Adolphe Du Bois is Irving's father, from french nationality, he has a big problem of O.C.D. and does repetively some mannierisms; he is like an older version of his son. He is voiced by american actor Jim Parsons


He and Irving's mother met in France 20 years ago, but, 9 years ago (when Irving was 1 year old), his wife had to move to the US for work issues and they had to split up, but he always loved his life.

On a morning of Summer he ended his doctoral thesis and, after showing it to Paris College, he arrived to Danville in search of his family and opened a factory, Irving was recelous of starting a relationship with his father, but ended apreciating him.

When he arrived Danville he soon discovered Phineas and Ferb's hability for building and employs them into his factory.


  • He claps 3 times at the end of each sentence
  • He sings a long song every 10 minutes
  • He only works 10 minutes/day
  • He isn't able to pronunce the word "Ferb" and he calls him "Berb"; "Cerb"; "Derb"; "Gerb"; as long the episode progresses.
  • He must have his pencils in the same order always.
  • He eats always at 13:30:00
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