Bad Future Anthony Blurred

The only current shot of Bad Future Anthony. The Photographer was assualted immediately afterwards, by Anthony. Only the Camera was found.

This is the Anthony Janero that appears whenever the are in a alternative future. He is usely an employee of Doofenshmirtz, very high in rank. He is very evil, and has gray metal armor. He has many weapons concealed in his armor, and a laser pistol. In A Twist in Time: Sneak Peek, he is the number one wanted by the Rebels. He is also suspected for placing the bomb in Roger Doofenshmirtz's airplane.

Background Information

  • If you look closely, you can see the Doof Force Logo on his left shoulder.


Anthony Janero

They hate each other, the only difference is that Anthony is afraid his future self.

Roger Doofeshimrtz

Well, in the bad future, he blew up Roger's plane. What do you think?

Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Doof only sees him as a tool, Anthony doess not know this.

In A Twist in Time

In A Twist in Time, Anthony is Doof's apprentice. He is a very evil assasin and is very ruthless. He was responsible for the death of Roger Doofenshmirtz. Though his past has not been explained, YET, he somehow turned to the dark side and works for Doofenshmirtz. His son Alexander, hates him, yet, knows there is good in him. He finally redeems himself at the end of the fanfiction. He steps in front of Doofenshmirtz and takes the electricity coming out of Doof's (previously Anthony's) gloves, while Doof was shocking Alexander. The encounter eventually kills him, damaging his armor, and life support.

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