A breakup happens.


At the Ranner's house, Jason is texting Phineas. They both have phones. Jenny is on the phone with her boyfreind. Then she starts texting her boyfriend. Jenny sent a prank text to Phineas. Brock is playing video games. Johnny is playing a board game with Paul. Then Jenny boy- friend broke up with her. She is heart broken. Brock is annoyed of her crying so he calls Phineas and Ferb to help. Candace was a monkey when she thought she broke up with her boy freind. Who's she said Paul. Me and Ferb's older sister said Phineas. So help her said Jason. "It's just a breakup." said Jason to Jenny. Jason got annoyed he stoped. She kept crying for 1 hour. Let's get her a new boyfriend said Paul. They set her up with someone. It's a long story.......

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