

"It's cool!" said Juliette, running to him, fallowed by Ferb, Phineas, and Isabella. "No one sign it until my name's on it!" she said to the others with a hint of humor in her voice.

"Alright Juliette. Hey remember when I broke my hand and foot." Phineas said. Everyone remembered quite well. Especially Isabella. She had been the person to carry him to the house and through the portal to Paris. She had carried him throughout the car ride and many other times.

"Yea, we remember. No more Paris for you." said Isabella.

Phineas blushed. "Hey, I was looking at blueprints and there happened to be stairs there." he said. "That doesn't mean I can be banned from Juliette's hometown." we all began laughing in the memory. It wasn't funny when it happened, but everything seamed funnier when you looked back on it.

"Well let's go home." said Mrs. Rai.

"Okay mother." Baljeet said, then turned to Phineas and the gang. "How did the tree house ride go?" he asked.

"It went awesome, I wish you were there. It was so fun!" he said as the walked out of the hospital.

~Chapter 3~

Juliette was sitting in her room, writing in her diary. Her room was very neat and organized. Her walls and ceilings were highlighter pink, her bed frame light brown wood, and her blankets were lime green. Juliette had a bookshelf full of books, a regular shelf filled with soccer trophies, Math Team trophies, Chess Team trophies and many knickknacks and small French toys.

Her diary was a bright green with the words 'Juliette Bousquet' embodied with gold thread on the front. In it she wrote this:

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, Baljeet broke his foot. I felt so sorry for him. It all started when Buford broke his new raiment cool calculator that his Uncle Sabu had gotten him for his early birthday. I invited him to play some soccer with me, but he said he had to fix his calculator. He said I could use it second! Oh I can't wait use it! Well anyway when he was fixing he somehow feel down the stairs and broke his foot. Mrs. Rai called my mère and told her to help her and she brought me, knowing how good of friends we were, and once Mrs. Rai told me she thought he broke his leg, I ran in without another word and carried him straight to the car, not hurting him while picking him up and carrying him. Mrs. Rai and mère looked very surprised at my sudden burst of strength and gentleness. I was even the first person to sign his cast. Wait, someone's coming. BRB.

That was mère, she said Baljeet is at the door. I'll write when I get back. Bye!


Juliette put her diary under her pillow. "Alright mère, coming!" Juliette said running down the stairs.

When she opened the door, Baljeet was standing on his crutches. "Hey Juliette, wanna come with me to Phineas' with me?" he asked.

Juliette smiled. "Yea, vas-y!" she said. "Mère I'm going to Phineas and Ferb's house with Baljeet, be back later!" she called closing her front door and walked with Baljeet.

When at the boys' backyard, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and Buford were looking over some blueprints. "Bonjour guys, what'cha got there?" she asked walking up to the gang.

"Hey guys, we can't tell you. It's a surprise for Baljeet." said Phineas. Baljeet smiled.

"Can't you tell me, I won't tell." Juliette smiled largely.

Phineas smiled. "Nope, you're too close to Baljeet. And plus, we need someone to distract him while we work on it. We were gonna have Buford do it, but since Baljeet is injured and Buford tends to torment him, we thought that it would be best that you did it." Phineas explained as he directed some delivery trucks.

"Okay, how do you want me to distract him?" Juliette asked.

"Um, I don't know, you guys could use that new calculator he got. Do some of your favorite things."

Phineas gave Juliette a good idea. "Okay!" she said bounding over to Baljeet. "Hey Baljeet, let's go to your house and use that new calculator and listen to my new favorite song, I'm determined to teach you it." she said.

"Alright Juliette. Let's go!" he said walking on his crutches with Juliette.

When at Baljeet's house, they experimented a bit with the calculator, and Juliette sung the song again time and time again. "Okay Baljeet, once from the top.

Juliette: It's not the price

Baljeet: It's not the game

Juliette: It's not the score

Baljeet: It's not the fame

Juliette: Whatever road looks way too far

Baljeet: It's not what you have

Both: It's who you are

Juliette: It's not how fast

Baljeet: It's not how far

Juliette: It's not of cheers

Both: It's who you are

Baljeet: In darkest night

Juliette: You make your sun

Baljeet: You choose your race

Juliette: And then you run

Baljeet: It's never the glory

Juliette: It's never the score

Baljeet: It's not about seeing about who's less and who's more

Juliette: Cuz when you find out how fast and how far

Baljeet: You'll know it's not how much you have

Both: It's who you are

Juliette: You lose the moon

Baljeet: Then be a star

Juliette: It's not too soon

Baljeet: Be who you are

Juliette: Whatever road looks way too far

Baljeet: It's'' not what you have

Bothe: It's who you are

Juliette: It's never the glory

Baljeet: It's never the score

Juliette: It's not seeing about seeing

Baljeet: Who's less and who's more

Juliette: Cuz when you find out how fast and how far

Baljeet: You'll know it's not how much you have

Both: It's who you are…

Juliette looked at Baljeet. "Perfect. This is the first song I taught you that you didn't mess up. I guess having broken limbs helps you concentrate." she said joking.

"Yea, that was a nice song. Where did you here it?" he asked her.

She looked at him. "I wrote it." she said embarrassed. (A/N: I DO NOT own that song! AJ Michakla does!)

"Really?" Baljeet asked her. Juliette nodded, her lime green scarf bouncing around.

Then Juliette's cell phone when off. It was Phineas. "One minute." she said answering it. "Yes Phineas?" she asked through the phone.

"Juliette, you can come and bring Baljeet to our house now. It's finished."

"Alright, we'll be over." Juliette said hanging up. "C'mon Baljeet!" she said taking him to Phineas.

~Chapter 4~

Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and the other neighborhood kids including Buford were gathered in Phineas and Ferb's backyard. "Phineas, tell me again why we're doing this?" Isabella asked Phineas approaching him.

Phineas smiled at the raven-headed girl. "You see Isabella, Juliette told me tomorrow is Baljeet's birthday and I was thinking to myself, 'Gee, having to deal with a new broken limb right before your birthday must be terrible. Especially not being able to have a cool adventure.' So I decided we should throw him this birthday party to make him feel better." Phineas said looking at Isabella.

"Aww, that's so nice." she said, her eyes glowing.

"Just wait until Baljeet sees!" Phineas said looking around. The backyard was filled with party streamers and balloons, and against the house there was a big banner that said, 'Happy 10th Birthday Baljeet!' on it in dark blue letters.

As Isabella heard Juliette and Baljeet's voice, she told the party to hide. Once the two opened the gate, everyone jumped out. "SURPRISE!"

Baljeet was overly excited. "Wow guys this is AMAZING!" he shouted looking around at all the festivities.

Phineas approached the two. "Happy birthday Baljeet." he said as Juliette walked over to a table and got a small box, wrapped in wrapping paper.

She gave the box to Baljeet. "Open it." pressed Juliette.

Baljeet carefully unwrapped the box, revealing new calculator, much different then the one his Uncle had given him. "Wow Juliette, is this the new calculator that has graphing, calculus, basic, and logic?" he asked.

Juliette nodded. "And look at the back." Juliette said flipping it over. There was an engraving that said,

Happy 10'th' Birthday Baljeet,


Baljeet was overjoyed. "C'mon everybody, let's get this party started!" yelled Phineas starting the music.

(A/N: This song is a parody of 'Summer Belongs to You' so just think of it with that melody.)

Phineas: I know you've felt like you've had no meaning at all

Juliette: But now we've come to show you that you can have it all

Phineas, Juliette, and Baljeet: Now the sun has set on this another extraordinary day.

And when you dance and sing you'll know that I'll say

Tell me what'cha wanna do today

All we need is a place to start if we have friends we'll make it

'Baljeet and Juliette: Cause we're not messin' around

Yes we can dream it, solve it, fix it, sing it,

I know we can really solve it 'til it's finished

Before the day is over!

Baljeet: As soon as you wake up you gotta make your move

Juliette: Don't miss the beat just get into the groove

Both: The sun is shining there's a lot that we can do,

There's a world of possibilities outside your door

Why settle for an A when you can get much more

Don't need en invitation everyday is new,

Yes it's true,


Happy birthday to you!

Everyone: Happy birthday to Baljeet so got on you're feet

And dance like never before


Buford: *Alright, I'm taking a verse.*

Baljeet: *Be my guest*

Buford (in awesome singing voice): I know I've hurt you and bullied you

And done so many bad things

But today this showed me otherwise

And now it's out of size

That though I've often thought of you

as just a nuisance and a nerd

But today I can't imagine having

A better best friend

And you gotta mess with something'

And I've always messed with you

And you've put through with it,

I've never had a friend (never had a friend)

I know at first I seamed invincible

But you've seen the real me

Now there's something that I've gotta say out loud!

Time is what you make of it so take a chance,

Baljeet: *That's it!*

Life is full of music so oughta dance,

Baljeet: *He's got it!*

The worlds a stage and it's time for your debut!

Baljeet: *By Jove, I think he's got it!*

Don't waist a minute sitting on that chair,

Baljeet: *Yeah!*

The world is calling so just get out there

Baljeet: *That's what I'm talking about!*

You can see forever so your dreams are all in view!

Baljeet and Juliette: Yes it's true,

Phineas, Buford, and Juliette: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Baljeet: (Happy Birthday to me,)

Phineas, Buford, and Juliette: Happy Birthday to you,

Baljeet: (Happy Birthday to me,)

Phineas, Buford, and Juliette: Happy Birthday to Baljeet

So get on your feet,

And dance like never before,


Baljeet: (Happy Birthday to me,)

Phineas, Buford, and Juliette: Everyone say 'Happy Birthday' to Baljeet

We wouldn't say it if it wasn't true,

Happy Birthday to you!

Baljeet: (Happy Birthday to me,)

Ferb: Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy,

Phineas, Buford, and Juliette: Happy Birthday to You

Baljeet: (Happy Birthday to me,)

Phineas, Buford, and Juliette: Happy Birthday to You

Baljeet: (Happy Birthday to me,)

All: Whatever you want to do, you make the rules,

You got the tools to see it through,

Happy Birthday You!

Baljeet: (Happy Birthday to me,)

Phineas, Buford, and Juliette: Happy Birthday to You

Baljeet: (Happy Birthday to me,)

All: Just remember that you can do it, when you're through it

Will change your point of view,

Happy Birthday to you!

They all ended the song in a big finish, their arms in the air and their legs spread apart.

Once the song was ended, they played songs from the D.J., all of them which Baljeet recognized. He went over to punch bowl and managed to pour himself of his favorite flavor, curry.

He sighed as he couldn't believe his friends had thrown him this awesome party. Everyone looked like they were having a great time, even Candace, who has seamed a bit cranky lately.

When the party started to calm down, everyone was leaving, except Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Juliette, and obviously Phineas and Ferb. "Wow guys, that was a great party," acknowledged Isabella.

"Yea…." Phineas trailed off, remembering the party. He hadn't been to a party that great since when he got back from his trip around the world.

"Well, I gotta go, see ya later Dinner Bell." Buford said walking to out of the backyard, and down the street.

"Yea, same here," Juliette said. "I promised Mrs. Rai, Baljeet would be home before 9:30, and it's already…" Juliette looked at her watch. "9:22." she turned around, making sure Baljeet was fallowing. "See you guys tomorrow!" she said leaving.

Baljeet sighed. Best Birthday, ever. He thought, returning home

~Chapter 5~

One Baljeet got home, he got onto his computer, and onto instant message. Juliette was on.

IndianBoy: Juliette?

ParisGirl: Oh, hey Baljeet… : (

IndianBoy: Wats rong?

ParisGirl: nothing, just tired.

IndianBoy: O o.o some party huh?

ParisGirl: Yea *sigh* zzz

IndianBoy: that tired huh?

ParisGirl: yea 2x2= ?

IndianBoy: u have got 2 b kidding me rite e_e

ParisGirl: Im just kidding u. I know its 4 XD

IluvBR has logged on

IluvBR: hello?

IndianBoy: Ginger?

IluvBR: *hugs* BALJEET!

IndianBoy: Ginger, y is ur username IluvBR?

ParisGirl: srr, I must have dozed off.

IluvBR: who r u x.x?

ParisGirl: I'm Juliette! XD

IluvBR: The girl who lives across of Isabella ?.?

ParisGirl: YEP XD !o!

IluvBR: O o.o : (

IndianBoy: so, y does ur username say IluvBR?

IluvBR: Um… It stands for… Bunny Rabbits…?

ParisGirl: Cool!

IluvBR: I g2g c u l8r! Bye Baljeet! *poofs*

IluvBR has logged off

IndianBoy: I wonder wat Phineas & Ferb r gonna do tomorrow?

ParisGirl: *shrugs* I'm going to a math seminar about the next school years honor math class.

IndianBoy: What! Can I go with u?

ParisGirl: Sure, let me ask my mom.

Moments later

ParisGirl: she said oui, u ask ur mom now XD!

IndianBoy: K XD!

Moments later

IndianBoy: EEEEEEEYYYYYYIIIIIIIEEEEE! IM ALOUD! Tomorrow is going to be great!

ParisGirl: Well, g2g, my cat Lizzie meowing like crazy! Pick ya up at 10 am! Bye XD!

IndianBoy: BYE! XD

ParisGirl has logged off

IndianBoy has logged off

Baljeet was so excited for tomorrow, he could hardly fall asleep. He just stared out the window, looking at the bright, twinkling stars.

"Baljeet, do not forget to put on ur Pj's and brush your teeth!" yelled Mrs. Rai.

Baljeet shot up. "Okay mother!" Baljeet said, changing into his dark blue footy pajamas, though it was hard to put them on with a cast on his foot.

Baljeet grabbed his crutches and walked over to the bathroom, holding his blue toothbrush that said 'I'm an A student!' in red letters and his toothpaste, curry flavor.

After he was done brushing his teeth, he stared out the window and to Juliette's house.

Juliette was sitting on her bed, wearing her favorite pink and lime green two piece pajamas. She was writing in her diary.

Dear Diary,

Today, Phineas and Ferb threw Baljeet a Birthday party. It was fantastique. There was dancing, singing, hanging out, games, and festivities. I could tell Baljeet was having a good time, especially when we all sung him 'Happy Birthday to You!' It wasn't just any old happy birthday song, it was like three minutes! It was fantastique! Me and Baljeet even got to sing a duet! It was absolutely wonderful…. I'm even taking Baljeet to a math seminar tomorrow, and Mère said we could go to the planetarium and the museum afterward! Baljeet's gonna love it! I'm picking him up at 10 and then my mom's gonna drive us there. I can't wait!


Juliette closed her diary, setting it on the windowsill.

Her bed was right against the window, to were she could sit on the windowsill if she wanted to. Which that was what she did when she was sad or just needed to think.

She had just talked with Baljeet over IM, but was Ginger telling the truth about what her username stood for?

At Phineas and Ferb's house, Phineas and Ferb were downstairs with their parents and Candace. Again, their parents made them watch another romance movie. Ferb was half asleep but Phineas was deeply engorged in it.

Candace turned to him. "Why do you even like these movies? You're a boy, not to mention a 10 year old boy." she asked him.

Phineas didn't turn away from the movie. "Well Candace, you never know when it could come in handy, like when we helped Baljeet with Mishti. Or maybe now it should be Baljeet and Juliette, they seam to be fond of each other." Phineas said.

Candace settled back into the couch. "Yea, and you can't tell that your best friend has a crush on you." she muttered.

"What?" Phineas asked.

Candace's eyes went big. "Nothing." she said quickly. "Oh, okay then." Phineas said getting back into the movie.

Meanwhile, at Isabella's house, Isabella was sitting on her bed, reading her book, Meet me by Moonlight by Mary Dowing Haun (A/N: Im pretty sure I messed up her name).

She looked up from the pages and out the window. She saw Phineas' house and sighed. He's probably watching another romance movie. Thought Isabella. If he could just see real life as a romance movie, then maybe he would understand…

~Chapter 6~

Wendy Stinglehopper woke up at 7:00 a.m. She sighed as her wavy brown hair was messy and tousled. "Another day, another day of loneliness." she said as she changed out of her blue circle pajamas and into her normal outfit. Her normal outfit was light blue shirt with a dark blue polka dots with a dark blue skirt and dark blue shoes and headband. Wendy brushed her hair, and teeth and rushed out the door. "Mom, I'm going to Katie's!" she said and rushed out the door and down the street.

She passed Baljeet's house on the way. Her mind automatically brought her to Christmas Eve. When Baljeet slid down Wendy's chimney with her really big hat. There was mistletoe above them and he kissed her.

Wendy's feet automatically brought her to Baljeet's doorstep. She knocked and a couple moments later, Baljeet's mom opened the door. "Wendy?" she asked.

"Hello Mrs. Rai, is Baljeet here?" Wendy asked, her hands behind her back. She smiled sweetly.

"Yes, he is upstairs." Mrs. Rai turned around. "Baljeet, Wendy's here to see you!" she called. A couple of moments later, Baljeet came downstairs slowly on crutches.

Wendy could tell he looked nervous. "Oh, Wendy, what are you doing here?" he asked her.

Wendy smiled. "To see you, silly. I heard you broke your foot. Are you okay?" she asked.

Baljeet nodded. "Yea, I am going to a math seminar with Juliette today."

Wendy's face fell. He was always hanging out with her. What did Juliette have that Wendy didn't have. They were both pretty, loved math and sports. "Really? That's cool. I can't wait for next year. I'm gonna try to be the captain of the math team, but I think you got that covered huh?" Wendy said acting like she was elbowing something.

"Well I-" he said.

"So, When are you gonna go to the seminar?" The brown-haired girl asked. She had to narrow her eyes down, considering Baljeet was much shorter then her. "Oh, by the way Happy Birthday!" Wendy had been at his birthday party but to no avail, Baljeet didn't approach her.

"10 pm. And thanks." Baljeet said smiling.

Wendy smiled back, glad that Baljeet appreciated her. "So, does it hurt? Do you need anything? I'm happy to help." she asked as she was waiting for him to invite her in.

"No, not right now, but when I get home from the seminar, we could get on Instant Message." Baljeet said still smiling.

"And maybe a game of online soccer? I would ask you to play a real game, but you broke your foot."

Baljeet had a competitive look on his face. "You are on, Stinglehopper!" Baljeet said holding out his hand.

"You got that, Rai." Wendy held out, her hand but quickly retracted it. "Wait, if we're gonna shake on it, we have to do it right." the girl spit on her hand, then held it out.

Baljeet starred at it, then spit on his, holding it out again.

After the shook on it, a car pulled into Baljeet's driveway. A young girl about Baljeet and Wendy's age. "Mother, Juliette is here!" Baljeet yelled inside the house.

"Alright Baljeet, have fun!" Wendy heard Mrs. Rai say. Baljeet closed the door, walking slowly down the three concrete steps on his porch, with Wendy next to him.

Juliette walked up to them. "Hey Baljeet, you ready to go." she then noticed Wendy. "Oh, who are you?" she asked sweetly.

"I'm Wendy, Wendy Stinglehopper. Baljeet didn't mention me?" Wendy was confused. She had thought Baljeet would mention her considering Christmas Eve.

Juliette shook her head. "Sorry no, but, it's nice to meet you." she said. "C'mon Baljeet, mom said we should get to the seminar soon." she said to Baljeet.

"Alright. Bye Wendy!" he said cheerfully as he and Juliette walked to the car.

"Nice to meet you, Wendy!" Juliette said as the car drove away.

Wendy sighed as she walked home. When she got home her mother was in the kitchen. "Hey Wend, your home early." Wendy headed towards the stairs.

"Well, Katie was at an emergency Fireside Girl meeting." she lied.

"Alright, sweetie." Mrs. Stinglehopper said as the girl ran up the stairs. Wendy got onto her computer and onto IM. Phineas, Isabella, Ferb, Buford and the Fireside Girls were on.

ReallyBigHat has logged on

ReallyBigHat: Hello?

SummersGreat: Wendy? This is an unexpected surprise! What brings u here? : )

IluvBR: Oh, hi Wendy :l

ReallyBigHat: Well, I was bored, I couldn't find Katie, and Baljeet's at a math seminar :,

IluvBR: Why rn't u with him? I mean ur both on the math team

PinkBow: yea?

ReallyBigHat: Juliette invited him for his birthday.

IluvBR: O… : (

FerbGuy: lol u 2! XD

ReallyBigHat: Wat?

FerbGuy: nothing XD

SummersGreat: what did u guys think of todays project?

Love&Unicorns: it was great Phineas. I loved it.

FerbGuy: *thumbs up*

ReallyBigHat: wat did u do?

SummersGreat: We built a giant yoyo-ing robot and we climbed into the yoyo, and it was like a really cool ride!

CandyRox has logged on


SummersGreat: That was odd…

As they all chated over the internet, Wendy felt leftout.

ReallyBigHat: I g2g, Baljeet should be home soon, Bye!

ReallyBigHat has logged off

Wendy sighed as she stared out the window, just waiting for Baljeet to come home. She soon dozed off.

~Chapter 7~

Knock, knock, knock

Wendy bolted her head up. Was Baljeet home? she looked out the window and almost screamed. Juliette's car was in Baljeet's driveway. That meant he was home. Then she realized she heard a knock on the door.

"Um… who is it?" Wendy asked in a panicked way. What if was Baljeet? Did I look okay?

"Baljeet," there was a pause. "And Juliette!" Wendy heard a female voice through the door.

She really didn't care Juliette was here at the moment, all Wendy cared about was that Baljeet was there. "Um…, come in!" she called.

Moments later, Baljeet came in on crutches with… Juliette behind him. Wendy frowned at the sight of Juliette. "Hey Baljeet!" Wendy said, instantly cheerful.

"You ready for that online game of soccer?" Baljeet asked her, smiling.

"Yea, let me just get my computer set up." she said making her way to her high-tech device.

Wow, is that the new Tackamore 3000?" she heard Baljeet ask me.

Wendy smiled. "Uh, yea, I got it for my birthday a couple months ago," she said nonchalantly.

"Really? That's cool. I got a really cool calculator but, Buford broke It, though, I fixed it… and that's when I broke my foot,"

"Cool, well let's get this game started!" Wendy said as she got on online soccer.

Juliette watched the two play the game and got to thinking. Is Wendy a threat to me? She seams to like Baljeet a lot. Juliette watched sadly as she felt left out.

"I think I'd better go. See you later Baljeet!" she said and added something else a little less enthusiastically, "You too Wendy," Juliette muttered and left.

Isabella sat in her room writing in her diary,

Dear Diary,

Today, I'm bored out of my mind! Phineas and his family went to visit their cousins and left me all alone almost as soon as Wendy got off of IM. I have no one right now. Juliette and Baljeet are at Wendy's, Buford said, and I quote 'Buford's not gonna hang out with no girly.', Gretchen's at her grandparents, Katie and Ginger have a photography class, Holly is out shopping with her parents, Adyson is sick, and Milly is at a woodshop class. Ugh, I feel so alone! I was so bored, I finished my book today. Well, I think I'm done writing for today. I'll get on IM, see if anybody's on. Bye!


Isabella closed the pink fluffy book and headed towards her monitor and logged onto IM, hoping someone would get on to chat with her.

Love&Unicorns has logged on

Love&Unicorns: Hello? Is anyone on?


ParisGirl has logged on

ParisGirl: Hello?

Love&Unicorns: Juliette? I thought u & Baljeet were Wendy's

ParisGirl: I was, but I felt left out, so I left in the middle of their game. I wasn't even playing so…

Love&Unicorns: That's 2 bad

ParisGirl: yea… : (

Love&Unicorns: What's wrong?

ParisGirl: Baljeet and Wendy. Can u keep a secret?

Love&Unicorns: yea, y?

ParisGirl: well, I kinda hav this crush on Baljeet…

Love&Unicorns: *sarcastically* no!

ParisGirl: am I really that obvious?

Love&Unicorns: yea, everyone knows except for Baljeet. The situation is like me and Phineas

ParisGirl: anyway, we went to Wendy's 2day and they totalement ignored me. I'm worried Wendy is stealing Baljeet from me…

Love&Unicorns: trust me Juliette, Baljeet likes you. He's just being friendly.

ParisGirl: u sure?

Love&Unicorns: positive

ParisGirl: thx Izzy, I appreciate it. U give great advice

Love&Unicorns: no sweat! So, what'cha doin'?

SummersGreat has logged on

Love&Unicorns: *hugs Phineas* PHINEAS!

SummersGreat: hi Izzy, I guess you missed me?

Love&Unicorns: u bet! R u home?

SummersGreat: no, im on my cell and my little cousin's annoying me (A/N: not the same cousins from 'Cousins')

ParisGirl: hi Phineas *waves*

SummersGreat: o, Juliette, I didn't c u there! Wait, I cant c u all! Lol

Love&Unicorns: lol!

ParisGirl: well I have to get off of here. Bye!

ParisGirl has logged off

Juliette got off of her computer. Now what? she asked herself looking around her room.

She sighed, thinking of what to do. "I guess I could go for a walk, think about life and what to do next." she said getting up and down the stairs.

"Mère, je vais sur un pied!" Juliette called to her mom, slipping on her shoes. (A/N: Mom, I'm going on a walk!)

"Très bien, être de retour à huit heures et demie!" (A/N: Okay, be back by eight-thirty!) Mrs. Bousquet called.

"Oui!" Juliette said walking out the front door.

She walked down the street, seeing Wendy's house. Baljeet, pourquoi ne pas vous voir? Juliette asked herself. (A/N: Baljeet, why can't you see?)

She almost walked all the way around town when she came across the park. Juliette sighed, sitting on a bench, taking her bright green cell phone from her pocket to check the time. It read 4:00 p.m.

Then, a boy about her age approached her. "Hi," he said flashing a charming smile on his face. "I'm Jaques, Jaques Bertolette. What is your name?" the stranger that went by Jaques asked.

Juliette noticed he had a French accent. "Juliette, Juliette Bousquet. I see you have a French name and a French accent. Are you from France?" Juliette asked in her lovely French accent.

"Oui. I was born in Paris, but recently moved to the United States. I can tell you have a French accent too and you're wearing a beret. Are you from France?"

Juliette nodded. "Oui, I was born in Paris too, but I've been here for a while. Welcome to Danville." Juliette was smiling, trying to be friendly.

"Thanks. You wouldn't mind showing me around would you?" Jaques asked Juliette.

"Um, no not at all. Come on." Juliette said walking out of the park with Jaques.

~Chapter 8~

~Juliette's POV~

Juliette and Jaques walked around town, talking about each other. "So, what were you doing at the park by yourself?" Jaques asked Juliette.

"Well, my best friend, Baljeet and I went to Wendy's house, I felt like a third wheel, went home, and got on Instant Message, talked to Phineas and Isabella, got bored, and went for a walk," Juliette said summing it all up.

"Oh. Tell me about this Baljeet and Wendy," the French boy asked as they continued their walk around Danville.

"Well, Baljeet is my all time best friend and Wendy is his friend."

"hmm… so tell me about yourself," Jaques question kind of caught Juliette off guard, but she went with it.

"Well, my father died so I live with my mother, I have a bad background history, a terrible fear of crickets and grasshoppers, I'm a chocoholic, I'm sometimes considered a nerd, I have a pet cat named Lizzie, I can sing well, I can draw well, I can dance, and I'm in love," Juliette said.

Jaques looked kind of sad when she mentioned the last one. "May I ask, with who?" he asked, looking at Juliette with longing big brown eyes.

Juliette smiled. "With my best friend, Baljeet Rai," she said happily while Jaques on the other hand, looked disappointed.

"Really?" he asked, kind of shocked.

"Yea, he's smart, cute, funny, and a great friend. So tell me about you?" Juliette asked, feeling the awkward moment.

"Well, my parents are divorced, I have a dog named Jack,-" Jaques said continuing naming random facts about himself when Juliette's phone rang.

"Bonjour?" she said in her cute French accent.

"Juliette, come to my house, I have to show you something!" Baljeet said on the other end.

"I thought you were with Wendy," Juliette said unenthusiastically.

"I was, but the game ended."

"Fine, I'll be right over," Juliette said, semi-happily. She turned to Jaques, "I'm sorry, but I have to go," she hung up her phone, and put it in her pocket.

"Will I see you again?" said Jaques in a concerned way.

"Let's hope so." Juliette was about to walk away before he stopped her.

"Just to be sure, here's my number." Jadques immediately took out a piece of crumbled up paper from his pocket and wrote something on it, then handed it to her.

"Thanks, bye!" Juliette called running all the way to Baljeet's house.

When she reached it, she knocked on the door, waiting patiently for someone to answer.

Finally, Mrs. Rai opened the door. "Hello Juliette! let me tell Baljeet you are here," she said turning around and yelled up the stairs that Juliette was there.

"Just tell her to come up." yelled a high voice, Juliette knew belonged to Baljeet.

"Just go up on ahead Juliette, Baljeet's in his room."

Juliette nodded, running up the stairs, and into his bedroom.

"Juliette, listen to this, and tell me what you think!" Baljeet said. He soon began to sing the most perfect song Juliette heard. It was probably perfect because Baljeet sung it.

I'm no superman,

I can't take your hand

And fly you anywhere

You want to go, yeah

I can't read your mind

Like a billboard sign

And tell you everything

You want to hear but

I'll be your hero

I, I can be everything you need

If you're the one for me

Like gravity, I'll be unstoppable

I, yeah I believe in destiny

I may be an ordinary guy with heart and soul

But if you're the one for me

Then I'll be your hero

(Could you be the one for me x3)

Then I'll be your hero

(Could you be the one for me x3)

Then I'll be your hero

Searching high and low

Trying every road

If I see your face

I'll barely know, yeah

I put my trust and fate

If you will come my way

And if it's bright

It's undeniable (yeah)

I'll be your hero

I, I can be everything you need

If you're the one for me,

Like gravity I'll be unstoppable

I, yeah I believe in destiny

I may be an ordinary guy with heart and soul

But if you're the one for me

Then I'll be your hero

(Could you be the one for me x3)

Then I'll be your hero

(Could you be the one for me x3)

Then I'll be your hero

So incredible

Some kind of miracle

And if it's meant to be

I'll be come your hero-o

So I'll wait, wait

Wait, wait for you

I'll be your hero

I, I can be everything you need

If you're the one for me

Like gravity, I'll be unstoppable

(Be unstoppable)

I, yeah I believe in destiny

I may be an ordinary guy with heart and soul

But if you're the one for me

Then I'll be your hero

(Could you be the one for me x3)

Then I'll be your hero

(Could you be the one for me x3)

Then I'll be your hero (A/N: I don't own that song, Sterling Knight does)

Juliette was overjoyed, she couldn't believe Baljeet would sing a love song to her! She was so happy, she couldn't even put it into words.

"How was that? Did you like it?" he asked her.

"Did I like it? I loved it Baljeet! It was fantastic!"

Baljeet smiled. "Great! Because I am going to sing it to Wendy later!"

Juliette's hear sunk, her smile disappeared, and was replaced with a heart broken frown. "what…? You wrote that… for Wendy?" Juliette asked depressed and heart broken.

"Yea!" Juliette backed away and towards the door, she was on the very verge of crying. "Oh…, well…, I have to… go…" she said, racing out of Baljeet's house and to hers. She could feel cool tears on her hot face. She felt so embarrassed. When she reached her house, she swung open the door, and past her mother, leaving her confused.

"Juliette?" Mrs. Bousquet called up the stairs but Juliette didn't hear her. All she could here was the sound of her own sobs.

Juliette ran in her room, laid down in her bed and buried her face in her pillow. "Stupid." she muttered as her cat, Lizzie came up to her, meowing in comfort.

Juliette picked up Lizzie and buried her face in her long, gray and white fur. "Lizzie, I'm so stupid. Thinking Baljeet loved me when he really loved Wendy. How could he not see how I feel about him?" as Juliette rambled to her cat, Lizzie understood every single word her owner had said to her.

Lizzie cared deeply for Juliette and didn't let her be alone for a second. She made sure that someone was with her at all times. That was why Lizzie fallowed her secretly everywhere if Juliette was alone.

"Lizzie, what should I do?" Juliette sobbed as Lizzie pawed her owner's cell phone out other pocket. "You want me to call someone?"

Lizzie meowed in a response, as she used her snow-white paw and guided the phone to the contacts. Once she found the person she was looking for, she hit the 'send' button.

Juliette picked up the phone and put it to her ear.

Moments later, someone answered. "Hello?" The person on the other end said.

"Izzy?" Juliette said through sobs.

"Juliette, what's wrong?"

The weeping blonde-haired girl sobbed. "I'll tell you later, can you come over?"

"Sure, I'm on my way."

"Okay, bye."

"Bye." Juliette hug up, looking at her pet cat. "You're amazing, Lizzie." she said smiling.

Minutes later, Isabella knocked on her bedroom door.

"Come in," Juliette said, still crying.

When Isabella walked in, she ran towards her best friend. "Juliette, what's wrong" she asked Juliette, who was still weeping.

"Baljeet…," was all that she managed to say.

"And what about Baljeet?" Isabella's voice was full of compassion and anxiousness.

"He… he… he… he sang me the most parfait song, but then he said he wrote it for Wendy…" Juliette couldn't even stand to talk about the tragic event.

"What? I was almost positive he-" Juliette cut her off. "Well your wrong! Your advice was wrong!"

Juliette didn't mean to yell at Isabella, but when she's depressed she gets mad and flashes out, that's one thing you have to be careful about Juliette. She's had too much loss in her life to be compassionate about this kind of thing. "Maybe I should just give up on him…"

Isabella looked at Juliette. She couldn't stand to see her friend this way. "Give up? You're Juliette Bousquet for pete's sake! You can do anything! The Juliette I know wouldn't give up on anything! You keep at it until you win! Now, get up, pull yourself together, and win the heart of Baljeet!" Isabella said almost yelling. She always gave good pep talks. Once she gave one to Phineas when they were stranded on a deserted island in which he returned his thanks with a hug.

Juliette stood up, Isabella then noticed she wasn't wearing her beret or her scarf. "You're right! I'm Juliette Bousquet, and I'm not giving up without a fight!"

Isabella nodded, "Yea!" the question that lingered in her mind finally spilled out of her mouth. "But, where's your beret and scarf?" she asked curiously.

"Under here," Juliette pulled a cardboard box out from under her bed. There was black writing on it that said 'Things that should be out of site when depressed and angry'.

Wow, that's an accurate box, Isabella thought.

"This is all the stuff my Daddy gave me or things that make me remember him. I get kind of unpredictable when I'm angry or depressed, so I have a box to put them in so I don't destroy them. My Daddy gave me my beret and scarf, so I put them in here."

Isabella nodded, understanding, but Juliette was crying inside. She was crying over her dad, Baljeet, and everything else that gave her a bad feeling. Juliette put on her lime green beret and scarf perfectly and faced Isabella. "Now what?" she asked.

Isabella smirked. She had an idea. "What you need to do is make him jealous. Do you have anyone besides Phineas and Ferb to do so?"

Juliette smirked also. "Oh, I have someone in mind…,"

"Great! Now, let's go to that French café on the other side of town."

Juliette smiled, feeling a lot better. "D'accord, it'll give me a reason to speak my native language fluently!" she grabbed Isabella's hand and race towards the door, "C'mon Lizzie!"

Isabella stopped her. "Do you really think she can understand you?"

As Lizzie came forward and sat by Juliette's side, she smiled. "Of course I do. We have a close connection. She saved my life once you know, but I don't wanna get into details, you probably remember that," said Juliette, who was picking up Lizzie and headed out the door with Isabella.

~Chapter 9~

Baljeet stood in his room, still thinking about what happened with

Juliette. What was her problem? Was it something I said? Baljeet sighed, looking at a picture of him and Juliette that was on his bed side table. He stared deep into the picture of Juliette's eyes, hoping to find an answer. Juliette, Juliette, what did I do wrong? Did it have something to do with that song? Then it hit him like Buford's fist. He grabbed a pen and paper and got to work. Soon later, he had it all on paper. "Now to get someone's opinion," the little Indian boy said, grabbing his work and ran out of his house.

"That's great Baljeet! Juliette's gonna love it!" Phineas exclaimed. Baljeet, Phineas, Ferb, and Irving were in Phineas and Ferb's backyard.

"Why are you doing this for her again? Irving chirped curiously. Baljeet sighed. He would have to explain this again.

"I wrote a song for Wendy and-"

"Wendy? Wendy Stinglehopper?" Baljeet glared at Irving who interrupted him.

"Yes." he staid strained. "Anyway, when I told Juliette it was for Wendy, she ran off crying. I did not mean to hurt her if I did." Baljeet sighed in depression.

"Baljeet listen, a coupe nights ago, I watched another romance movie," Baljeet had a look on his face that said 'another romance movie?'. "And I was thinking of you and Juliette and how you two are perfect for each other. I looked at my feet.

"Yea… Wait, what?" I asked.

Irving sighed and turned me around to face him. "Let me spell it out for you. You and Juliette are meant to be together." I was still confused. "Like Bell and Beast, Romeo and Juliet, EDWARD AND BELLA!"

Now I got it. "Oh, so how do I apologize to her?" Irving I was getting irritated, I could tell that. "Sing her the song. It tells it all."

I nodded. "Thanks guys. You're the best. And Irving, I'm reconsidering your status on my friends list."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked.

I grabbed his shoulders, making sure my crutches didn't fall. "Do not make me say it." I said, grabbing my paper, and walked out on my crutches, in a hurry to find Juliette.

When I reached the park, I saw Wendy standing by a fence. "Baljeet!`" she said, noticing me. I waved as she ran to me. "How 'ya doin'?"

I smiled. "Good, do you know where Juliette is? I have a song I want to sing to her. I'm gonna tell her that we belong together." I asked, hoping Wendy, did know where she was.

"No sorry, but why write her a song? She doesn't deserve you."

I narrowed one eye. "She doesn't, then who does?"

Wendy smirked. "I do." she said, and kissed me.

~Juliette's POV~

Isabella and I walked down the street and into the park, obviously still heartbroken and trying to get over my beloved Baljeet. "Juliette, are you okay?" Isabella asked, stopping me.

I was fighting back tears "No." I muttered, looking at my feet. "Maybe I should I just go home." I said turning around, seeing the most horrible thing in my life. Baljeet was kissing Wendy! Anger flashed though me and my face went hot. Smoke could've been coming out of my ears. But I was also over come with sadness. I felt cold, salty tears on my anger steamed face. I felt like punching something. I looked around, Wendy? No, Baljeet would hate me forever. I scanned around until I saw a tree standing just off of the roadside. I ran to it and punched it. Hard. Soon, pain rushed through my hand. Okay, totally not worth it! I let out a screech of pain, which made Baljeet and Wendy break their STUPID kiss.

"Juliette, it's not what it looks like!" Baljeet said to me. I looked over at the two, my eyes glazed with anger, sadness and pain from my fist, but more importantly my heart.

"Oh save it Baljeet!" I yelled. "I've always known you liked Wendy more then a friend! Ugh, you can be just as oblivious as Phineas!" I yelled, not realizing Isabella was next to me, until I waved my arm and hit Isabella in the eye. I stopped yelling, moving and breathing. Did I really just do that? It seamed like time itself had stopped.

After what seamed like eternity (but in reality was only a few seconds) time caught up to me, and I heard Isabella's out burst in pain. I completely forgot about Baljeet and tried to help my friend. "Izzy, I'm so sorry!" Isabella just looked at me, her eyes had absolutely no trace of anger or in her facial expression. That was a good sign. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

"I should ask you the same the question."

"Wa…?" I looked at my fist. It was purple and swollen-y. "Oh, my fist, it's nothing." Isabella continued to look at me.

"I meant you heart." I stared off into the distance, remembering all my pain.

Tears began to flood out of my face. "No." I said, burring my face in Izzy's shoulder. This has been one of the worst weeks of my life!

~Baljeet's POV~

After what I just witnessed with Juliette. I looked at Wendy with a mix of hatred and confusion. Why would she do that? Why am I so angry about it? "Why did you do that!" I shouted, shoving Wendy and running off. When I reached somewhere in downtown, I ran into a boy with brown hair.

"Watch where you are going!" he said in a thick French accent. I looked at him, he was a little taller then me, but not much.

"Sorry." I said.

"No sweat it. I'm Jacques."

I smiled. "I am Baljeet Rai."

Jacques face fell. "You are Baljeet. Juliette told me about you."

I frowned. "Oh, you know Juliette." I said flatly.

"Yes, and let me just tell you that you will never complete her. You bore her with the way you talk. She will never like you." I stared at Jacques.

What? "I… I have to go." I said, racing back to my home. When I got there, I ran up to my room, grabbed a pen and a paper and wrote the words that changed my life forever.


The sequel is 'The Great Friend Chase'

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