• CoinsCP

    I'M BACK!

    It was quite fun here, until some things distracted me. Some things called other wikis.

    And now, after quite a long inactivity, I'm back for real! Who's happy to see an inactive contributor back?

    And check out my new sig: Learn how to spell. You can't even spell "I". You just spell it "III".

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  • DeeBradleyBakerFan

    In a upcoming episode of Phineas & Ferb: The New Summer, Linda's old ex-husband, Victor Berstein, returns. Here is a little sneak peek of the new character.

    You can meet Victor in the upcoming epsiode, Victor-y and Defeat.

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  • AgentGoldfish
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  • PeaceLoveAgentP

    Hey guys. I know I haven't been here in a while, and in trying to come back. Really. Anyway, I said I may be "late" because a couple people already took care of it on Fossy's talk page, but I am her best friend, so this is a blog dedicated for her.


    -Pinkie Pie

    JK. It's from me, PLAP. Happy birthday bestie. I'll give you your present in real life. You're my best friend. Luv ya!

    Cranky Doodle went to town, cause he is a donkey. There he found his one true love, all because of Pinkie.|

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  • Dark Traveler

    As you may well know, we have started work on Revenge of the Fanon. This blog is dedicated to discussion about it so we don't have to repeat the rules and waste time by leaving talk page messages.

    Revenge of the Fanon will be written in alternating first-person views except for several select parts. Thus, you will be writing the story from your own perspective. You are allowed a maximum of 20 paragraphs with at least 3 sentences and a maximum of seven sentences for your respective view. After you are finished with your respective view, we'll move on to the next person and so on, in a sort of cycle.

    The plot is simple, TDR, DD94, and Tiberius64 are the antagonists in this. They are attempting to revive a horrible alien monster, destroy fanon,…

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  • MovieReviews98

    Hello everybody! I'm back from my week long drama festival (And won Best Cameo), and after finishing up Day 7 of The P&F Hunger Games, I decided to do this little project. Now, some of these picks will be very controversial, but here are the rules:

    • Any episode, including the longer ones, are allowed, but the movie is not.
    • My opinion only.
    • If you don't like a choice, give a reason, don't just say "Your opinion sucks" or whatever.

    So, because I'm exhausted from a week of practicing and acting on stage, let's just begin.

    5th Best: Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo

    A very well edited episode, very funny, smart, everything you could ask for. Also, it involves some DARK backstory, which is something you don't see all that often in the show. If I cou…

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  • Okamiblossom


    April 20, 2012 by Okamiblossom

    I hate myself for trying to change the name of the "Princess Baldegoon" page. Now it's "Princess Baldeg" thanks to an accident by yours truly. I'll probably get banned for this. I feel just great right now. NOT! Someone, please change it back to normal! Pleeeeaaaassssseeeeee! :(

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  • MovieReviews98

    I'm extremely sorry for this, but even though I said I was gonna have the next part of The P&F Hunger Games done by today, it can't happen. I've been busy with Drama Club, as we're doing a big competition for several major awards on Wednesday! And since the town it's being held in is more than 3 hours from my home, it'll be extremely difficult to update my story. Plus, I need plenty of practice, and we have a lengthy practice on Tuesday, so don't expect another part of the story until probably Thursday. Again, I'm sorry, but it's a busy few days.

    HOWEVER, I will be SURE to make it up to you guys in the story by adding a new twist that will probably be interactive.

    Wish me luck.

    UPDATE: I just learned... I won't be back until FRIDAY now! :( Ho…

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  • TheOtakuPegasus

    Geez a-wheeze...

    April 16, 2012 by TheOtakuPegasus

    I haven't been on this wiki in forever...

    Oh, well... I've had writers block, anyway...

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  • AgentGoldfish
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  • Nostrilsoffthebus

    hi im new

    April 16, 2012 by Nostrilsoffthebus

    hi im new guys and i m n amaaaazing righter and artist youll see my stuff tomorro k i promise NORM IS SO HAWT

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  • Tiberius64

    Well, work on my stories has sure been taking quite a long time (a little over a month since I last posted anything up on, but now my work has paid off.

    I am happy to announce that Ad Astra 4: Sacrifice of the Angels and Ad Astra 5: The Fight for Ferb are now available on Yes, I have at last revealed the title of the latter of these two. What this title implies is up to your own imagination until you read the first one. I personally consider the former one of my finest works in terms of fanfic-writing, so I recommend it very highly (especially for those who love suspense and action).

    And a reminder, this is the end of all stories with the prefix "Ad Astra", although I will keep writing whatever I have time to write.…

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  • FerbIsMyLuver!


    I haven't been on in forever!!! I blame school and band. Auditions and Concerts!!!



    I FINISHED MY FANFICTION Protected!!!!!!!

    It literally took me an entire year to write!!!!

    When I actually get the time to type that up and fix it... It'll be up!!!!!!!

    Drew some other pics....

    You can see them on my DeviantART~KLibART


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  • CassiopeiaRocks10

    This is my first time drawing most of this stuff, so it might be a little crappy...

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  • Perryfan825

    The Handsome Games

    April 14, 2012 by Perryfan825

    Hello and welcome to The Handsome Games! Here you will decide on who's the handsomest! Put your answers in the comments!

    Note: Only users. People who don't have an acount can't vote.

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  • Wikidude1234

    The Villain Games

    April 13, 2012 by Wikidude1234

    The Villain Games!

    Welcome to The Villain Games! In this, you vote for the best Villain. Check out the the contestants and pick which one you think is the evilest!

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  • Jisu Lee


    April 13, 2012 by Jisu Lee

    Hello everyone! It has to come to my attention that yesterday( April 12th) was my BIRTHDAY!

    (Phineas gives me a creeper plushy with a sound box in it that looks SO ADORABLE and yet SO EVIL)

    Anyway...... About me writing. I will try to start writing in the summer, because i don't have time in school year.

    Also I can't believe that i am now 14. I am nowhere near tall as i wanted to be when i was 14, and i expected to look more mature. But i guess that is for next year.

    So... yay!

    Oh, and also, here is a little blurb from my newest story, Phin the Cybersoldier

    Phineas:Jade Queen. We meet again

    Jade Queen:Yes. It been a long time since the wedding fiasco.

    Phineas:Don't you DARE talk about Ferb's cyberwedding!

    Jade Queen: Are you angry cause i drove him…

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  • PlatyborgstoShadowlytes
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  • StacyFan

    the TRUE cute games!

    April 12, 2012 by StacyFan

    let's see who truly IS the cutest!

    i did put izzy, cuz i wanted this to be a lot more fair.

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  • Perryfan825

    The Cute Games

    April 11, 2012 by Perryfan825

    Hello! On this blog we will be playing a game called The Cute Games! We'll gather up characters from Phineas and Ferb and we'll see who's the cutest!! Take a look at the contestants and pick which one you think is the cutest!

    Note: Users only. People who have not created an acount can't join due to all their comments saying it was by the same, exact person.

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  • IamNotcrazyYouare


    April 11, 2012 by IamNotcrazyYouare

    Does anyone have any idea what I should call the third book in the triology?

    Story one was "The Phunger Games" (based on "The Hunger Games")

    Story two was "Catching Ferb" (based on "Catching Fire"....I was going to call it "Catching Phire", but then I put so many of Ferb's look-a-likes in the quater quell that "Ferb" made sense)

    Book three is "Mocking Jay" but what should I call it for my story? My friend suggested "Rocking Jay" because Phineas and Ferb play music alot.

    Need ideas! And fast!

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  • Tiberius64

    Well, Fossy brought to my attention why I can't really get feedback on what people think of my stories...


    Even though I give a link on each page to the full-text versions of the stories...

    Well, I'm gonna ask (even though I probably know the answer already): should I post these stories in their full-text form on this site?


    You decide.

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  • StacyFan

    So i have found a way to solve the issue of SOME people thinking we talk about a certain show about equines too much. this blog is talking about paf. and ONLY paf. nothing else

    only rules ae you go with the fanon rules, and all topics are paf-ish.

    so the RTB is for anything not paf, so keep paf talk out of there except for general stuff.

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  • StacyFan

    Hello, stacyfan here. So episode 20 of Irving and friends will be ...well what the title of this blog is! in plot A, irving makes an awards show for the boys, while meanwhile doof tries to rig an EVIIIL awards show, so he will win.

    and the winners, and the nominations for the paf one (the evil one is fake, so no voting there) will be choosen by you!

    i have a bunch of caterogies, and with the hell of my fanon peeps, we will pick the nominees and once we have them, there will b a voting.

    nominations end when i feel like they should end. and voting begins whenever, and it will end once episode 20 gets started. this won't be for awhile, since i am writing' 17 now and i have 2 more after that til 20...

    here are the caterogies, so send your nomina…

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  • Really Big Hat

    As the title implies, I've decided to come back. I've been leaning back towards this place for a while and as some people might have notcied, I removed the No Activity template (not sure if that's what it's called, but eh) from my page so, I need to announce some things...

    First, I'm redisigning most of my characters as well as deleting a lot and creating a few new ones. I've already redesigned Teen Juliette, Avani, Alagan, Monet, and my Phinabella kids as well as I created my Alternate Ferbella kids

    Second, I've gotten a lot better at my art, so, once I get my computer fixed, lots more fan art from me! (I can finally (sorta) draw Phineas and Baljeet!)

    And Third, I'm not gonna be writing a whole lot anymore, and if I do, they'll be small, mea…

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  • Wikidude1234

    It's true, as long as the weather is nice, we're going on Vacation. We're not sure when, but we really want to. The only problem is, if there isn't any Wi-Fi, I won't be able to Wiki edit. But of course, this is only if it doesn't have Wi-Fi, so if there is Wi-Fi, I might still be able to contribute. All we really know at this time is that we're going on Vacation.

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  • IamNotcrazyYouare


    April 7, 2012 by IamNotcrazyYouare

    I just made my account, but I have been contributing for over a month. I wrote:

    1. Bad Day
    2. The Summer Prom
    3. The Phunger Games
    4. I am working on Catching Ferb

    I specialize in Phinbella stuff. That explain my profile picture? Thankyou!

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  • CoinsCP

    April 7, 2012 by CoinsCP

    I am streaming the full episode of Meapless in Seattle for those who missed it or want to see it again!

    I will wait there until a few people join before I start the video (so no one misses it.

    Have fun and click here to go to it!

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  • Tiberius64


    April 7, 2012 by Tiberius64

    This will be short and sweet. This is more of a poll, actually. If any of you have read my versions of the stories, you'll notive that that's where the actual dialogue is, and that this site is only where I post the descriptions of the events with some quotes from the stories.

    Anyways, I wanted to know if you think the dialogue between characters is too sterile, shallow, mechanical, quirky, out-of-character, or just outright stupid in any of the original versions of my stories. I've become more conscious about the true depth of my stories and feel that a lot of that depends greatly on how the characters talk.


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  • Dark Traveler

    Open Position!

    April 6, 2012 by Dark Traveler

    I really don't want to make a new blog dedicated to one small task, but I have no choice. Today is Friday, the deadline for submitting data for Revenge of the Fanon. We got all but one user's data. That user's name is LottaPotatoSalad. She has failed to submit any data for this even when she was on. Thus, I am leaving her position open for any of you who wish to take her place, the moment you do so however, you MUST submit data.

    I do not tolerate tardiness, just to let you know. Lotta's spot for this story is open, unless she submits any data soon, she is getting replaced.

    The blog where you are to input your data is here:!

    I have no wish for delays. Put down here on whethe…

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  • Kuzlalala

    Very low activity now

    April 6, 2012 by Kuzlalala

    OK, I think I'm going to leave, but I'll eventually visit here sometimes.

    For more info:

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  • Nan the cowdog

    PnF-Derp style.

    This is my Icon on the FB page xD



    Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart.

    A Work in progress.

    This song matches Cain so well Its creepy.

    Will be done soon.

    I wanted lace, I wanted pearls To be a princess like the other girls But life came hard, to my front door And I spent my time tryin' to even out the score

    Tough, I ain't ever been nothin' but tough


    Me and Fossy agree this song fits me



    Woa.. Even I was surprised how this came out.. O__o

    ANyway it was a scetch that I was gonna color but it looks cool (if you ask me).

    Cain-2 has to be the most interesting character that I've done. I mean, it kinda lets me show how twisted I am.

    "Don't think I enjoy this. But lets just say I have to do this."

    -Cain-2 to Candace

    Oh loo…

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  • Tiberius64

    Yes, as the title says, I am officially cutting the Ad Astra series short after I post my next two stories for it (which should be, at latest, the middle of this month). This leaves the series at a good 5 stories.

    You see, the thing is, I've been trying too hard to turn Phineas and Ferb's future too much into Star Trek action stuff. I have barely focused on their children and their friends and lives. It's becoming less Phineas and Ferb and more Star Trek, in short (it's just short of crossovers). My current plan is that I am going to start a series that fills in gaps between A New Star is Born (2015) and any time between the stories that follow (up to the year 2040).

    Part of this is because - let's face it. I'm a senior in high school with a college …

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  • AgentGoldfish

    We've Done It!

    April 3, 2012 by AgentGoldfish

    Doofenshmirtz is defeated! I am now an admin once again, and StacyFan is Gurgy again. Gurgy is NOT an admin and never will be. I garuntee you that. Now, let us enjoy a gallery of success of the thing that led to our success: GIFS! Also, special thanks to J.Severe who reminded me I head a whole bunch of gifs I could use. Thank you to all who helped in his defeat, Dark Traveler, Okamiblossom, Nan the cowdog, Agent Perry the Platypus, and Wikidude1234.

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  • MovieReviews98

    Before I begin, let me just say something: This is MY opinion, and my opinion may differ from yours, so don't get to mad, OK? Anyways, yeah, I'll be judging this on several different categories, including personality, humor, likability, etc. Also, just because the character is in most of the episodes does NOT mean they'll be high on the list. Oh, and only canon characters. I may do a fanon one soon, but for now, I'll just stick to this. So, let's begin! :D

    20. Linda Flynn-Fletcher

    Let's start this list with some controversy, shall we? Linda is actually a character that shows up a lot in the show, and is a main part in the whole "Busting" sub-plot, but really, I find her the least interesting of the Flynn-Fletcher family. Sure, she has likabi…

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  • StacyFan

    I did it!

    April 2, 2012 by StacyFan

    FINALLY! I, Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz have taken over this entire wiki!

    you will see that i now have admin ship, and that your agent goldfish is now....well now the overlord.

    So bow down to me, or i something really bad!

    Perry the platypus can't stop me now!

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  • AgentGoldfish
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  • StacyFan


    April 1, 2012 by StacyFan

    Heinz Doofenshmirtz here!

    As you may know, i have taken over the computer of StacyFan, and will spread evil-ness across the internet.

    and with time, i will take over the ENTIRE PHINEAS AND FERB FANON!

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  • Isabella Fanatic

    Well, considering Reunion went over pretty well, I've decided to write another story. The catch? It's basically the exact opposite of my last one. Where Reunion is emotional, sweet, and heartwarming, this story is adventurous, exciting, and suspenseful (if I write it well, anyway...) But yeah.


    Ferb is captured by evil scientists to examine his intelligence and hopefully duplicate it. Once Jules learns that he is in danger, she, Phineas, and Isabella set out to save him. But when a terrible infection jeopardizes their mission, will Phineas and Isabella be able to save both Jules and Ferb... before it's too late?


    • Adventure
    • Romance (Phinabella, Phinules, Jerb, possibly Ferbella)
    • Action
    • Suspense
    • Drama
    • Excitement

    Great, now I just made …

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  • Perryfan825

    Phinbella Contest

    March 31, 2012 by Perryfan825

    Hello! I am creating a Phinbella contest! There will be two seperate parts of it. There will be the story part and the art part. You may take part in both if you like.

    • If you are entering both contests then you can only post 1 entry for each contest.
    • Nothing over PG. Cussing is not allowed either.
    • Entries for both parts must be in by July 17, 2012. That's plenty of time to get your entry in.
    • Since lots of people on this wiki created pages for their fanfics and tell what they're about but never write them you MUST write your fanfic!
    • No making your fanfics or fanart take place in another dimension.
    • Rules may vary.

    • A colored art request. ((I wouldn't ask for Heinz if I were you))
    • You can have one of your characters in one of my stories.
    • You will have …

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  • Tiberius64

    Yeah...this is like the second time it's happened (the first time was only for like a short time that I noticed), but I was blocked suddenly and without warning by some guy named VegaDark, who's some VTSF. Have any of you ever had that happen to you? Even if it was very short-lived like for me, have any of you ever had that happen to you?

    The allegations were that I was spamming and vandalizing pages. The only thing I can think of that'd be considered both is that I uploaded like 8 pics and posted them on multiple pages within 2 days alone. I contacted Wikia and this guy's Skype and got it fixed...but man, did I ever have a big scare from this!

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  • Dark Traveler

    Mashupovie Time!

    March 29, 2012 by Dark Traveler

    For those of you who signed up for it, the time has finally come for the user mashupovie that I spoke of earlier. Here are the rules that I am laying out for it.

    1. You need to submit either a fanfic you have completed, you are working on, or are planning.

    2. You must submit any weapon you have a preference towards (But no two users can have the same weapon)

    3. Your appearence and personality.

    4. Any OCs, if possible

    The mashupovie will be written in alternating first-person views except for several select parts. Thus, you will be writing the story from your own perspective. You are allowed a maximum of 20 paragraphs with at least 3 sentences and a maximum of seven sentences for your respective view. After you are finished with your respective …

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  • Maniac-fangirl

    Random Fanarts!

    March 27, 2012 by Maniac-fangirl

    Sometimes I like to draw fanart! But I have no idea what to do with it, and yet for some reason want to share it with this community. Therefore this random blog shall be used for posting fanart that I've made... Perhaps I'll update it every once in a while when I feel particularly artistic towards Phineas and Ferb.

    Anyone else who draws fanart, has no where to post it, and yet still wants to put it somewhere, feel free to put it here. I really won't mind. Feel free to explain your process as well!

    Don't know why I decided to draw this... Just wanted to draw something... I liked the sketch a lot better... I think it captured their innocence a lot better... Well, at least I'm satisfied with the result. This is actually one of the few pictures …

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  • MovieReviews98

    You know, I have a lot of news to give to you guys today, so let's not waste anytime and get to the info, shall we?

    • 2 Episodes are scheduled to be released on March 30, "Quietest Day Ever" and "The Doonkleberry Imperative". Also, the actual episode "Meapless in Seatle" is rumored to be released on April 6! Finally, "Delivery of Destiny" and "Buford Confidential" will be released on April 27.
    • Season 4 was announced and will be continuing episodes up until 2014. Upcoming Episodes will include and musical featuring "Phineas and the Ferb-Tones", commemoration of Platypus Day, and a winter vacation featuring seasonal sports and a New Year's celebration


    • "Variety" (Magazine) noted the shows appeal to all ages with it's "Sense of wit and irr…

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  • Tiberius64

    Well, if any of you read Ad Astra 3: In The City Of Love, Phineas mentions that TerraFleet now has a new enemy species to deal with (it's a bit more emphasized in the version). Well, I am working on two stories at present, the first dealing with character death and the introduction of this new enemy, and the second one is the sequel where the undisclosed dead character is revived at great cost. I shall not disclose the name of the new alien species, but I will give their characteristics:

    • They have their own empire and are very warlike (and will die for honor if they can)
    • They're xenophobic and do not make alliances with anyone permanently
    • Few of the known species know much about them, except that few have encountered them and live…
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  • Maddyfae

    Did you know that basically every active user on this wiki (myself included) has the majority of their edits (many of you have well over 50%) on blog comments? While commenting on blogs can be useful for some aspects, it's gotten a bit ridiculous of how much we comment on this wiki. Do you remember the last time you made a signifigant edit on here? And I'm not talking about just editing your fanfic. I mean adding categories, adding a template, undoing a bad edit, or something that contibutes to the quality of our wiki! Me and Cupcakey were recently talking about this, and really think that this is something we need to work on. It seems silly, but it's everyone's job to keep up the quality of this wiki. Bring the wiki back to it's former glo…

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  • DeeBradleyBakerFan

    If you've been checking out my new fanon work, Phineas & Ferb: The New Summer, you might of found my new character, Ricky the Rhino, aka Agent R. But you will now see the first look into Perry's young agent apprentice. This is my first sketch of Agent R. Enjoy!

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  • AgentGoldfish
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  • PoptartPlus

    I have been suggested to make an art blog. It's basically my gallery, but with comments.

    In essence, it's stupid, but yeah.

    More to come; why do I draw so many women

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  • Tiberius64

    Happy Pi Day

    March 14, 2012 by Tiberius64

    Well, today is 3-14, or Pi Day. I'm not much of a math nerd, since I hate higher-level mathematics, but I just wanted to let my nerd self in general just flow and wish everyone a happy Pi Day. Here's a song my Algebra II teacher showed us my sophomore year. Enjoy! XD

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