Isabella loses her memory after being hit in the head with a rock while mountain climbing. Phineas and his friends try to help her remember everything she forgot.


( scene opens up to Phineas and Ferb's backyard with a climbing wall in the middle ) 

Isabella: Thanks for helping me with my "Climbing a mountain with with solo with few items in high wind"  patch!

Phineas: No problem Isabella! We're going to wait down here if you need help. Ready?

Isabella: Hit it! ( Isabella starts climbing and Phineas hit a button. A huge fan on top turns on. A big rock in front of the fan starts to move) I see the top! ( The rocks falls  and bounces of Isabella's head leaving her unconscious. Her line starts to snap)

Everyone: ISABELLA!!!

Phineas: NOOOOOOO!!!

( Isabella's line snaps completely and she starts to fall. Phineas manages to catch her at the last second.)

Buford: Let's put her on that very comfortable lawn chair! (As soon as Phineas puts her on the chair she wakes up)

Isabella:  Wow this is a very comfortable chair!

Everybody: ISABELLA!

Isabella: Who are you and who's "Isabella"?

Balijet: Oh no! She remember anything!

Phineas: This is serious! We've got to restore here memories! Ferb I know what else where going to do today!


Please Remember Me, Izzy by Phineas

Phineas (song) by Isabella


The Great Outdoors: Isabella is rock-climbing again. This is also the second time someone gets hit in the head with a rock.

Scenes from the following episodes are in the background during "Please Remember Me": Go West, Young Fanboy, "Summer Belongs to You", Grow Up Phineas Flynn, "Unfair Science Fair: Redux", The Day The Boys Stopped Building (Which is odd cuz Isabella wasn't in it.), "Rollercoaster the Musical", "The Great Indoors", "Canderemy", "Make Play".

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