One day Adam was at Gretchen's front door when he saw a note there.

Adam: What's this? *reads note* *gasps* Gretchen got captured by a villan?! Wait there's more. *reads rest of note* The villan also got the rest of troop 46231?! I gotta save 'em! *leaf from Super Mario passes by* I didn't know Mario items were real. *gets leaf and then flies*
Leaf passes adam

leaf passes Adam while reading note

Adam: They gotta be up here somewhere. There they are!

Gretchen: *sees Adam flying* Help me Adam!

Adam: I gotta catch up to them. *sees flying starman* Oh yea! *gets starman* (click text to hear sound)

Evil Villan: *gets into lair tying up the fireside girls above a tub of lava*

Adam: *gets into lair when star and flying power wear off*

Evil Villan: You will never stop me, foolish child!

Adam: *gets fire flower and another star* (click text to hear sound) You girl will be saved in 3 2 1 now! *gets in lava (still has star) throws fireballs on rope and catches the girls before getting out of lava* You are safe now. *star wears off and drops girls* At least I still have my fire flower.
Fireside girls watching adam while talking

Adam explaining the fire flower to Gretchen

Gretchen: What's a fire flower?

Adam: A fire flower is a flower where when you touch it you get the abillity to throw fireballs, untill you get hurt. It shanges you clothes' color so insted of whatever its white and whatever.

Gretchen: I see.

Adam: *hits brick wall and fire flower wears off* At least I'm back to normal now. *gets out 8 person kart* We're driving home. Good thing it's only a kart.

Isabella: Okay....

At Home

Ginger: thanks for saving us!

Milly: You're the best!

Holly and Adyson: Yea!

Isabella: I can't wait to tell Phineas about this! Adam, if you were a Fireside Girl, you would've gotten the Saver Patch, but too bad you're not a girl.

Adam: I know, right. 

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