Aliester is a Wild Silkmoth who works for the S.A.F. as part of the Elite 19.


Aleister resembles a normal Wild Silkmoth, with the exception of him being black in coloration and wearing a pentagram-shaped pendant.


Aleister is a rather intelligent individual. While it is true that he is one of the most prolific users of the supernatural in the S.A.F., and thus one of their greatest experts on the matter, he is very well aware of the power of science and tends to experiment upon the two subjects for study. He doesn't like it when his experiments have little material to work with, or if said material turns out to be rather resistant. He doesn't like to explain himself twice, and thus, he records many of his explanations, leaving copies of them for other agents to listen to, or watch should such a situation arise. He acts rather cautious in a fight, and is very wary of any new recruits Enigma takes on.


Unlike domestic silkworms, Aleister can fly, but more to the point, he is a skilled magician and scientist, and is capable of identifying supernatural occurrences in an orderly and methodical manner.


Past Experiments

Aleister, at one point in his career, was the forerunner of Project: Naturalization, where he, with the help of many of his fellow S.A.F. scientist, created a series of internet videos designed to explain how supernatual creatures like vampires, were-beasts, and liches work in reality, rather than in movies. This was to counter the creatures that made up a good portion of Enigma's roster and prevent them from cornering the black market. Project: Naturalization proved to be a success, and Aleister's videos and guides helped the criminal underworld counter any attempts by Enigma to monopolize the underworld. Not only that, but the project gave the S.A.F. access to several new weapons and chemicals, one of which was Vampire Formula, created by Serum, whom Aleister would owe a favor after the project as thanks for creating it.


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