Anna Brown Comes To Town is a Phineas and Ferb Special Film.

Film Summary

This is the story of Anna Brown's adventure to Danville.


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Anna woke up happily knowing that she and her family were finally moving. She hated the place where she lived. She walked into the bathroom and started combing her hair. "Anna!" her mother called. "Yes Mom?" Anna asked. "I've made pancakes and fruit for breakfast." she said. "I'll be down in a minute!" replied.

1 Minute Later...

Anna got downstairs and starting eating her breakfast. "We'll be leaving in an hour." her mother told Anna. "Okay" Anna said as she finished her breakfast. She looked around the house but she couldn't find her pet. "Hey Mom, do you know where Herman is?" Anna asked. Herman was already in his lair waiting for Francis Monogram to appear on the giant television screen he was sitting by.

Francis suddenly appear on the TV screen. "Agent H. I heard that you were moving to America. I'd like you to take the day off!" Francis said. Herman saluted and went to Anna's room. "Herman? Are you in here?" Anna said as she opened the door. Herman quickly took off his hat and got on four legs. "There you are!" Anna said as she picked him up. "Come on. We better go." Anna said as she grabbed her suitcase.

A Few Minutes Later...

Anna and her family had just gotten on the plane. She played with Herman until they both fell asleep. When Anna woke up it was time to get off the plane. She woke up Herman and she and her family walked out of the plane and into Danville.

"You and Herman go play, while me and your father get the house ready." Anna's mother told her. "Okay, Mom!" she said as she walked away with Herman. Anna saw the The Fireside Girls Club right across the street. She walked up to it and knocked on the door.

The fireside girls got out water balloons and were ready to throw them at the person if it wasn't Isabella. "Uhh..hello? I'm Emily, I just moved here," Anna said. "It a new kid!" Gretchen said and welcomed her in. "Cool! Is this like the girl scouts or something?" Anna asked. "We're the fireside girls!" Gretchen responded. "Cool! Can I join?" Anna asked.

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