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The summer sun blazed in the light blue sky as Phineas, Ferb, and Alex gathered their friends around in their backyard.

"Alright, friends and bullies. Tonight is Candace's birthday, and we want to through an AWESOME party for her tonight. And I ask you to help us. Who's in?" Phineas asked as everyone raised their hand.

"Great. Amelia, Django, Kaeli, and Daren can spread the news. Casey, Michaela, Jade, and Shadow, you can blow up the balloons,"

Jade inturrupted. "They better be enviromentally friendly balloons!"

Alex paused and sighed. "Yes Jade, they are enviromentally friendly." Alex continued. "Buford, Emma, Angiela, and Jaques, you're in charge of food. Baljeet, Juliette, Josef and Joannie, you're all in charge of music. Irving, Anabell, Evelyn and Iz, you're in charge of beverages."

"Um... isn't that the same as food?" Anabell asked.

Alex shook her head. "No, food is a solid, beverages are liquid."

"But what about soup?"

"Who has soup at a party!?!" Irving asked, looking at Anabell, who began giggling.

"A soup party." she said with a smile. Alex just shook her head and continued to give out directions. "Tori, Riley, Sam, and Tyler, you're doing decerations, while me, Phineas, and Ferb are going to distract Candace so she doesn't see the party before it's ready. Alright, GO!"

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