An Unlikely Alliance is an episode of Disney's Team Improbable in which Ferb reads in ancestor's diary of how the world was nearly destroyed by an evil sorceress but was stopped thanks to a team of unlikely heroes.


Ferb was cleaning out his storage closet when he came across his ancestor Ferb's diary. In it, he found a most facinating story. Apparently back then, there was a place known as the Village of Marsh was a peaceful place full of humble people. The humblest among them was a bright young lad named Phineas (Haru). He dreamed to go on adventures in the outside world. No matter how life tried to get to him, Phineas kept turning the other way and was not one to give up so easily. He later met into a lovely girl named Isabel (Mai). Just then, the local guard Buford (Kei) walked by with his companion Baljeet (Jun) looking for the princess.


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