One day at Lake Ridge High, Adam was inside durring recces.

At School

Mrs.Holtey: You have been copying violent cartoon shows recently

Adam: *looks confused* No I wasn't.

Mrs.Holtey: I caut you on tape. *shows Adam a recorded puppet show of the action*

Adam: That's fake. It's just puppets.

Mrs.Holtey: No it's not. It's real.

Adam: Are you dumb? It's not.

Mrs.Holtey: That's it no upper-grade feild for you.

Adam: God dang it!

At Lunch

Adam: I'm bored. I'll see what Gretchen's up to. Oh f***, I can't 'cause my teacher put a recorded puppet show and said it was real.

Diego Rodriguez : What's up man.

Adam: 'Sup Diego.

Diego: Why are you avoiding the feild, man?

Adam: I got banned from it. My teacher put up a recorded puppet show and said it was real. *tries to hidein the upper-grade field*

Mrs.Holtey: Didn't I ban you from the feild!?

Adam: *runs away going torwds Gretchen*

In The Classroom

Mrs.Holtey: You did not listen to me about not going to the feild?

Adam: You only put up a recorded puppet show and it wasn't real.

Mrs.Holtey: I don't care.

Adam: Pfffff dumb butt.

Mrs.Holtey: *scares Adam* I heard that!

Class: *gets back from lunch*

Mrs.Holtey: Okay kids, it's math time.

Half the class: Aw dang it.

Other half: Yay!

Adam: I hate math.

Gretchen: Yea!

Mrs.Holtey: Let's just get on with the lesson.

After School

Adam: This was the worst day ever. You were lucky, Gretchen.

Gretchen: Okay......

At Home

Phineas: What should we do now that we are all back from school?

Adam: Do a projector of how our school day went out and it will even be veiwed on the screen on first-person.

Phineas: Great idea Adam!

Adam: Okay..............

Gretchen: Welcome to my life.

Adam: Really? 

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