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  • Nan the cowdog

    Halloween is closing in on us, and so is contest time-You know what that means!

    Yes, it's that time of year, pumpkins, candy, costumes, Oktoberfest.. And a time of dark tales.

    So, for this month, our site contest is; give us a dark story or fanart!

    It can be something you came up with, it can be a parody, it can even be something based on a existing legend or tall tale.

    • It is Dark, but I think you guys know your limits (Since Wikia is doing more to keep younger kids off wiki's I'm not as strict on some things)
    • No bases/traced/stolen art
    • must have decent grammar
    • You may enter either art or fanfic or both. But you cannot win both.
    • Have fun.
    • Everybody Hail to the Pumpkin King Now

    ђᾄῥῥẏ ђᾄłłὄᾧἔἔᾗ

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  • Lord O' Darkness

    Friday the 13th

    September 9, 2013 by Lord O' Darkness

    I've got plans for a Friday 13 episode underway. Although I already have the entire plot in my head, I won't publish it until this coming Friday (September 13th). So stay tuned...

    Okay, its been named Just My Luck. It even has a transcript. The only thing missing is the song, which I'm not good with. Let me know what you think.

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  • Beckoliver.marron

    DIA News

    September 9, 2013 by Beckoliver.marron

    DIA News

    Last edited: 11 September 2013            Volume: 1            Edition #: 1              Pages: 1

    This morning, a group of men from the MNLF attacked Zamboanga and all air and sea travel are suspended. 10 flights in NAIA (Philippines' airport) bound to Zamboanga are suspended. Due to that event, 5 flights from the Tri-State Airlines bound to Zamboanga is suspended. All remaining destinations from the Tri-State Airlines are not affected.

    Due to Syria's August 21 chemical weapons controversy and the continuation of the riot there, DIA is now having meetings about removing Syrian Air, an airline from Syria bound to Damascus, in DIA's line-up of airlines and cargos. DIA manager, Jenny Janganfloob, decided to remove Syrian Air because of passe…

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  • StacyFan

    Hello Gurgy here.

    /Yes, nan has a contest up, but I figured another one wouldn't hurt.

    Anyway, some of the more youtube savvy of you may know of a youtube Channel called Cinema Sins. It's a little web series run by two guys who do videos that make fun of “sins” found in movies.

    Every video is called “Everything wrong with __ in __ minutes of less”. Essentially it makes fun of people who nitpick movies. They go through movies in a certain time slot (it can range from 4 minutes to 8 minutes) and point out all the sins in it.

    Now, I don't mean they go “This character sucks, this plot sucks” or crap like that. It's nickpick-y stuff no one notices. For example, in the Twilight one, they say that Edward seems to close a trunk twice. Stuff in the ba…

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  • J. Severe



    Original story:

    Today at the chat meeting, the members came up with the idea of a brand new thing we could do for the wiki: have a movie night!

    Here's how it would work: Basically, once a week, a user would stream a movie, or a show, or some other form of entertainment, on a streaming site (Livestream would probably be best), and everyone would gather onto their channel and we could all watch it together and chat about it for as long as the thing would run for. It'd be really fun.

    We haven't come up with a date for it, so that's something we'll have to decide at a later date. For now though, feel free to suggest some movies we could watch in the comments below! It can be any m…

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  • Fan85247528

    Olá a todos, voltei ao Phineas e Ferb e tenho uma novidade para todos, abri recentemente um novo blog sobre um Big Brother com personagens do Disney Channel , que estreia no dia 25 de Agosto de 2013, abri uma sondagem para escolher os concorrentes do Big Brother VIP Disney Channel, os 21 mais votados vão entrar no Big Brotehr VIP Disney Channel, as votações já estão abertas para escolher as personagens , pode votar no blog, o link desse blog é

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  • Nan the cowdog

    It's contest time again~!

    The idea behind this is, make a new character or a character that does not have a page.

    Make a bio containing Name, age, gender, Generation (Linda/Lawrence's gen is number one, Phineas's is 2,and their kids would be 3), Species, and voice actor (if non, put TBA).

    Pics of OC are optional but welcomed.

    • Oc's must not be "famous" or well known
    • no stealing
    • personality is up to you
    • no edited pics
    • no mary sues

    meaning it ends on a saturday.

    Have fun, and may the odds be EVER in your favor!

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  • Garrietta 76

    My Blog

    July 10, 2013 by Garrietta 76

    You know who this is? yes, this is Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. He is the leader of a scout club called fireside girls.

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  • Jisu Lee


    July 10, 2013 by Jisu Lee

    Hello everyone! I know I've been gone for..... ever, now, so I want to catch up with what's happened in the last 365 days. so..... fire away!

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  • StacyFan

    Doing it early this week. This week, a bowl movement called "Grown ups 2" comes out. S i shall redccomd some GOOD movies with some of the stars from that "Film "\


    HAPPY GILMORE: Early Adam sandler with some decent comedy, and surprising amount of heart. one of sandler's best.

    PUNCH DRUNK LOVE: Rated R, but man, it is so amazing. great story, fantastic sandler performance, and good fix of drama and comedy.

    WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE: Why did David henrie back out of the recent special to go grown ups 2? ...well anyway, genuinely decent kidcom.


    DOGMA Another R, but Chris Rock has a role in this hilarious relgious satire by kevin smith.

    HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: Kevin James, Adam Sandler, and David spade play roles in this funny animated c…

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  • Isabella Fanatic

    Okay, I swore I would only make one fanart blog this year, but that one hasn't been updated in months. So... whatever. :P

    I take requests- please comment if you want me to draw something for you, or if you want to see more/less of something that I draw. (does that even make sense? whatever.)

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  • StacyFan

    Hello, welcome to another installment of Gurgy recommends.


    MULAN: A Semi/sort of underrated late 90's disney classic, with likable characters and a decent story. Not to mention Eddie murphy back when he was funny and the best song ever. You know the one.

    HERCULES: A Disney film with mixed reception, but I rather enjoy it. James Woods as hades, anyone?

    THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME: One of Disney's best film with really dark themes, and and great songs.

    GOOD LUCK CHARLIE: This isn't a joke this. It's an Disney sitcom I find legit good instead of a guilty pleasure. Starring an attractive lady doesn't hurt either.

    KICKIN' IT: Speaking of Disney, I think XD is at least 1000 times better, as most of their shows are legitimately decent, includ…

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  • StacyFan

    Hello, Gurgy here.

    I've loved doing that THIS WEEK IN MOVIES THING on RTB so i decided to do something like it, but not. Every sometime, (maybe weekly, maybe not) I'll give you Recomendations for stuff to watch. Tv shows, movies, whatever.


    THE AVENGERS: Do i even need to explain why? ..Fine, it's the 3rd highest groosing movie of all time, it's directed by Joss Whedon, and has Scarlett Johannesen in leather. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED

    CAPTAIN AMERICA, and THOR: Can't watch that above with the other lead in movies? Then check out these fun films, especially Captain America, as it's a great origin story with a fun villain.

    GOOSEBUMPS: 11 episodes of season 1 are up of this fun, 90's show. Some of the best episodes are in this bunch such as …

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  • Nan the cowdog

    Hello guys! It's your favorite Admin (wink), and I got our first site contest!

    The theme of it? Well, I call it "A Chain of Events". What if a episode/movie/special ended differently? Would it effect the day? The week? The month? The year? The rest of their lives?

    What if Candace never tried to bust the boys? What if Phineas was really mean? What if Ferb was Vanessa's age?

    How would it effect the story? Would it even effect it at all?

    • It can be a drawing, fan video, short story, or even just a good length summary of how you think B would effect C
    • all things will be judged in one category
    • (For the artists) If something is PG-13, it depends what it is, if it's war, it would be ok, as long as it's not really bloody
    • No stolen/edited/traced art. If yo…

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  • NotAGothChick101

    Well, I need to practice my drawing, as well as experiment with character designs (it's for a fan project), so why not restart this? xD

    Yeah, just to warn you, the character designs are going to be somewhat inconsistent in this...I hope you can still tell who the character is (when you're supposed to, anyway...hehe).

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  • RegularNerd77

    A notice

    June 6, 2013 by RegularNerd77

    Hi fanon! I thought it would be great if we tried to make the wiki the way it used to be! so Why dont we treat every user on the wiki with respect! and if there are any grammar problems any thing in an article why dont you be generous and fix that! :) And be shure to contact an admin if there is vandilising, swearing, or nudity. now just letting you know you need to get permission to edit an article. A big one is that yoy need an admins permission to add a category. :)(:

    letting other users know this: you know Ada I do NOT want him to mention my username so if you see that link me or an admin to it

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  • RegularNerd77

    YA! what the title said! please dont ask me to do anything too hard :) :)

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  • NotAGothChick101

    (Please read this for info first!)

    So, as I've said before, I have a special project I'm working on. However, I need help with it--one of the main things being the title.

    I've been through several working titles, but none of them satisfy me.

    If any of you have a title idea, please suggest it! Thanks. :)

    {Another problem is that while I do have an idea of what happens in my head, I can't describe the plot...}

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  • PlatypusFan101

    Hey, guys! It's me, PlatypusFan101 and I've an all new series! It's called The Phineas & Ferb Show and it deals with the characters in all new situations! So, who's ready to see the new series? The new series will contain no continuity with the original series so therefore it's un-canon to the original Phineas and Ferb. Also, this version is more cartoony ya know and some of the characters personalities are mixed up a bit to fit in with this show. But, don't worry as the characters settle into the series they'll become more and more like their original selves. Leave your opinion of the new series in the comments below!

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  • RegularNerd77

    hi :)

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  • A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN

    you like my idea that Doof is vegetarian? (look at his page), compared to its counterpart 2nd dimension that is omnivorous, you like the idea?

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  • StacyFan

    Gurgy here. You may have noticed there has not been an episode of The Adventure of Irving and Friends since August. The reasons are the painfully obvious ones, and I have been working a bit on the next episode.

    But I must say something. Those painfully obvious reasons I mention are lazy-ness, busy-ness, and all that fun stuff. Especially busy-ness. With all the other things I do, it's been getting hard to actually this. Combine that with the idea tank going dry, well...yeah.

    So after some thinking, I have decided something must happen soon. I never thought i'd say this but ...Soon..

    irving and friends will end.

    Now, don't go crazy thinking it's canceled right here and now, without any of the so called plot threads being settled. I am not rand…

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  • AgentGoldfish

    Haha references to the good ol' days way before any of you came along except nan whose been here about as long as I have. You know the drill. I'm jumping onto this bandwagon if there's any room left. If there isn't, then I'll knock Gurgy off. Haha no seriously Gurgy if there is no room left on this wagon I am deleting your blog. Ask me questions, except none relating to the Ohio Alarm Clock Scare of 1989. I did some things there that are better left unsaid...

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  • Ada890


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  • NotAGothChick101

    Yay, new art! :) My art style has completely changed after...two years, I think? I will be showing off my new look! xD

    I hope to have some new art soon!

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  • Team Doofenshmirtz

    Hello everyone! So, we had our meeting yesterday. I would like to let everyone who could not attend know whats going on and remind everyone who was at the meeting whatwe have planned.

    FRIDAY MAY 10th.

    This Friday at (5:00 Pacific, 6:00 MT, 7:00 Central, 8:00 Eastern) we will be hosting a game. The game we are going to play is called Mafia and we will be playing it in the chatroom. But, this is the Phineas and Ferb fanon, so we're gonna P&F things up!

    Instead of the mafia being called "mafia" they will be Doofenshmirtz(es).

    I would like everyone to pick a character (canon or fanon) to RP (you may not pick Doofenshmirtz). We do not have to RP if the majority does not want to, but we are keeping the Doofenshmirtz thing. I have not entirely decided …

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  • FullmetalRockin

    check it

    May 4, 2013 by FullmetalRockin

    yeah i know the ask blog thing started a while back but i'm just gonna do this anyway but i feel absolutely ridiculous

    ask me anything, and i'll answer. maybe i'll doodle something quick with the answer who knows.

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  • Phineasnferb

    Honestly, I have a problem. Unregistered users are going ahead and creating articles I have not made yet. I placed consent templates and registered users only templates on my articles, but they don't even seem to care. For example, the article The Plaza was supposed to be created by me, but an unregistered user created it before I did. Also, I would like the unregistered contributor works category removed from D.O.O.F.E.N.S.H.M.I.R.T.Z. and The Plaza because they are my articles.

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  • SlushyBurger

    Um... Uh...

    May 3, 2013 by SlushyBurger

    So, first off, this is another one of those question blogs that, because there are so many, will probably die now that I'm making one.

    Second, I really shouldn't have become an Admin, because of my track record of disappearing every other month. :p

    School, basketball... and, uh, school and basketball have been keeping me busy. Not to mention all the... school and basketball... and... other stuff, I guess.

    Anyway, ask me stuff. It doesn't matter how serious or ridiculous it is, I'll answer anything.

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  • PlatyborgstoShadowlytes

    Hey, Everyone,

    I know, it's been a while.  Thing is, although I'm still into P&F, I'm also just busy with school, my life, ect.

    I'm also in the process of original story-planning and whatnot.

    I know that there are requests that people have given me (especially Tiberius and Nan); will I finish them? Right now, I just don't know.

    I just thought that I should give the reasons for why I've been away so long, and why I probably will continue not coming.

    I'm thinking about leaving the wiki. Now, it's not because of anything that anyone else here has said or done (everyone here has been really nice to me), I just don't have the time or the energy right now to do contribute to it. And if I'm not doing anything to help it or contribute to it, then what'…

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  • Tpffan5196

    Ask Tpffan

    April 27, 2013 by Tpffan5196

    ...Wow, I haven't made a blog in over a year...

    Well, this is yet another "ask user" blog, so....ask away!

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  • Nan the cowdog

    Because I am unoriginal :P

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  • MovieReviews98

    Because as we all know, I'm the coolest cat there is...


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  • PoptartPlus


    April 25, 2013 by PoptartPlus

    I need to do something so ask me some dumb things

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  • FossilsDaDaDa

    Ask Fossy anything. She dares you.

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  • NotAGothChick101

    If you look on my userpage, in the section "What I'm Working on Now", you will see this:

    "A fanime [fan-anime] that takes place in an alternate has the PnF characters in it, but otherwise it doesn't have much to do with PnF. :P [My main reason for making this is to gain experience for my bigger project...]"

    Right now, it's still in the planning stage. I'm still working on the storyline and such (which will take quite a long time). But as I come up with ideas, I have one question for you guys: is there a character you would like to be used in this series?

    Please keep the following things in mind:

    • A lot of the characters are creatures called "feramorphs". They have both an animal form and a human form. (They are usually in animal …
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  • J. Severe

    I was originally gonna make this blog last night back when it was just TD and Goth's thing, but I figured, "Nah, I'll just wait til tomorrow, it's not like a bunch of other people are going to do it too" and then Gurgy, DT, PLAP, Amanda Lopez, Alex Cat, and Izzy Fan made their own Q&A blog so now it just seems like I'm riding on their coattails... but whatevs, I'll still participate in driving this into the ground. (^u^)

    Basically, the gist of this is, you ask me anything, and I mean ANYTHING, and I'll answer it no matter what. Be as outlandish as you want with your questions. Go!

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  • Isabella Fanatic

    Well, I guess we're doing those "ask me anything" blogs now, so... ask away! :)

    For more info: go here

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  • AlexCat

    Answers blog.

    April 23, 2013 by AlexCat

    Since ask blogs are popular, I'm not gonna do that. So here are some answers:




    Rise of the Guardians

    Mint ice cream

    Marvel is better than DC

    Bruce Banner

    The Amur Leopard

    Saxophone, more saxophone, always.


    The fifth Doctor


    England or Costa Rica

    Thanks! Bye!

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  • Amanda Lopez


    April 23, 2013 by Amanda Lopez

    Since ask blogs are  popular right now in the wiki,so i decided to create my Ask Blog,i don't accept personal questions but your free to question my favorites :p

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  • PeaceLoveAgentP

    I must hop upon the bandwagon. That's right ladies, gentlemen, and others, I am going to do the question blog. However, I will take it a step futher. How? Easy. In the comments below, anyone who wants to can ask me as many questions as they want. But not only that, but they can also ask any of my OCs some questions: Bobbi, Ryan, and Zachary. It will hopefully end nearly all curiosity. Because, as we all know, curiosity killed the cats. (a la Old Timey Western Sherriff) There ain't gon' be any unnecessary feline deaths on my watch.

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  • Dark Traveler

    Eh, What the Heck

    April 23, 2013 by Dark Traveler

    Yeah, I'm gonna join these "Ask a User" blogs.

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  • StacyFan

    Ask Gurgy

    April 23, 2013 by StacyFan


    ...ask me anything...except that.

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  • NotAGothChick101

    Okay, I've decided that I also want to do a "ask me any question blog"!

    You can ask even the strangest of questions! (If they're too personal, I'll just say that I prefer not to answer.)

    So...ask away! xD

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  • Team Doofenshmirtz

    Hey guys! TD here. In hopes of sprucing up the wiki with some word caffenne I am doing a "ask me anything" type blog. Feel free to do your own too! I would like to keep this a bit P&F based, but I will accept all (approprate) questions. Some examples would be

    • Are you going to continue (X) series/story?
    • Whats your most embarassing moment on the wiki?
    • Favorite P&F song?
    • Dream guest star?

    ect, ect.

    You can use those if you want. I dont really care what you ask. Um. Hmm. Oh, a little update on the character questions thing. I have decided that I will be doing the Klimpaloon. Just havent decided when yet. Will update blog later

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  • NotAGothChick101

    Hey, you know how on TV Tropes there are those WMG pages? You know, where people post their theories?

    Well, that's basically what this blog is about! Post your wacky PnF-related theories in the comments for everyone to see! It doesn't matter if they are extremely far-fetched, or even make sense--this is just for fun!

    [They could even be something as crazy as "__ is really __ from the land of angry corn people"...or something.]

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  • Darkest Shadow


    April 20, 2013 by Darkest Shadow

    Anyone have one?

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  • NotAGothChick101

    Guess who?!

    April 20, 2013 by NotAGothChick101

    Hey everyone! Guess who? :D It's me, the one and only Goth! xD

    I think I'm going to return to this community. I may not have much to contribute at the time, but I can at least help out a little. Also, I will probably be able to find all kinds of funny things to link to in the Random Topic Blogging, in hopes that it will bring a smile to someone's face. ;)

    I am risking getting in trouble, but you know what? I don't care much about that anymore. You guys matter more.

    I love you all, and I hope that you will like having me around.

    As for my first "official" edits...

    First of all, I'm gonna need to completely redo my userpage...I've changed a lot over almost 2 years xD

    Second, I've also got some changes to make to some of my old pages...they're real…

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  • Dark Traveler

    Welp, seeing as how AlexCat decided to take on something similar to the previous Challenges and seeing as how I'm desperately in need of refining my S.A.F. Serial before I start uploading it in the summertime, I've decided to finally tackle the 100 Story Challenge, mainly to help my brain's gears in the literature area to turn, and just to take it on as I never attempted to do so in the first place. Also, a good portion of these are likely to turn up as future reference point scenes.

    Heinz stood up to the podium, smirking. He had been chosen to speak for L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.'s emergency meeting, which had been set up for the purpose of deciding what to do now that the S.A.F. seemed to have taken over as the main nemesis of the O.W.C.A., rep…

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