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Isabella is Annoyed


OhNoHeDidnt.jpg Okay, I'm seriously annoyed!

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100 ways to annoy Isabella.

  1. If your a girl, marry Phineas.
  2. Bonus if you're Isabelle or Daisy.
  3. If you are a boy, marry Isabella
  4. Bonus if you have a twin brother/sister and make them marry the corresponding charictor
  5. Earn more patches than she has
  6. Make her marry Baljeet.
People Who Have Annoyed Isabella

Including but not limited to

Candace, Thaddeus and Thor, Phineas, Meap, Buford, Daisy Hernandez, Anna Latimer, Isabelle Garcio-Shapira, Scubadave

  1. Brag about a patch that Isabella doesn't have.
  2. Introduce her to Bessie from Mighty B! and tell her that Bessie has more patches the Isabella.
  3. Bust Phineas and Ferb.
  4. Make her think you like Phineas.
  5. Make her hang out with Daisy.
  6. Or Isabelle.
  7. Constantly remind her of her thinking Daisy like Phineas.
  8. Introduce her to Che, who's a Ferbella fan.
  9. If you're a boy, beat her at sports.
  10. Tell her Buford challenges her to a foosball game. A giant foosball game. With a fruit round.
  11. Tell her Phineas dumped her for Hyper.
  12. Tell her that you tied up Pierre and Phineas to a rocket and sent them both all the way to Jupiter.
  13. Say "Whatcha doin'?" to Phineas.
  14. Get 50 patches in a day just to see a concert then keep rubbing it in her face like you WANTED to get 50 patches in a day.
  15. Get mistaken for her, especially by Phineas.
  16. Handcuff her to Irving and hide the key.
  17. Hook her up with someone who isn't Pierre or Phineas.
  18. Say that you're the best, not Phineas.
  19. Use her catchphrase.
  20. Lock her in a room with Liz, Andrea, Kent and Nom Nom
  21. Lock her in a room with Irving, Ferb, or Baljeet.
  22. Act like you're better than Phineas or her.
  23. Steal her from Phineas (boys) or steal Phineas from her (girls).
  24. Don't answer her when she asks you "Whatcha doin?"
  25. Take her to Paris and completely ignore her.
  26. Take her on a romantic cruise that's not really for you and her.
  27. Lie to her.
  28. Tell Irving she has a crush on him, Then tell Isabella you told Irving
  29. Steal her pink bow
  30. bonus if you destroy that
  31. Kiss Phineas or Pierre (girls) or kiss her. (boys) (She won't want to be kissed by anyone except her already aforementioned plenty of times love interests)
  32. Replace her as Fireside Girl leader (girls)
  33. Act like this girl.
  34. Kidnap her parents
  35. Act like THIS girl.
  36. Poke her stomach.
  37. Pull her hair
  38. Braid her hair. (Only Phineas and Pierre are allowed to do this. Just like only they can say her catchphrase as long as it's said to her.)
  39. Say you hate unicorns, rainbows and romance.
  40. Say that you can build something WAY better than anything Phineas and Ferb can.
  41. Bonus if they actually do.
  42. ignore her cuteness.
  43. Tell her that Scubadave is no longer her wingman.
  44. bonus if it's true.
  45. bonus if she cries
  46. Steal the spotlight away from her
  47. Make her feel like a terrible fireside girl
  48. Steal the attention of another fireside girl away from her
  49. Get the name of the fireside girls wrong
  50. Make her spend time with Jason
  51. Make her marry Jason.
  52. Bonus if she cries
  53. Be slow in bringing her and Phineas together.
  54. bonus if you're her wingman.
  55. Make her think that Phineas or Pierre hates her
  56. bonus if she knows you are lying
  57. lock her in a room with buford
  58. bonus if she fights him
  59. tell her beating her on a videogame will not be hard at all
  60. capture her and lock her up in a room
  61. bonus if your buford
  62. call her a wimp
  63. call her an idiot
  64. make her marry buford
  65. make her marry Baljeet