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40 Guest Stars in 30 Minutes







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Phineas and Ferb invent "Really Fast Talk Show" with a maximum of 40 stars in half an hour. To overcome the obstacle, they invent speed pills, that make you go 3 times as fast as normal, for them and the 40 stars. And what do you know? They get half the stars in 13 minutes!

Meanwhile... Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!

(Doof): Ah, Perry the platypus, you're completely predictable nowadays. And by predictable I mean... totally dictable. And by completely I mean... letely, I guess. That was easier before. I'm running out of ideas.

(Perry): Growly noise thingy.

(Doof): Anyway, you're trapped! I have a plan to destroy all the dogs in the entire Tri State Area! You see, when I was a boy, early when we moved to Drusselstein, there was a street that had so many trees that they blocked out the sun and made this spooky effect. And everybody there had scary dogs. And our house and our school were on opposite ends of that street. When I went to school every day, my mother pressed me through the scary blackness, frightening me have to death.

(More Doof): And now, with my rebuilt Disiti-vaporator replacing the shrink module in my Shrinkinator, I have created the Vaporizinator! And I will use it on all dogs! Gasp! Perry the Platypus, how did you escape?

Perry shrugs.

(Doof): You don't know? Well, maybe the writer of this did that due to the lack of ability to write a good story. Anyway let's fire it... Gasp! Perry the Platypus! You removed the Desinti-vaporator! Don't throw it away, please!

Perry throws it.

Meanwhile, back at the Flynn house...

(Candace): You're making a talk show? Ooh, you guys are gonna be so busted! MOM!

Everyone is taking a break when the Disinti-vaporator lands in the backyard, disinti-vaporating everything, even the speed pills.

(Mom): What is it?

(Candace): Don't you see the... NO! Not again!

Perry walks in.

(Phineas): Oh, there you are, Perry.


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