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Brandie Delanie and the OWCA is a spin-off series from Phineas and Ferb, starring the characters Brandie Delanie, Carl Karl, and Major Monogram. It takes place throughout the year, and Brandie joins the OWCA.

So far, three seasons have been planned. Most of the episode titles are titles of songs the author likes.

Main Characters

The following table includes permanent characters in the series.

Brandie Delanie Age: 16-17-18 Brandie Delanie is the 16 year-old girl who lives across from the OWCA, and has an extreme crush on Carl Karl. She spends her free time writing and drawing, and sometimes uses her binoculars to watch the guys at the OWCA working, especially Carl. She also really likes to sing, and sings really loud in hopes Carl or at least Monogram will hear her. Recently, she had started to leave her home more and talk to people.
Carl Karl Age: 17-18-19 Carl Karl, nicknamed Dr. Coconut by Dr. Doofenshmirtz, is the hapless intern and cameraman of Major Monogram. He is an intern and is very loyal to Major Monogram. He works at the O.W.C.A. for college credit. He has been working at O.W.C.A for about 5 years.
Major Monogram Age: 55-56-57 Major Francis Monogram or, as he likes to be known, simply Major Monogram (due to the fact that people often tease him about his first name) is Agent P's commanding officer, and gives him his mission in each day. Helping him transmit his daily messages and do general things around the Agency is his intern, Carl.

Season 1

In which Brandie join the OWCA and learns the ropes of the place.

1. "The Best Day" Brandie applies to the OWCA and starts her work there.
2. "Superstar" When a villain threatens the band Love Handel, Brandie and Carl are assigned to keep watch on them.
3. "Tell Me Why" Monogram suddenly becomes very hostile towards Carl and Brandie, and Doofenshmirtz is the suspect of it.
4. "Einsamkeit" Perry gets a bad cold and is stuck at the vet, leaving Doofenshmirtz with nothing to do but worry. Brandie is sent to cheer him up.
5. "If I Were A Boy" Somehow, Monogram and Carl are turned into girls. Brandie is surprised, and curious as to why she didn't turn into a boy.
6. "Taking Care of You" Brandie has a fever, but she goes to work anyways. However, when she passes out from the fever, Monogram and Carl go out of their way to care for her.
7. "Love Is War!" When the midsummer's dance approaches, Brandie attempts to work up the courage to ask Carl out, only to discover he's trying to ask Vanessa out.
8. "Okay, and Breathe" In the aftermath of the dance, Brandie is pretty much stonewalling Carl. He, however, has no clue why. Monogram ends up having to be the middle man and making them work it out.
9. "Better Than Revenge" Their not-quite-a-conflict resolved, Brandie and Carl are assigned to spy on Doofenshmirtz in his new house. However, when Doofenshmirtz's new girlfriend mistakes Carl for the evil doctor, Brandie gets extremely jealous.
10. "Jump Then Fall" When a big failure in a mission puts Carl's job at stake, Brandie tries to take the fall for him. However, Monogram is also trying to do the same thing. Who will lose their job?
11. "World is Mine" Desperately trying to get his job back, Carl goes to take on an Impossible-rank villain by himself, to stop him from taking over the world. Could it cost him his life?
12. "Eager Love Revenge" When at last Carl realizes that Brandie loves him, Vanessa comes to love Carl! When she asks him out, he's too scared of what Heinz will do if he says no. Now Brandie will stop at nothing to get her love back.
13. "Taking Care of Business" Monogram is hurt in an accident, and is hospitalized. Carl is worried sick, and refuses to leave the major's side. Brandie has to get him back to work, like Monogram really wants but is too nice to tell Carl.
14. "Nosey Little (Bleeps) Aren't You?" In the season finale, Brandie and Carl go on a date to a drive-in theater, and Doofenshmirtz and Monogram stalk them.

Season 2

"Forget You" Carl is kidnapped by Doofenshmirtz to test his newest inator and ends up with all his memories changed so he thinks Major Monogram is his father.
"How Do You Like Me Now?" As the OWCA works frantically to restore Carl's memories, Monogram cares for the addled teen. Brandie wonders if he will still want to be with her.
"Father?" At last, Carl gets his memories back, and happily goes on a date with Brandie. Except, a random guy spots Brandie and claims that she's his lost daughter.
"I Hope You Stay" Dan tries to take Brandie away to live with him, despite her saying she doesn't want to leave. Can Carl rescue his love from someone who could be a kidnapper?
"No Place Like Home" Brandie is too scared to stay at her house now, and Monogram lets her stay at his house for a while. She meets his family, and is practically adopted as their daughter.
"Kokoro Carl: Part One" At the OWCA, they get a strange transmission from another dimension, which sounds a lot like Carl singing! After further investigation, they discover that it is a robot Carl, who is mourning the death of that dimension's Monogram.
"Kokoro Carl: Part Two" It is revealed that that dimension's Perry, who is a human, abandoned and betrayed Monogram in his last hours, and is planning to become the first dictator of America, and they must stop him.
"Long Lost Relatives" Monogram is taking a moonlight stroll in the park, having gotten bored at home, but he ends up attacked and nearly killed! Brandie and Carl frantically search for who assaulted the major...only to find that it's Carl's sister!
"Why Am I The Target?" Sakura has shown up in the hospital, attempting to finish the job and kill Monogram. However, Monogram wakes up and sees her, making her hesitate. For a moment, Sakura is captured and questioned, until she snaps out of it and escapes.
"Whose Gun Is It, Anyways?" Monogram has recovered, and is working at the OWCA again. Once again, Sakura attempts to kill him, but fails...AGAIN. It gets even worse when the government comes with a SWAT team and even threatens Monogram with death by "friendly fire"! Why is he being targeted?!
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