• Izzy&phinfan101

    New fanfic

    December 23, 2012 by Izzy&phinfan101

    im makin a new fanfic for my character called "What's Up?", because my character' catchphrase is "what's up?". i hope you all can enjoy it, i will soon put up the link, or you could just search it, though it might not be finished. Thx for readin, and see yall later! back and better than ever!:) (talk) 21:43, December 23, 2012 (UTC)

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  • PlatyborgstoShadowlytes

    OK. Since people seemed interested in asking me for requests, I have decided to type up the rules and guidelines for my requests. For those of you who don't like requests with limitations on them, then please go bother someone else for requests. Or learn to draw yourself.

    Anyhoo, here are the rules:

    1.  I will not draw anything that I believe contradicts my Catholic Faith in any way (Dark Traveler, I'm sorry, but that will include vampires from now on)

    2.  I will not draw any shippings that I despise. You can find them on my profile page. (It includes shippings humanxanimal, boyxboy, girlxgirl, relationsxrelations, ect.)

    3.  I do not like it if people will be constantly pestering me about my requests, e.g.: WHY HAVEN'T YOU FINISHED MY REQUEST,…

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  • Amanda Lopez

    Hello fellow citizens of this Wiki,as your realized i've been noticing everybody is getting ready for Christmas and Christmas contests are available in other wikis,so i have to start my very own contest.

    • Should be neat drawing
    • It should be hand-drawn
    • Does not have to be a picture that is already being post in this wiki.
    • Must be unique 

    • It doesn't have to be a story that is already created.
    • All Spellings and Grammars should be correct

    • The First winner will be granted a drawing request from me.
    • The Second Winner will able to co-write a story with me.
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  • Phineas-Ferb33

    Whatcha Doin Perry The Platypus? And Happy New Year To Be!!!

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  • Phineasnferb

    Season 30

    December 2, 2012 by Phineasnferb

    At the moment, Season 30 is my big Fanon project. It involves the Super Mario gang getting trapped in Danville. The season will have 42 episodes, and I have some ideas boggling around for the season finale!

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  • Lotta potato salad

    I know what you're thinking. Another "omg this wiki is doomed guyz stahp the random topic bloggin nao" post.

    Actually, it's not. It has better grammar.

    This wiki really isn't what it used to be. Most users aren't active, and when they are, they just post on the Random Topic Blogging post. There's nothing wrong with that, but srsly guys.

    It's the Phineas and Ferb FANON WIKI. I'm not sure if political and religious debates count as Fanon.

    So I pose a challenge for whoever wants to do it.

    One week. Seven days. No RTB. Don't even look at it. Instead you fix up the place, draw fanart, write a fic, categorise, edit, all that jazz. Do as much as you can, everything you did in the "old days".

    Then come back after a week and fell everyone all you did.


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  • AgentGoldfish

    The last one went over fairly well once we got past the... problems. So, this year's shall be even better! Because I'm starting it a little early, you have until December 1st to sign up. To recap the rules for those of you who forgot or weren't here:

    • Comment here to sign up
    • On December 1st I do a random generator to decide who gets who
    • You make them a fanon work gift (Story, picture, song, whatever)
    • You post it on the wiki on Christmas and notify them of their gift on their talk page

    Now, remember, this is a secret santa, so keep your stuff to yourself, don't blab about who you got or the surprise will be ruined. Be sure to let me know the best way I can contact you to let you know who you got. It would be best for me if you could join irc jsyk.

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  • Minka Mark

    Hi! I'm Minka Mark!

    November 16, 2012 by Minka Mark

    Hi to everyone on this wiki! I'm Minka Mark, the aritst monkey! I'm very excited to be working on this wiki! I really hope I'll become an admin, not one of those mean ones. I really hope we could be friends, and have lost of fun together!

    Love, Minka Mark


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  • Isabella Fanatic

    More fanart~

    NOTE: I have much more P&F fanart, but the wiki is being stupid and not letting me upload stuff correctly, so hopefully that will all come later.

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  • Isabella Fanatic

    2 Years!

    November 8, 2012 by Isabella Fanatic


    I was thinking that I should post something on RTB about my wikiversary coming up, so I checked to make sure it was November 8th, but it wasn't.. it was TODAY! :D

    And since last year's blog was pretty lame, I'm making up for it, doing all the user-thanking and stuffz like that.

    To Everyone:

    You guys- ALL of you- have done so much for me. I can't even tell you how grateful I am. You've helped me with writing and art, consoled me on my worst days, cheered me on on my best days, introduced me to dA, and made me a brony.

    Thank you so much.

    And also:


    You've helped me so much. I can tell you about any problem I have, whether it's about writer's block or my personal life, and you'll help me through it, …

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  • Nan the cowdog

    SOme early sketches, trying to get down the African Wild Dog.

    I wasnt even inspired by TLK....

    I wanted to practice TLK, but I wanted to draw Canderemy...

    And hence this was born.

    Stll finsing a few things, xD


    "NOO!" *slomo dive*

    "What are you doing?"

    "Nothing... Everythings fine."

    "Let go of my leg then."



    This is a part from my revised Christmas story, which I'll post later. :P

    Lol what did I just draw???

    Cain in a... Attempt at a more realistic version???

    I have no idea...

    I really don't....

    How's it look....?

    Srsly, what did I do??

    Eh, anyway, Cain.... Yea...

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  • Nan the cowdog

    3 Years of Fanon!

    October 27, 2012 by Nan the cowdog

    Welp, guys, I have been here for three years now, I really didn't expect to be here this long, well... HERE I AM....

    I'd like to say some things, I'll make it short....

    was plannig on making this a video, but, I didn't have time.


    Guys, I really like this place, the people make it, even if, we love to argue time to time (dont take it the wrong way). Even if we really don't edit as much (sadly), I know, we really still like PnF, and obsess over it from time to time. I look forward to spending another 3 years here.

    The place has changed a lot, as much as we have, users left, users came. But, I'm glad too see this place still going strong.

    Annnnnnnnndddd these people:

    To Foss:

    I know, I've kinda pissed you off in the past.. And, yea, …

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  • Frederatorfan

    Welcome, children. It is I, Frederatorfan, a conniseur of Phineas and Ferb fan fiction and productions. As I am the most seasoned writer to exist on the website (as seen here), it is my duty to scout and find the other young bloods on the wiki that match my artistic talent. Recently, it has come to my attention that various young men have been forgotten to the ravages of time, their masterworks of Phineas and Ferb fan fiction going with them. It is my sworn duty to find the most delicious articles written by masters like yours truly, and bring them to the attention of the public. So, without further adieu, I submit...

    The incredible, artistic title starts this one off nicely. Sure, there is an extra comma, but in my humble opinion, it adds …

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  • Can-tokMakeAfoomfa

    Gilda Jo Robinson a character of mine that will be in my first episode called "Gilda meets the gang". Gilda is also the first Phineas and Ferb character I've ever created. I'm not sure when I'll put the episode out. So be sure to stop by and keep checking for more updates. Thank you.

    ~Foomfa or you can call me Rae.

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  • SlushyBurger

    Well, there are a lot of artists here, so when J.S. said we should make this, I thought it was a great idea. I'm not an artist, but I think that this is something that could help with feedback, and thus, it's here. Feel free to post art, give feedback, and put anything art-related, here.

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  • TommyAndMarie4MeX3


    October 14, 2012 by TommyAndMarie4MeX3

    more to come really soon!!

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  • Nan the cowdog

    IF PnF did a parody of Be Prepared, and Candace sang it, that would be awesome. xD

    Candace:I know that your powers of busting Are as wet as as Perry's backside But thick as you are, pay attention My words are a matter of busting

    It's clear from your sarcastic expressions You think I'm really insane But we're talking about Phineas and Ferb Even you can't be caught unawares  

    So prepare for a busting of a lifetime Be prepared for sensational news A shining new summer Is tiptoeing nearer

    Stacy: And where do we feature?

    Candace: Just listen to teacher

    I know it sounds weird But you'll be rewarded When at l…

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  • DamiedeterJR

    What the title says. Also, I'll make other parts in my PF/GF Crossover, it's just that, I want your opinion on what you guys think what should be the next crossover. Most votes in the comment area wins. Start voting!

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  • Blue Sword12

    Hi there!

    October 11, 2012 by Blue Sword12

    I sorta came off with a rocky start. I thought people were being serious about hating the show. But it was only oppisite day that day. And yeah. I sorta do scripts on another wiki too. That's all I have to say right now. Bye!

    (P.S. the thing was on random topic blogging)

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  • TheOtakuPegasus

    What a brat...

    October 1, 2012 by TheOtakuPegasus

    I want to delete this blog xD

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  • Amanda Lopez

    Since,no one has decided to vote for the next featured something. I decided to moved the August Nominations to September Nominations and i was the one who pick those featured media,article and character. I changed and pick it because Admin Maddyfae mentioned that all users are free to edit the featured template. I don't know but guys please nominate for the next october feautured something????. Princess of Fire Kingdom 11:45, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Tiberius64

    This is a new idea I propose for those who hate the idea of people being too much on the social side of this wiki. Personally, I like the idea of the Random Topic Blogging that we've been doing here. However, in a blog mostly dedicated to the more social aspects of random topics, it's hard to get feedback on your story ideas if you post on such RTB's. So, with a bottle of Dom Perignόn, I christen this fine vessel: Story Idea Blogging!!!

    Share your story ideas here for the feedback of other users. This, in the long-term, will help get people's creative juices flowing, thus ensuring the more active clean-up of this site, its pages, additions of pages to categories, and the like. "Ad Astra, Per Aspera!" and "Ex Astris, Scientia!"

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  • Jisu Lee

    Hello everyone! This is your.... person speaking, and I am here today on few reasons.

    1. I decided to come back for the X-th time
    2. I wish to speak about my current life and why i wasn't on as much
    3. I wish to make User Interviews!

    I am sorry for not being here for most of the summer, but i was busy, and mostly forgot about this place

    Anyway. If you want a user interview, just comment for an app.

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  • OreoBirdie

    Yes, you read the title right.

    My school has a kajillion anti-bullying rules, so there is almost zero bullying at my school. This is good. And the teachers are not boring....all the time.

    Now, to the real reason school is fun: The music and drama department.

    I'm in chorus, which is unrealistically fun. I LOVE singing. I'm super annoying because I sing the P+F songs to myself all day.

    And in the P.E.G. (Performance Ensemble Group), which is code for "drama club", we are putting on a play. Me and my BFF tried out. She's a pirate in CSI Neverland. I didn't get in. But I'm on the set crew, and until we start building in a month or so, at practice I get to sit around, read, eat snacks, watch the actors rehearse, and occasionally clap, and I'm scot …

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  • DukeyDukeyDoo

    War's called off

    September 10, 2012 by DukeyDukeyDoo

    I'm calling off this war in order to prevent myself from making this situation any more worse than it was before.

    Just because CandaceFan and I both have different ideas for a Canderella story, it doesn't mean we should argue about it.

    I'm letting CandaceFan do Canderella in his own way whilst I do Canderella in my own different way.

    That way, we'll have different articles that we can work on without spatting at each other.

    I'm sorry if my previous blog entry caused any sort of confusion or something.

    Like what Dark Traveler said, let's forget about this whole thing and move on.

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  • DukeyDukeyDoo

    Now I'm Mad!

    September 9, 2012 by DukeyDukeyDoo

    It turns out that instead of improving the Canderella article, I was messing with CandaceFan's Canderella article. So I decided to do my own version in a different article, but then CandaceFan came along reported my article for deletion!

    I thought I'd make a different article and leave CandaceFan's version alone, but he just wanted to ruin everything!

    Take a look at this and tell me if it's wrong to make an article out of it:

    Canderella: In addition to having a dream-based episode, like "The Wizard of Odd", this episode takes a spin off of a real fairy tale: Cinderella. With Candace portraying the leading character.

    Plot: One day, Candace was getting ready for a date at a fairy tale-themed high school dance that her boyfriend, Jeremy, is going …

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  • DukeyDukeyDoo

    I've made a new page for a section for the Canderella Article, Click here to see it.

    You're all free to help out! :D

    Just remember to use the plot description on the Canderella's main article page to help you.

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  • PlantyThePottedPlant

    aaaaaaaaaaww here it goes!

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  • PlatyborgstoShadowlytes

    Hey, everybody!

    It's me, P.t.S., and I'm mostly typing this to apologize for going so slowly request-wise.

    Now that the glorious (and scorchingly hot) summer months have collided with, you guessed it, school, I will end up going even slower because of it. I'm going into 10th Grade this school year; and high school, even homeschool high school, is a lot of work.

    Not only is school on my plate, I'm also one of the big helpers in my large household (I'm the third oldest, so, yea).

    Once again, I apologize (mostly to Fossy and Dark Traveler) for going so slowly on requests. I will work on them whenever I find little pockets of time.

    Thank you for your continued patience.

    God bless and have a great day (or night)!

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  • Bowser & Jr.


    September 3, 2012 by Bowser & Jr.

    So... Uhh... Ummm... (Wow, great opening for a blog, right?)

    "I twist fate and call to my future. My freedom awaits me." 07:45, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Darthwatch789


    September 2, 2012 by Darthwatch789

    hello guys this is my first blog post on the wiki. so im going to have a contest to make a picure of paul ranner ,brock ranner or Jenny ranner (jason ranners siblings). please make a pic of one of them. you can do all of them. contest ends whenever i say,in the comments.

    please make one no one even read this post! (disney) XD lol.

    update 2: can anyone look at the blog? i think this might be the only 0 comment blog on the wiki. please enter :)

    Update 3-Mar27: zzzzz-(wakes up and sees that there are no comments but mine) oh come on!

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  • OreoBirdie

    Have Story, Need Title

    September 1, 2012 by OreoBirdie

    Hi, everybody! I have now returned! Okay, let's run a security check.

    Profile blog: a bunch of new comments (Thanks, guys! And congrats for knowing what the Latin thing meant)

    Nerd words: all three still there

    Almost-finished story: I still need a stupid title but I'm almost finished

    I've been on the P+F Wiki for the last few days, messing around and fixing up the episode transcripts. Now I have all the P+F songs stuck in my head too. Dang.

    And that's right! I'm a nerd. And my nerd words ain't going anywhere anytime soon. :)

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  • Travisplatypus

    I'm Back!

    September 1, 2012 by Travisplatypus

    Hello! I have returned!!! one's probably even noticed by now so umm...I'm just pointing it out. Anyways, you see sorry I left for so long. It's just well....I took a LONG LONG LONG LONG break. Well, let's just say I quit my job on here and now I'm like hiring myself again, Anyways, I'm back and here to create some episodes of my new series, The Perry Show! I won't be finishing anything related to Travis. I mean, I am totally lost for Travis!! Totally lost!!! I mean, it's just school has really killed my imagination. I'm growing up. Which I don't like. I mean school is fine. I like my new best friend but I mean, it's the growing up. It really stinks. Even though, you've known be for a total platypus lover and P&F fan I-I it's ju…

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    I LIED


    Guess who missed you guysssss
    I diiiiiiiid

    There are so many new people on here. I hardly know any of you :')

    I started this wiki when I was 11 and starting secondary school (high school as us British folk don't have middle school) and now I'm 14 and doing my O Levels hoooooo jheeeeze where has the time gone

    I was just exploring the wiki after like 6335790 years and decided to say hi. So, hi.

    I also need to mention: all of my old fanfics. Can somebody please take them and burn them like oh god just get rid of them please they're so bad
    and my characters too actually

    Kezia and Melinda and my two others who I've forgotten the names of are all so unoriginal

    I might read over everything and laugh at my idiotic 11-year-old self an…

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  • DukeyDukeyDoo

    Hi, there, everybody.

    My name is Ian.

    I came here to this place to help out with some wiki articles.

    I'm going to use the templates from the original Phineas and Ferb Wikia and some from the other articles from Wikipedia.

    I hope that maybe I could ask some of the other members for some help.

    Anyways, it's good to be here. :)

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  • Phinabella123


    August 28, 2012 by Phinabella123

    I would like if people will make different versions of these three people:

    These are the directions for giving the pictures to me.

    Step 1:Leave me a message with your picture in the comment box

    Step 2:Tell me your Username.

    Step 3:Then tell me if you drew it,made it on the computer,on Lunaii, or whatever.

    Than you very much.Have a nice day.

    PS Let me know in the comment box if you're going to do it.

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  • AgentGoldfish
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  • AlexCat

    It's late. As in two AM late. I haven't updated for mounths here, and I'm pretty sure no one remembers me, but this is my explaination, my excuse. Last year was a fantastic flurry of spactacular unique-ness, and it has been life changing. I have made friends, true friends, not the kind you've known forever but can't relate to. Or worse, they can't relate back. It was an honor and a blessing to know them as I did... They taught me that nothing is what it seems, and to look for beauty and kindness in the most unexpected places. And that no matter how weird you tell yourself you are, there are always people who will understand, if you only look. Thank you Mr.C, I loved translating for you and the crazyness of everyone around, Flash Mob! Thank …

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  • StacyFan

    wiki issue

    August 23, 2012 by StacyFan

    okay, the wiki is /weird/ now. i can't comment on a blog. it just stays on loading forever i can't go into chat. it never loads WHAT IS GOING ON?!

    EDIT: i rebooted. still doesn't work

    EDIT: my connection is perfect.

    MORE EDIT: it lets me comment on the CANON wiki....but i can't get on THAT chat. still can't comment HERE! same for this chat!

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  • Isabella Cream......puff

    my art

    August 23, 2012 by Isabella Cream......puff
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  • OreoBirdie

    I think I have Baljeetitis.

    No, seriously. School is starting. And I am excited. Happy, even. I'm waiting to see if I start speaking in an Indian accent and avoiding contractions.

    Aside from math and English, school classes are actually sort of fun. (Ah, what Phineas and Ferb could do in my Tech Ed wood shop.) And I'm starting language class this year. Latin. Ego cognosco Latine. (Bonus if you know what that means. Extra bonus if you didn't use Google Translate.)

    By the way, I was perusing the fanon last night and came across something called "The Q+A Sessions of Poptart and Friends." (PopTartPlus: You. Are. Awesome.)

    And I'm finished with my series. Everything except for that [censored] title. Down to the last "Whatcha doin?" HANG IN THERE, W…

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  • OreoBirdie

    Okay. About a week into this and I still have no title. Morale low, so I had pie. The ole drawing board is getting full and I have this page in my journal that I write down all the funny stuff I hear. While I think about my mysterious soon to be title, here's one that my friend Gracie said yesterday:

    (We were reading a National Geographic magazine and Gracie was freaked out by a picture of an angry hippo. I started showing her pictures that I found in it and she pretended to be scared. Which she is good at.)

    Me: Here's a bird!

    Gracie: *screams*

    Me: Okay, here's a dog?

    Gracie: Ahhh! Dog!

    Me: *laughs* And here's the most horrible thing. *flips to an ad* A LIST!

    Gracie: AHHHH! LIST! *falls out of chair* So many words....

    And we continued this for alm…

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  • AgentP


    August 17, 2012 by AgentP

    Hello there.

    How long has it been since I last edited here? Over 9 months, you say?

    How long has it been since I last visited here? One would assume 9 months. It's more like 2 or 3 weeks.

    Let's see, what happened in those 9 months that caused me to quit visiting here?

    - I'm going into High School, so there's that to prepare for

    - Summer basketball

    - I started playing MLB Power Pros (a video game) more and more, and found their forum (MLBPPWorld), and, well, I'm almost at 4,000 posts there, which shows you how busy I've been over there.

    But here I am now. I'm currently working on the THIRD edition of Pete Vs. (I think some of it is posted here, if not, oh well), as well as Second Contact: A Libra Story (Is Fossy even still around?) and a couple ot…

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  • Phinabella123

    How do I

    August 16, 2012 by Phinabella123

    This wiki has changed a little. So how do I add a page. Please respond if you read this. Because i want to add a page about a girl who's perents divorced,and she thinks it's her fualt but it ain't. If your perents are divorced,and you think it's your fault it's never the child's fualt. just do you know. Thank you and see ya.


    PS. This is what she look like.

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  • StacyFan

    Awhile back ,i started nominations on the The only annual Phineas and Ferb Awards. i didn't too much, but it was enough. so i guess it is time to vote on this stuff! i based it on the nominations, and stuff i know you like!

    BEST KID Phineas









    Albert (why not)


    "Candace, we are just kids"

    "And for the ladies. Rowrr"

    "How about that airline food?"

    "Phineas, i know what we're going to do today"


    Robot Riot

    Chains on Me

    Ducky MoMo is my friend

    Candace Party



    Every emotional scene in at2d

    Getting hypnotized by Mitch's cutness

    "Hey, they're not stup-" (No more bunny Buiness)

    The big SBTY breakdown




    That weird b…

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  • Nan the cowdog

    School, it can be depressing... After returning from our days of, Time Travel, dimension jumping, and finding that pesky Platypus. But don't worry! I have a plan!

    Well now, why don't we have a contest for it?!

    Theme: What does the PnF gang do when they go bak to School?

    Draw or write a short story, of what they do!

    Now, in the drawing department I can't help you, but I can in the story.

    But, writing, I can... Give you things to brainstorm. HERE ARE RANDOM WORDS THAT SHOULD HELP.

    Phineas, Ferb, Pizza, lunchbox, nails, screaming, Platypus, puppy, homework, Inator, Platypeople, Country Music, Hard Rock, crazy summer, depression, DEATHHHHHH, Lion King, Prporoni, Hate, love, Herp, DERP, Candace, bust, hotdogs, Cornflakes, paper cut, SAPPYNESSSSSSSSS,…

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  • OreoBirdie

    Adventures in Danville

    August 12, 2012 by OreoBirdie

    I am (usually!) plagued by writer's block.

    Yes, I know it's on my profile. Let me blog. Sheesh. Anyhoo (why do I find that word hilarious?), I made this, my first blog post, about my new fanfic idea. It's like, my first, which automatically makes it a Big Deal.


    What? You're confused because there's no title? Of course not, it's still an idea. It doesn't have one yet. Now let me blog.

    So basically it's a series. I'm gonna put up a new one every week or so. It's still on the drawing board, but it's coming into shape. I want this to be good. But one of the most important parts is missing--the title.

    So let me get back to you in a month and let you know how it's coming.

    Just kidding, I swear. I should have it worked …

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  • AgentGoldfish
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  • RainbowNyanCat

    I felt like doing since everyone else is doin' it and bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeh...

    Candace... If I colored it, it would be much better. Done on Paint Tool Sai.

    I felt so proud of myself when I did this. Wellp, that's all I have(Horrible, I know). The other pieces of art are JTHM related and thus not suitable for this wiki. But once I get off of my lazy behind, I'll do more PnF related art. Pinky Promise.

    A piece of work in progress art. I'll finish, soon.

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  • Lotta potato salad

    Greetings, Fanonians! I have chosen 15 songs, some annoying, some awesome, and some a little bit of both. I drew a picture for every one, as suggested by Fossy. Here they are.

    And that's it! What was your favorite? Comment. NOW. :D

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