Phineas walked over to the clock tower were a man dressed as a mummy stood. The Mummy gave Phineas a mission to go to the Deadly Tomb of Doofonoshishi and rid the Horgux of Doofenoshishpi The Evil. Phineas takes the mission and invites Isabella. They go to Doofonoshihi's Tomb at Eygypt and they almost get killed by the booby-traps. They meet the Evil Skeleton of Doofonoshihi who tells them that a Horgux is a type of magical object that you put one portion of your life in. Doofenoshishpi's Horguxes were: Doofenoshishpi's Sister's Tomb that held his love, The Immortal Pet Monkey of Doofonoshishi that held his smartness, and The 4th Brick High and 6th to the Left at the 90th Wall at The Dangerous, Deadly Place that held his soul. They had to find them all and dump it into the lava pit to save the world. They ventured off to the Dangerous, Deadly, Building and searched for the 90th wall. They pulled out the 4th brick hight that is 5th to the left and put it in a sack. They headed to the Time Machine and went to the time of Doofenoshishpi's Sister's Tomb Burial Ceremony at Egypt. They snuck into the Egyption Prymaid togethor and picked up the tomb. When they arrived back at there time, they used a G.W.I.M.T. (a Geogrpaphic Worldwide Immortal Monket Tracker). They found him with Uncle Sabu in India. They took the monkey and headed back to the Tomb of Doofonoshishi and almost poured the Sack into lava when Doofenoshishpi came and tried stopping them. They barely knocked Doofenoshishpi out when they threw the sack into lava. Once everythng was destroyed (everything except the Immortal Monkey, who cannot die), they celebrated at a party joined by Ferb, Baljeet, Buford, Irving, and Django.

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