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Adyson Sweetwater
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Height: Between Milly and Ginger
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Professional Information
  Student (on vacation)
Fireside Girl
  Fireside Girls Troop 46231
Friends and Family
Adrian Sweetwater (Father)
Hannah Sweetwater (Mother, Deceased)
Thelma Sweetwater (Grandmother)
Love interests:
Ricky Fletcher
Joey Perr
Troop Leader:
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Kaito Takahashi (on her mom's side)
Red Carbonizzare
Favorite activity:
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Phineas and Ferb episode "Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror"
Voiced by:
Madison Pettis

Adyson Sweetwater is a member of Fireside Girls Troop 46231.

Candace and the Busted Squad

She was one of Phineas's evil assistants and guards. Now, she's not evil.

Physical Appearance

Adyson has straight dark brown hair with large bangs and a curve at the bottom. She has green eyes, rosy pink skin, and a red headband (which sometimes isn't seen in a few episodes). She wears a sleeveless uniform with a split in the collar and sides at the bottom, and high-top shoes.

Verbal Appearance

Adyson is a very nice girl hencing her last name. She treats any person with respect and a smile on her face to anybody as long as they return it. She has phrase which is "Sweetie" who she calls her sister Fireside Girls.


Night Scare

Adyson admits Night and her have an odd relationship.

Baljeet Tjinder

In Return of the Aglets, it is revealed that they both have the same biggest interest: math, and that they were once in a calculus class together with Linda Flynn-Fletcher and Joey Perr.

Joey Perr

Even though Joey has a crush on her, it is unknown what Adyson thinks of Joey, until revealed in his Q&A with the creator section.


Adyson had a crush on Jc and he liked that. Whenever Jc is gone, or mkved away to his home town, or when he has dies Adyson cries for him.


Tiberius64/Klingon64's Story Series

Celestial Feelings

She is ranked Ensign Adyson Sweetwater aboard the USS Phineas PF-01 and is a member of the engineering crew, along with the rest of the Fireside Girls.

If Summer Only Lasted One Day

She goes on adventures on the holodeck that Phineas and Ferb make, along with the other Fireside Girls.

The Terran Empire

She returns as a member of the engineering/medical team aboard the USS Phineas PF-01, along with the rest of the Fireside Girls.

A New Star is Born

She returns as a member of the engineering/medical team aboard the USS Phineas PF-01, along with the rest of the Fireside Girls.

Ad Astra 1: Encounter at Alpha Centauri

On Phineas and Isabella's wedding anniversary in 2030, she joins the crew on a brief exploration mission to Alpha Centauri B; by this time, she is the Secondary Chief of Security (her husband Buford being the head Chief) aboard the USS Phineas-A and ranked at Lt. Commander.

Ferbette's Continuity

Adyson Nova Sweetwater was born in 2002 in Nantucket, Massachusetts to Danesafee and Maxwell. At age 4, she was saddened when her mom and dad got divorced and she and her mom moved to Danville. She joined the Fireside Girls at age 6. + Adyson vs. Phineas,Ginger vs.Gretchen Isabella

PMG's stories

Chemical Confusion

It is revealed that she is Heinz Doofenshmirtz's daughter.